Your Hybrid Event Team Checklist

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Event planners are navigating a new frontier of delivering successful hybrid events. But what mix of technical and creative expertise do event teams need to do this successfully? We share seven key players you need in your hybrid event team.

Everything You Need To Know To Create Your Event Timeline

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So, you want to plan an event. Take the event planning process one step at a time. How about you start with creating an event timeline? Event timelines help you stay on track and get you excited about the event you’re going to throw together.

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How to Pull Off a Large-Scale Hybrid Event


Executing a large-scale event can be fulfilling, but the larger you envision your event, the more effort you need to make it a success. Advanced event planning is paramount to your brand's success.

Episode 21: The Event Hustler Show with Jim Louderbeck from VidCon


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Episode 40: Legal Issues Returning to In-Person Events with Steve Adelman from Adelman Law Group


I am excited to learn more about the risk management and legal issues event professionals face as we return to the world of in-person events… The Event Hustler Show

Hybrid Events


Everything you need to know about hybrid events What are hybrid events? The easiest way to understand what hybrid events are is to think about events where in-person and virtual components are included.

Choosing The Right Virtual Platform For Your Event


During every industry event these days you hear the same question: “How do I choose the right virtual tool for my event?” As a planner… Industry Insider #virtualevents event technology

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Event Staff!

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The two hottest topics in the ever-evolving events industry right now are the long-awaited return to in-person events and hybrid events. It’s about embracing the lessons learned along the way and incorporating them into our new events. ” Audio At Hybrid Events.

Hybrid Events – 15 Mistakes to Avoid

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For many event planners, hybrid events are still a relatively new endeavor, one that brings the unfamiliar challenge of engaging two very different audiences at the same time. While hybrid events may be the solution for providing both in-person and virtual choices for […].

How to Choose the Right Event Tech Provider


But event technology is pretty cool, too! It can make your event planning less stressful, your operations smoother, improve your ROI, and make your post-event research more effective. Classics are classics for a reason.

Hybrid Event Production: Let’s Talk AV & Equipment!

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Can you feel that, event planner? It’s the dawn of the hybrid event era! The virtual revolution paved the way to greater accessibility and inclusivity , so it goes without saying that virtual events are here to stay. Meanwhile, in-person events are making a comeback.

Breaking Barriers: Translation & Captioning For Events

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Just like with events, the main purpose of translation and captioning is to bring people together and break down the barriers between them. We learned a very valuable lesson the hard way: an event on the other side of the world can impact the entire globe.

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Here’s Why Your Event Needs Creative Services!

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The events industry is seeping with it. After all, couldn’t events be considered a work of art? However, event planners have a lot on their plates: from creating event timelines to getting budget approvals. Event planners have a vision for their event.

Hybrid Event Planning: Throw Away Traditional Molds!

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Particularly in the world of events, it’s important to have a roadmap laid out before anything else. And how many months out are you even beginning to think about your event? But what about hybrid event planning? Hybrid Event Planning & Trust. Timelines matter.

Episode 42: Elevating Emotions at Your Next Virtual Event with Michael Buckley from Cadence


Virtual events have been the big thing in the last 18+ months, but so many people talk about how they're so different from in-person. They… The Event Hustler Show

Redefining ‘Live’ Events in COVID Times

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For the Convene September/October issue cover story , we focus on how the pandemic has spurred the development and growth of different business models in the events industry. It’s changed the meaning of “must-attend” events, because it’s bigger than a physical location or moment in time.

CDC Guidelines For Events

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It’s time to talk about safety – and that means CDC guidelines for events. As the economy starts opening back up, the events industry has to keep up with the measures put in place to protect people. Hybrid events will come into play.

Hubilo’s Events Reimagined delivers a Netflix event experience and presents the next generation of virtual and hybrid events

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On 14th July, Hubilo hosted their first virtual event and presented the next generation of virtual and hybrid events. In the past 18 months, we’ve seen a rapid evolution of virtual events regarding event technology platforms and online experiences.

Stay Safe & Sound With COVID-Compliant Events!

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On March 11th, 2020, the events industry changed forever. We’re not just talking about the virtual revolution here – the COVID-19 epidemic re-defined what it means to plan a safe event. COVID-compliance doesn’t start and end with your event.

The Future Is Now: The Case Of Event App Design

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Before the pandemic hit in 2020, the events industry was a well-oiled machine. Virtual and hybrid events were nowhere near as common. While every big event already had its own event app, event app design was something only a few businesses dealt with.

Your 2021 Virtual Event Budget Checklist!

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After more than a year of helping planners navigate the complex world of virtual events, we learned a thing or two about pain points. Over the course of these challenging months, many event profs came to us with a series of different problems and doubts. Event Platform.

Event Brew Crew Talks Creativity!

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And in many ways, creativity is exactly what’s at the heart of the events industry. Perhaps no other instance forced event profs to tap into their creativity more than the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re not going to see a lot of uniqueness, especially in corporate events.

