Event Gamification Guide: Reach Your Event Goals!

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Event gamification has revolutionized the way we plan events and measure their success. It boosts audience engagement and helps event planners reach their event goals in quantifiable and seamless ways. Event gamification is not a means to an end, though.

How Event Technology Will Benefit Your Events

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Event technology has finally become an integral part of our event strategies. It’s taken us many years, even though many event profs have been preaching about numerous benefits of event technology for ages. After all, virtual and hybrid events fully depend on technology.

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77 Event KPIs To Measure Your Event Success

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Thanks to an absolute boom of event technology solutions , event planners can now craft data-based event strategies and measure their event success better than ever before. Once the KPIs are set, they need to be measured to determine event ROI. Financial Event KPIs.

It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Your Event Tech Stack

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Like the software industry, the event management industry has tech stacks. An e vent tech stack consists of all the technology that helps an event run efficiently. Re-evaluating your tech stack can help ensure your events improve and run optimally year after year. .

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Endless Events Presents: The 2022 Event Trends Guide!

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Now that the celebratory dust has settled, it’s a great time to check out 2022 event trends. What’s the best way to plan hybrid events? These topics present some of the biggest pain points for event planners. 2022 Event Trends Guide: What You’ll Find.

Everything You Need To Know To Create Your Event Timeline

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So, you want to plan an event. Take the event planning process one step at a time. How about you start with creating an event timeline? Event timelines help you stay on track and get you excited about the event you’re going to throw together.

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How to Execute Events on a Reduced Team

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As the horizon approaches, Will and Nick find that many event professionals are running on fumes. Today, the discussion is all about executing events on a reduced team. . Nick begins today’s discussion with his first recommendation for executing events on a reduced team.

Experiential Events: The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

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Events are one of the most powerful marketing tools because they center around an intentionally designed experience. According to Eventbrite’s research , 77% of millennials say some of their best memories are from an event or live experience they attended.

The Importance Of Feedback & Follow-Up Meeting After Events

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The final step in the event management process is a follow-up meeting after the event to discuss the event’s overall ROI, attendee and sponsor feedback, and make the necessary readjustments to the overarching event strategy. The events industry is competitive.

What The Great Resignation Means for the Events Industry

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The events industry isn’t immune to the ripples of the great resignation. With the great resignation shifting the jobs landscape, Deanna, Will, and Nick review what impact the events industry can have on the great resignation. How can events contribute to workplace culture?

The Current State Of Event Technology Labor

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Between the brain drain in the events industry and labor shortages, the event technology labor has transformed dramatically. And not for the better: event planners are finding it increasingly hard to hire reliable and experienced vendors at a reasonable price.

Brandt & Will’s Event Technology Trends 2022

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This week’s Event Tech Podcast episode is a little bit different. Rather than having a regular conversation about event technology, Will and Brandt are sharing the contents of a session they led at the FICP Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona back in November 2021.

Hybrid Event Case Study: Peloton

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In this week’s Event Tech Podcast episode, Will and Brandt discuss Peloton because, as it turns out, their workouts make for a great hybrid event case study. They claim that event planners should take note. It just might inspire your hybrid event planning process.

Menu Trends Event Planners Need to Know

BCD Meetings & Events

How are corporate event planners hitting the sweet spot today? They’re designing event menus that are culturally relevant, creative, practical, and sustainable. Here are a few of the latest menu trends we’re seeing in meeting and event planning.

How To Prepare For A Career In Event Planning

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The events industry is exciting, ever-changing, and sociable. Being an event planner, event manager, or event marketer is a difficult job that demands a lot of energy and knowledge, but many of us are drawn to it because it is – above all else – rewarding.

Event Profs Should Embrace Metaverse Events, And Here’s Why

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While the metaverse is not a fully-fledged event trend just yet, there is no denying that metaverse events will become increasingly more popular in the years to come. It’s not that event planners need to learn how to plan events in the metaverse or else risk staying behind.

Event Staffing: Event AV Is NOT A One Person Job!

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It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another episode of the Event Tech Podcast! Will is really excited to talk about event staffing today. Far too often have they seen one person do a job of multiple people at events. It’s Time To Talk About Event Staffing.

10 Event Technology Trends: Hot Or Hype?

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Today’s episode of the Event Tech Podcast was inspired by a recent Event Leadership Institute summit where Brandt and Will did a fast rundown on ten event technology trends. Most of the trends have gotten their own standalone Event Tech Podcast episode already.

Event Platform Case Study: Meet Remo!

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Now and then, the Event Tech Podcast reviews a certain product or service. This week, Brandt and Endless Events’ Kyle Kocinski do a case study on Remo , one of the top 22 event platforms to use in 2022. Introducing Remo, A Map-Based Event Platform.

How to Treat Event Speakers

Skift Meetings

Skift Take: Speakers are tired of being treated like babies and they do not want to have to promote their own sessions as that is the event planner’s job. Event Management

Event Notifications: How To Best Notify Attendees?

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There are many ways to send out event notifications: via email, SMS, private messaging apps, and event platforms. And as we embrace event technology as the base of our events , they’re becoming increasingly more important. Emails: Overused Event Notifications.

