Can Organizers Guard Against Fake Vaccination Cards?

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The organization is one of the first in the industry to employ a vaccine mandate in which every on-site staff member and attendee must provide proof of vaccination prior to entry.

Can Rethinking Events Future-Proof Your Organization?

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Future-Proof Your Organization Now. Annual conferences have long been a significant revenue source for host organizations and associations but can no longer be counted on to produce the revenue. The host organization is first and foremost looking out for its people?

How One Virtual Event Created ‘Organic’ Interactions

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Instead of it just being text chat, they were actually able to go into a video room,” which Seabloom said was similar to popping into a Zoom room, “and you could actually have live and engaging organic conversations.”.

The Expanding Role of Destination Marketing Organizations

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For many DMOS, the pandemic is awakening partnerships with local economic development organizations (EDOs) and other government entities in new and often fruitful ways. Destination organizations are expanding their roles in many directions,” according to the report.

How Business Event Organizers Can Be Future Ready

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Because of the pandemic, said Convening EMEA keynote speaker Howard Yu, “there are organizations … that are much more poised for future growth. As a result, there are organizations — we could go sector by sector — that are much more poised for future growth.

World Health Organization Speaks Out Against Vaccine Travel Passports

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The agency says requiring proof of vaccines will exclude poor countries with less access to the shots. Impacting Travel

What is a Destination Management Organization (DMO) and Why Should Destinations Care?

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They need the support of destination management organizations (DMOs) to help market, manage, succeed. DMO stands for destination management organization, though these are often referred to as destination marketing organizations.

The Best Event Marketing Plan for Nonprofit Organizations


In doing so, your organization’s following grows and donations increase. Figuring out how to promote a nonprofit event is tricky. Your events educate attendees about your cause. Building a donor base for NPOs means cultivating an authentic voice and digital presence.

Is Paid or Organic Social Better for My Destination?


Since the advent of paid social media, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) have wondered if investing in organic social or paid social generates better returns, especially on a tight budget. On Facebook, organic posts only reach about 5% of your destination’s followers at best.

5 Reasons We Need Destination Marketing Organizations More Than Ever


For any destination to succeed in these efforts, it needs its destination marketing organizations to lead a concerted and solutions-oriented effort. A DMO, or destination marketing organization, is central to the tourism efforts of a city, region, or country. We’re recovering.

UNWTO organizes the 1st Global Youth Tourism Summit in Italy

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The 1st Global Youth Tourism Summit (23-25 August 2021, Sorrento, Italy) will be the first of this kind at the global level, allowing young participants to be part of a unique experience, aiming to promote youth engagement in the tourism sector and empower younger generations in driving a more sustainable world.

How to Organize an Awards Ceremony


Whether you are planning an award ceremony to thank your employees for their hard work or you are looking to recognize professionals in your industry for their success, these festivities are a great opportunity to gather everyone together to say thanks. In this article we will highlight how to plan a show-stopping awards ceremony. Event Planning

Destination Marketing Organizations: Make Plans Now To Celebrate World Tourism Day


So instead of simply posting something simple on social media, destination marketing organizations should really be celebrating and reflecting on the more global impact of travel. Most communities know very little about those who lead their destination marketing organizations.

How to Organize a Successful Event – 10 Top Tips for Perfect Events


Planning an event is difficult. Period. Event Planning

How to Keep Your Team Organized


As human beings, we’ve continued to learn how to properly divide tasks into more manageable bits and pieces and have learned to identify who to delegate these tasks to to bring out the best possible outcome. Because of outsourcing, companies are faced with the reality of dealing with a varied group of people and teams […

Peru events are back: Lima Convention Bureau and hotels showed they are ready to organize international events again

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Peruvian government, on June 21st, 2021, authorized corporate and professional events in Lima. All these events can be held, applying the protocols in open air sites with no capacity control and in closed spaces at 50% capacity

STS x Advance Travel & Tourism Webinar: Becoming a Data-Informed Tourism Organization

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On April 29, 2021 we hosted a webinar with Southeast Tourism Society on How to Become a Data-Informed Tourism Organization. The post STS x Advance Travel & Tourism Webinar: Becoming a Data-Informed Tourism Organization appeared first on Advance Travel and Tourism.

5 Types of Visitors Destination Marketing Organizations Should Target this Fall


It’s an exciting time, but for destination marketing organizations and other travel marketers, it’s important to remember who we are dealing with here.

The Value of DMOs to Destinations

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A Destination Management Organization (DMO) is a non-profit organization that promotes a destination for tourism purposes. Uncategorized Destination Management Organization Destination Marketing Organization detroit DMO New Zealand puerto rico

How to Increase the Organic Traffic to Your Event Website


Besides, your responsibility is to plan events, not master the art of organic traffic. La entrada How to Increase the Organic Traffic to Your Event Website aparece primero en Eventtia | Event management software. Here’s one thing you probably won’t admit out loud: the word SEO makes you feel uncomfortable or nauseous. Fair enough. All that keywords-related craziness has nothing to do with running a successful event … does it? I’m afraid the answer won’t […].