Best Digital Signage Design Tips for Events

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After renting thousands of TVs and monitors for events over the years, here are our top design tips for digital signage content at events. Don’t design for designers — design for your event attendee!

Global Events: Translation, Interpretation & Captioning

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As event planners were thrust into the throes of virtual events in early 2020, confusion and fear were the first things to settle in. And now that it seems as if the worst of the pandemic is behind us, everything shifts radically once more for the events industry.

Are Virtual Events Really More Inclusive & Accessible?

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It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to get your favorite brew and join the Event Brew crew as they talk about yet another subject of debate in the exciting new world of virtual events. Tune in to learn how to make virtual events more inclusive and accessible!

Meet Accelevents, The All-In-One Event Management Platform!

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What better way to learn more about the exciting world of event technology than listening to an awesome product spotlight episode of the Event Tech Podcast? Virtual Event Management Platforms. ” In Search Of A Perfect Virtual Event Management Platform.

Virtual and hybrid event trends for 2021 and beyond: Events Reimagined by Hubilo

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The second part of Events Reimagined by Hubilo focused on presenting key virtual and hybrid event trends that we’ll see more of going forward and shared advice on how best to adapt. . Event co-moderator Teresa Al Dente shared the story of her company, Drag Taste.

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The Difference Between Event Management and Event Planning


When putting together a major event, communication is key. One area where communication can fail, especially for clients, is understanding the difference between event management and event planning. This is positive for anyone who works in event planning.

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Insights from the Event Industry

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The panel will discuss their own journeys since March 2020, and how they intend to move forward, including vaccination requirements, as the uncertainty of the future in the meetings and events industry continues.

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7 of the Top Event Planning Conferences in 2021

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Skip to content Menu Solutions Interactive Floor Plans Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Event Diagramming Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty.

Hybrid Event Interactions Between Virtual & In-Person Attendees

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A year ago, the events industry had no choice but to master the art of virtual events. As restrictions are slowly lifting and the worst is hopefully behind us, we can glimpse into the future of post-Covid events. Hybrid Event Interactions: What’s The Price?

5 Benefits of Using a Native Mobile Event App


Do you know the difference between a web-based event application and a native mobile event app? Meetings and Events Hybrid Events Event Technology Live Event Technology Mobile App Hybrid Event Technology

Event Tech for Safer Events


We’ve entered unprecedented times for corporate event planning. Although much remains to be seen, there are promising opportunities for event technology to help planners put “safety-first” in the driver’s seat for all events. event tech Hybrid Events safe events

So You Want To Build A Hybrid Event Team

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In the race to plan the perfect hybrid event, you’re only competing against yourself. Gone are the days when every event prof was scrambling to perfect the art of virtual events and become the beacon of digital experiences. But what does a hybrid event team look like?

Virtual Event Platform vs Virtual Event Production Company

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Understandably, the advent of virtual events came to shake the very core of the industry. Putting together incredible virtual events shouldn’t be seen as something you have to do, but rather as something you want to do. Imagine Your Virtual Event Is Like A Chair….

Brain Drain: From In-Person Events To Tech Industry

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In this past year, the events industry has been through quite a shakeup. New trends emerged: we embraced hybrid events , put safety first, and saw an incredible surge in event app platforms. Two Types Of Event Tech Companies. Every event is collaboration.

The Impact Of VR On Virtual Events & Digital Experiences

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We saw it with the emergence of virtual event platforms that offered everything from AI matchmaking to virtual booths. There was always a lot of talk about VR and how it could be harnessed to improve live events. VR For Virtual Events: A New Frontier.

10 Fun Virtual Event Engagement Ideas

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One year after COVID, hundreds of new engagement tools have popped up to help virtual event planners keep their audiences’ attention and let them participate in creative ways. We’ve seen it all this year — from goats hopping into Zoom to elaborate, drive-through corporate events.

10 Kick-Ass Tricks to Generate Buzz before Your Event

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event planning Event PromotionDelivering a new product can be terrifying and energizing. The entire motivation behind making a product is to sell. To advertise the item, it must be evident to your purchasers. The most significant test is to realize how to do it.

Experiential Virtual Events With AJ Williams

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It’s been a while since the industry made a tectonic shift to virtual events, and so far, we have covered the topic from nearly every angle imaginable. Join Sarah and our lovely guest in a delightful conversation about elevating virtual and hybrid events to the next level.

Marketing Virtual Events With Kristin Horstman

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#EventIcons podcast is all about talking to the cream of the events industry and getting to know what they do, how they do it, and what the current event trends are. Together with the rest of the world, she had to make a quick pivot to virtual events last year.

The Case For Event Video Storage

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Event planners are often too busy with the actual event to even worry about what will happen next. Be it virtual, hybrid, or live, event planning is exhausting. But coming up with a post-event strategy is something we highly encourage you to do. Event Video Storage: How?

What To Do When Your Event Goes Wrong

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When you are hosting an event, we know you want everything to go perfectly. However, events have a lot of variables and with Murphy’s law, you can bet something can always go wrong. Below are our tips on what to do if anything at your event goes wrong.