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Event Staff!

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The two hottest topics in the ever-evolving events industry right now are the long-awaited return to in-person events and hybrid events. It’s about embracing the lessons learned along the way and incorporating them into our new events. ” Audio At Hybrid Events.

Can We Rely On Event Platforms For Audience Engagement?

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The Event Brew squad is tackling a complex topic today; a topic most event planners have contemplated in the last two years. It’s time to talk about audience engagement on event platforms! Event Platforms Are A Tool: Use It Wisely.

Why Not Zoom: 10 Benefits Of Event Platforms, Explained

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People used Zoom to host virtual events as well as catch up with their loved ones. Even though there are now more than 100 event platforms on the market, many event planners still choose Zoom in its limited form for their virtual experiences. 10 Benefits Of Event Platforms.

The Best Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Corporate Events

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In-person events are back and they’re smaller and more local than ever. One of the biggest event trends in 2022 is sourcing venues with character. Local event venues can make a lasting impression on your attendees and gives them a chance to get to know the destination better.

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Events Industry Outlook for 2022 and Beyond

Bishop McCann

Corporate Event Event Trends Virtual Events

Episode 51: Engaging Virtual Events with John Chen


Can virtual events actually be engaging? The Event Hustler ShowWhat about the power of virtual to be BETTER than in-person? While John and […].

Community Model: Year-Round Engagement On Event Platforms

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The community model has established itself as one of the biggest event trends of 2022. So much so that many event platforms are now in fact calling themselves community platforms too! The year-round community model offers a new way to view events.

Hybrid Event Budget: 7 Items & Tips To Consider

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Let’s talk about one of the most dreaded subjects in the events industry: the hybrid event budget. As an amalgamation of in-person and virtual events, hybrid events are complex, versatile, and hard to budget for. Hybrid Event Budgets: How Much? Event Staff.

Event Chatbots and the Community Model in 2022

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Event chatbots are becoming increasingly common in the event industry. While chatbots are helpful when engaging communities during events, they can also be an excellent tool if you want to implement the community model and engage your attendees all year. .

Why Customer Support Should Be Your #1 Event Tech Feature

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When we talk about the most popular event platform features , we typically think of registration and ticketing , integrations, gamification, and analytics reporting, for example. But what good are any of those if event planners are not taught how to use them or if they stop working mid-event?

45 Resident Event Ideas That Actually Work

Social Tables

Planning and hosting fun events is a wonderful way for property managers to connect with residents. In addition to brightening the atmosphere of resident life, events can show the property’s appreciation and improve communication between residents and building owners.

Creating sustainable events


The post Creating sustainable events appeared first on Event Travel Management. Insights Incentive Travel Incentive Trip

15 Years Of Endless Events: Let’s Celebrate!

Endless Events

Endless Events has recently celebrated its 15th birthday and we’ve decided to mark the occasion by hosting a very special #EventIcons episode in which our listeners could ask us any questions they want about Endless’ past, present, and future. From DJ To Event Management Company.

CDC Guidelines For Events

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It’s time to talk about safety – and that means CDC guidelines for events. As the economy starts opening back up, the events industry has to keep up with the measures put in place to protect people. Hybrid events will come into play.

Why Event Technology Companies Lack Pricing Transparency

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Pricing transparency in event technology companies is lacking, to say the least. Many event platforms offer no pricing structures at all while others only give ballpark estimates. Costs depend on the size of the event and the features planners want to implement.

Breaking Barriers: Translation & Captioning For Events

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Just like with events, the main purpose of translation and captioning is to bring people together and break down the barriers between them. We learned a very valuable lesson the hard way: an event on the other side of the world can impact the entire globe.

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The Future Is Now: The Case Of Event App Design

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Before the pandemic hit in 2020, the events industry was a well-oiled machine. Virtual and hybrid events were nowhere near as common. While every big event already had its own event app, event app design was something only a few businesses dealt with.

Why Is There No Good Event Management Software?

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The event management industry lacks robust software designed for the unique needs of the event management industry. Many event planners rely on tools not made for the industry and attempt to find alternative solutions for the tasks they must accomplish. .

Episode 43: Dissecting Virtual Events with Michael Michalowski


As we get deeper into the world of virtual events, we're starting to learn best practices and places on the road to watch out for.… … The Event Hustler Show

What Is An Event Chatbot

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In today’s Whiteboard Wednesday , we tackle the question: What is an event chatbot? They help us manage our schedules, fulfill our requests, and instantly answer questions we might have about the weather, the news, – and events. What Is An Event Chatbot?

Hybrid Event Production: Let’s Talk AV & Equipment!

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Can you feel that, event planner? It’s the dawn of the hybrid event era! The virtual revolution paved the way to greater accessibility and inclusivity , so it goes without saying that virtual events are here to stay. Meanwhile, in-person events are making a comeback.

Hybrid Event Planning: Throw Away Traditional Molds!

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Particularly in the world of events, it’s important to have a roadmap laid out before anything else. And how many months out are you even beginning to think about your event? But what about hybrid event planning? Hybrid Event Planning & Trust. Timelines matter.