How to Organize a Golf Tournament in 7 Steps

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Not sure how to organize a golf tournament for a charity, fundraising event, or social outing? With more complex activities and scheduling than some other event types , learning how to organize a golf tournament will require some advanced planning.

How to Deal With 7 Curveballs Thrown at Event Organizers

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Almost every aspect of event setup takes longer on site as the business events industry moves forward with fewer workers — so organizers need to prepare their staff members for possible challenges.

MICE professionals

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Employee Satisfaction Sustains Organization Impact

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While organizations consider the costs and the containment of costs essential, time to productivity has historically been the most critical element. Organization Perception. And it most certainly won’t guarantee different results or success for organizations.

How to Organize an Awards Ceremony


Each year during the fourth quarter, many organizations gather to recognize the best of the best in their industry. An awards banquet is also a great opportunity to increase exposure, generate brand awareness, develop new partnerships and even raise funds for your company or organization.

Can Organizers Guard Against Fake Vaccination Cards?

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The organization is one of the first in the industry to employ a vaccine mandate in which every on-site staff member and attendee must provide proof of vaccination prior to entry.

The Expanding Role of Destination Marketing Organizations

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For many DMOS, the pandemic is awakening partnerships with local economic development organizations (EDOs) and other government entities in new and often fruitful ways. Destination organizations are expanding their roles in many directions,” according to the report.

Stopping Human Trafficking: Hotel and Planner Organizations Play a Role


First, IHG Hotels & Resorts has partnered with two major anti-trafficking organizations, ECPAT-USA and Polaris, to bring better training to IHG employees at its 3,850 U.S.

How One Virtual Event Created ‘Organic’ Interactions

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Instead of it just being text chat, they were actually able to go into a video room,” which Seabloom said was similar to popping into a Zoom room, “and you could actually have live and engaging organic conversations.”.

Your Internal Organization Overhaul for Spring Cleaning 

Special Events

Spring is just around the corner, and this time of year is the perfect opportunity for you to overhaul your current systems

4 Ways Event Organizers Must Modernize to Survive

Special Events

Now more than ever, event organizers must up their game in order to cash in on this post-pandemic era. Here’s how

World Health Organization Against Omicron Travel Bans

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The organization said restrictions will only slightly reduce transmission. Impacting Travel

How great organizations use purpose-driven leadership to motivate employees

EHL Insights

Formerly Professor of Food and Beverage and Service Operations Management at EHL, Ian Scarth has a background in strategic development and leadership within the hotel and hospitality sectors. In this article he gives his views on what it means to be a purpose-driven organisation.

5 Ways to Make Obsession Work for Your Organization

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The public cares about supporting organizations that take corporate social responsibility seriously. Sylvain left the audience with five ways to “systematize obsession” within their own organizations. Alignment — Can you align every bit of your organization to that purpose — every bit?

Former Event Organizer Reinvents Herself as Tech Supplier 

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Events are core to so many organizations’ success, and there’s so much more potential that you can be doing with your events beyond just having that annual meeting for five days.

Will World Health Organization's Declaration on Monkeypox Impede Travel?

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World Health Organization labels virus a public emergency. Impacting Travel

How to Organize a Networking Event


Organising a networking event can be a great platform to promote both you and your business while helping others along the way. Find out how in 8 steps. Event Management Event Planning Featured How To Events June How-To Networking Networking event

10 Ways Organizations Can Stand Out in a Job Seekers Market – Part 1 of 2

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Additionally, organizations are increasingly aware of the rising costs associated with low morale, decreased employee engagement, and high turnover. How does an organization stand out in a crowd and attract top performers when the job market is rapidly evolving?

Thrivers, Survivors, and Other Characteristics of Resilient Organizations

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Just as we restart in-person events, we are dealing with inflation — which Americans rate as the nation’s top problem — while many of our organizations and supplier partners are still struggling with having fewer resources to help them get back on their feet.

How Business Event Organizers Can Be Future Ready

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Because of the pandemic, said Convening EMEA keynote speaker Howard Yu, “there are organizations … that are much more poised for future growth. As a result, there are organizations — we could go sector by sector — that are much more poised for future growth.

How to Get Your Organization Started on TikTok Webinar

Advanced Travel and Tourism

Wondering if it makes sense for your organization? In this panel discussion, hear from 3 DMO thought leaders who have embraced this trending platform for their organization. The post How to Get Your Organization Started on TikTok Webinar appeared first on Advance Travel and Tourism.

Travel Organizations Ask National Park Service to Streamline Reservation Process

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The groups are looking to make it easier for international travelers to book reservations. Impacting Travel

World Health Organization Speaks Out Against Vaccine Travel Passports

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The agency says requiring proof of vaccines will exclude poor countries with less access to the shots. Impacting Travel

Host A Meeting Beyond Your Organization’s Dreams at Universal Orlando Resort

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Be a hero for your team at Universal Orlando Resort, where our experts can help you plan immersive meeting experiences that connect organizations to their attendees in ways they’ve never dreamed possible.