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How Smaller Organizations Can Get More Followers on Instagram


Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your Instagram strategy, it can be tough to get more users to click ‘follow’ – especially for smaller brands and organizations that are still growing their customer base. The organizers were charging us $600 per day to rent a spot.

What Visitor Services Should a DMO Provide?

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Providing visitor services is an essential function of every Destination Management Organization (DMO). Uncategorized Destination Management Organization Destination Marketing Organization DMO DMO development sustainable tourism visitor center visitor services

Exhibition Organizer To-Do List for 2017


While the health of any trade show is dependent in large part on the health of the business sector it serves, there are three things show organizers can do now to help boost their business. read more. Association Toolbox Meetings Fuel Meeting Planning Toolbox

Coming Soon: An Organization System to Supercharge Your Visual Strategy


And for those who appreciate that extra organization, you can even create folders that contain groups of albums too. Today we’re happy to announce an exciting new organizational system for the new CrowdRiff platform, that will let you sort and manage all your visuals even better than before.

Rhode Island Destination Orgs Jump on Teaming Wagon

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One Team Initiative, the new venture by PWCVB and RICC, has been created to link both organizations for a more defined and well-oiled operation as business comes back to the region.

SmartSource IT and AV Solutions Offering Two New Kiosks to Help Organizations Contain the Spread of COVID-19

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SmartSource is now offering two new kiosks designed to help organizations contain the spread of COVID-19

Tom Norwalk, Visit Seattle CEO, to Retire

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The Visit Seattle organization is home to some of the most talented, passionate and brilliant minds in the industry,” Norwalk said. The organization’s board of directors will be conducting a nationwide search for a new president.

West Coast DMOs Rollout Alliance

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The pandemic has been a very rough time for the nation’s destination marketing organizations , as it has for the hospitality and meetings industry as a whole.

Groups360 is Changing the Way Organizers Book Rooms and Space

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Organizers can use the GroupSync platform to search through and source both hotel rooms and space from some of the most well-known names in hospitality, including Accor, Hilton, IHG, Marriott, and Omni Hotels & Resorts.

Why This Fund-Raiser Broke Ties With Its National Organization


For 27 years, a group of volunteers in Central Florida worked with the national office of Share Our Strength to

COVID-19 Recovery: Trends in Tourism

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Uncategorized Destination Management Organization DMO DMO development Tourism trendsThe tourism industry has shifted as a result of the pandemic.

Destinations International Rising Stars Share Their Covid Lessons

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It should be a perpetual pillar in any destination management organization. As Destination Organizations, we must balance commerce with resident sentiment and find the right way to thread the needle in bringing back visitation.

IRF 2019 Trends


For more about the economic and technological changes affecting organizations and their workforce, read the full study here. Phrases like “great mix,” “five-star,” and “individual attention” play key parts in flawlessly organizing trips to desirable destinations.

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Join in the Conversation with these Twitter Chats for Event Organizers


In ancient Rome, the Forum was the place for public meetings, legal proceedings, political debates, and open air markets. With so much happening, the Forum was essentially the center of daily Roman life. Flash forward to modern day where the internet has become the new center of daily life – a forum where global communities […]. Social Media Uncategorized

Gretchen Carlson Will Chair Miss America Organization Board After Leaders Resign


Sam Haskell and other executives, journalist Gretchen Carlson will now chair the Miss America Organization Following the resignation of C.E.O.

8 Steps for Building Back a More Diverse Workforce

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Pre-pandemic (also known as the era in which I wore hard pants every day), I partnered with Packard Group to develop the six components of culture to assist organizations in improving their recruitment and retention efforts. How do you share your culture outside of your organization?

Do Makeup and Politics Mix? These Beauty Fest Organizers Think So


This year, organizers of Beautycon Media’s New York festival decided to give the conference a bit of a makeover, blending

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June 14, 2018: Fyre Festival Organizer Faces New Fraud Charges for Selling Fake Event Tickets, Why Nashville Welcomes Bachelorette Parties, Luxury Hotels Are Enduring Wannabe Instagram Influencer Requests



How a Televised Benefit Created a Buzzy—and Organized—Backstage Environment


[Webinar] The 4 Stages of Event Program Maturity: View Your Organization Through the Lens of the Event Evolution Model


Webinar live date: November 7, 2018 at 2pm ET / 11am PT. This program has been submitted to the Events Industry Council for CMP Preferred Provider review. Webinar live date: November 7, 2018 at 2pm ET / 11am PT. You’ve probably wondered, from time to time (or maybe all the time) how your total event program stacks up compared to the rest of the market? Are you massively understaffed? Are your budgets lower than others? Are you stuck using outdated technology?

Organizers Created a Custom Space for a Growing Financial Summit—and Then Fully Transformed It


Best Project Management Tools for Event Planners

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Cons: Trello isn’t specifically for event management, which means it might not be as obvious how to organize things for your event. For an event, you could have a dashboard for the creative team, one for the finance team, and another for the volunteer organizers. It helps keep multiple tasks and projects organized with everything in one place. The program isn’t event-specific, so it can take some creativity to figure out the best way to organize tasks and projects.

How to Organize a Benefit Concert in Less Than 3 Weeks