Culture: The Heart of a Successful Healthcare Organization

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Culture: The Heart of a Successful Healthcare Organization. For many industries and organizations, stress is an unavoidable fact of life—and it’s most noticeable in the healthcare industry. Nurse Engagement Empowers Organizations.

Virginia Destination Management Organizations: An Interview With Local Director, Irene Kilmer

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Learn about one of the most interesting Virginia Destination Management Organizations here. What is the role of Virginia Destination Management Organizations in working with this national brand? What is the role of Virginia Destination Management Organizations?

EVA’s AI-Powered Platform Is an Organizer’s Shortcut to Valuable Data Insights

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EVA’s AI-powered platform provides powerful data insights that business event organizers can use for planning or reporting. Organizers. The second-best part? EVA removes the burden of manually gathering and calculating that data.

The Best Event Marketing Plan for Nonprofit Organizations


In doing so, your organization’s following grows and donations increase. Figuring out how to promote a nonprofit event is tricky. Your events educate attendees about your cause. Building a donor base for NPOs means cultivating an authentic voice and digital presence.

5 Reasons We Need Destination Marketing Organizations More Than Ever


For any destination to succeed in these efforts, it needs its destination marketing organizations to lead a concerted and solutions-oriented effort. A DMO, or destination marketing organization, is central to the tourism efforts of a city, region, or country. We’re recovering.

Washington, DC’s Connected Community initiative helps event strategists establish organization legacies

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Destination DC’s Connected Community initiative helps organizers planning events in DC to connect with community partners to develop programs aligned with their mission and values.

Is Paid or Organic Social Better for My Destination?


Since the advent of paid social media, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) have wondered if investing in organic social or paid social generates better returns, especially on a tight budget. On Facebook, organic posts only reach about 5% of your destination’s followers at best.

How to Organize an Awards Ceremony


Whether you are planning an award ceremony to thank your employees for their hard work or you are looking to recognize professionals in your industry for their success, these festivities are a great opportunity to gather everyone together to say thanks. In this article we will highlight how to plan a show-stopping awards ceremony. Event Planning

Europe Congress organize MCE Central and Eastern Europe 2022

Travel Daily News

Host city of this workshop will be Budapest, where the event was previously held in 2013

World Health Organization Says COVID-Related Travel Restrictions Should Be Lifted

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The agency said the spread of the Omicron variant shows the ineffectiveness of travel restrictions over time. Impacting Travel

Tips for Organizing, Marketing, and Hosting World Mental Health Day Events


World Mental Health Day occurs every year on October 10, and many groups and companies like to celebrate it with events that raise awareness and work to reduce the stigma around mental health topics.

What is a Destination Management Organization (DMO) and Why Should Destinations Care?

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They need the support of destination management organizations (DMOs) to help market, manage, succeed. DMO stands for destination management organization, though these are often referred to as destination marketing organizations.

German National Tourist Board organizes GTM Germany Travel Mart in Oberammergau and the Zugspitz Region

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The GTM is the most important sales event for incoming tourism in Germany and is organized annually by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) in cooperation with changing partners as a Green Meeting The focus is on business deals for the coming year.

UNWTO organizes the 1st Global Youth Tourism Summit in Italy

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The 1st Global Youth Tourism Summit (23-25 August 2021, Sorrento, Italy) will be the first of this kind at the global level, allowing young participants to be part of a unique experience, aiming to promote youth engagement in the tourism sector and empower younger generations in driving a more sustainable world.

How to Keep Your Team Organized


As human beings, we’ve continued to learn how to properly divide tasks into more manageable bits and pieces and have learned to identify who to delegate these tasks to to bring out the best possible outcome. Because of outsourcing, companies are faced with the reality of dealing with a varied group of people and teams […

5 Ways to Organize More Events Without a Bigger Event Budget


Many event planners believe that going big in the budget is the key to managing a large event. On the contrary, you can use a small budget and still have a more impactful event. Meetings and Events Virtual Events Hybrid Events Event Technology Hybrid Event Technology

How to Promote Your Biz Organically Amidst Changes to Social Media Advertising

Special Events

The golden age of driving traffic to your website and retargeting are over

How to Organize a Successful Event – 10 Top Tips for Perfect Events


Planning an event is difficult. Period. Event Planning

How 3 Event Organizers and Business Leaders Got Creative With Space During the Pandemic


When the pandemic first struck, we were all forced to rethink every kind of space we inhabited and perhaps took for granted. For creators, nothing was more important than our entertainment spaces and what COVID-19 meant for their future.

World Health Organization Issues Travel Alert Due To New Omicron Variant

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The Omicron variant is shaking up international travel. Impacting Travel