Why Not Zoom: 10 Benefits Of Event Platforms, Explained

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When we tell clients about the benefits of event platforms, they still ask: But why not Zoom instead? 10 Benefits Of Event Platforms. Here, we outline ten benefits of event platforms , and as you’ll see, they’re all interconnected.

How Event Technology Will Benefit Your Events

Endless Events

It’s taken us many years, even though many event profs have been preaching about numerous benefits of event technology for ages. And as event planners were somewhat forced into a technological era of event planning, many of them started seeing the benefits of event technology.

MICE professionals

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The Benefits of Gamifying Your Business Event

Traveler's Q

There are numerous benefits to incorporating this strategy into your marketing plan. In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of gamifying your next business event. The post The Benefits of Gamifying Your Business Event appeared first on Traveler's Q

4 Feel-Good Benefits of Outdoor Meetings

Smart Meetings

The post 4 Feel-Good Benefits of Outdoor Meetings appeared first on Smart Meetings. Health & Wellness Meeting Planning accent active advice benefit Decor enhance event feel-good food forest grand Green hyatt incorporate meeting modern nature outdoors productive regency seattle swim Tips venues view walk washington waterThe days of boxed-in, windowless meetings are officially a thing of the past.

White label software: Definition, benefits, and types


Wondering what is white label software and how it can benefit your business? Check out this post to delve into how white labeling works, the benefits of white-label software, and the main types of software in the market.

The benefits of centralizing congress spend

BCD Meetings & Events

THE BENEFITS OF CENTRALIZING YOUR CONGRESS SPEND. Congress spend has historically been very decentralized. Sponsorship costs are managed by brand teams, often with no tracking against a specific meeting or congress.

Discover the Health Benefits of Astrotourism at These 4 Dark-Sky Parks

Business Traveler USA

Enjoying inspirational activities with planets, stars and galaxies has positive benefits for mental health,” Herrera says. This boom in dark-sky retreats will make the mental-health benefits of stargazing even more widespread.

How This Planner Repurposed an Event to Benefit Essential Workers

Convene by PCMA

based trade association that advocates for employer-sponsored benefit plans. The 13-member American Benefits Council staff is basically reaching out to their personal networks.

These Are The Top 5 Benefits Of Hybrid Events

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However, many event planners still ask: what are the benefits of hybrid events? Sponsors and exhibitors can also greatly benefit from hybrid events. Increased audience reach is yet another benefit of hybrid events that is inextricably linked to its higher flexibility and accessibility.

3 Huge Benefits of Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together

Advanced Travel and Tourism

The truth is that by partnering with a marketing team, sales departments can benefit greatly. Here are the most important benefits of sales and marketing working together: 1. Consider the benefits on your organization of having both teams in sync and working towards the same goals.

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

MTI Events

Read this blog to learn what benefits these efforts can bring to your workplace. Companies thrive when they focus on diversity and inclusion efforts. Corporate Culture

Top 5 Benefits of Tangible Rewards

Brightspot Incentive Events

There are some key benefits for participants and administrators with a physical item that many overlook. Top 5 Benefits of Tangible Rewards for Incentive Programs: Trophy Value. Did you ever have a hard time sleeping the night before Christmas?

6 Benefits of Incentive Travel Programs

MTI Events

Travel incentive programs are more than simple rewards. They improve culture, increase retention, boost sales, and lead to higher job satisfaction. Incentive Travel

Virtual Event Benefits You Need To Know in 2022


Now even with lockdown restrictions gradually easing, it continues to remain a popular option – given the multiple benefits it offers to event organisers as well as attendees. That’s why knowing the virtual event benefits is useful.

Sponsorship Benefits: How to Sell an Event to Sponsors


To win more valuable brands, you’ll need to offer sponsorship benefits like these. Logo placements aren’t enough to increase sponsorship revenue this year. Eventbrite Data and Reporting Event Sponsorships

How Every Employee Can Benefit from Leadership Training

Best Corporate Events

It’s clear why new leaders and even experienced managers can benefit from leadership training, but what about that employee who loves being an individual contributor and isn’t interested in a promotion to management—how can leadership training benefit them?

The Benefits of Utilizing User-Generated Content for Tourism

Dana Communications

The post The Benefits of Utilizing User-Generated Content for Tourism appeared first on Dana Communications. Across industries, user-generated content (UGC) has become a key marketing tool. Retailers, small businesses, restaurants and more are leveraging UGC, and tourism is no different.

The Benefits of Utilizing User-Generated Content for Tourism

Dana Communications

The post The Benefits of Utilizing User-Generated Content for Tourism appeared first on Dana Communications. Across industries, user-generated content (UGC) has become a key marketing tool. Retailers, small businesses, restaurants and more are leveraging UGC, and tourism is no different.

The Importance and Benefits of MICE Sales

Connect Worldwide

MICE sales are extremely beneficial and can generate a sizeable portion… The post The Importance and Benefits of MICE Sales appeared first on CWW Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) are a central segment in the hospitality industry.

The Benefits of Hybrid Events


We've all heard the saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it too. When it comes to hosting an event, however, you can have it both ways. Say hello to the hybrid event. Event Planning event tech virtual event Hybrid Events

Hilton Honors Extends Benefits and Status

Business Traveler USA

As travel remains limited in some parts of the world, Hilton is implementing the following global benefit changes to help members maintain or achieve elite status: Extending status through March 31, 2023, so members can maintain their status perks and benefits longer.

Planning a Hybrid Event: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices


The benefits of hybrid events The challenges in hosting a hybrid event Best practices of planning and managing a hybrid event to ensure success. Below, we will discuss seven incredible benefits of hosting a hybrid event you should consider. 7 Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Event.

Incentives Programs: How Sports Hospitality Can Benefit Your Business

BCD Meetings & Events

The power of incentive events is undeniable. When done well, they can help organizations drive employee engagement, meet and exceed business goals and increase motivation. Sports hospitality events are no different.

The 5 Surefire Benefits of Co-Op Marketing Programs for Destinations

Dana Communications

By creating a program that allows local tourism and hospitality partners to buy into a campaign to co-promote their offerings with travel to your destination, you increase your marketing funds and reap the five surefire benefits detailed below. With great benefits come…a great deal of work.

Benefits of a group tour & meet our tour team

Fox World Travel

The post Benefits of a group tour & meet our tour team appeared first on Fox World Travel. Are you excited to live out their wanderlust dreams and get back to traveling?! With endless global destinations to explore, you may be considering a group tour vacation.

The Benefit of Employee Rewards Programs

Peak Performance Meetings and Incentives

Implementing a reward employee program plays a vital role in promoting employee engagement, which eventually leads to various benefits for the organization. The most impactful benefit is that it encourages healthy competition among employees. The post The Benefit of Employee Rewards Programs appeared first on Incentive Travel Group

5 Benefits of Using a Native Mobile Event App


Do you know the difference between a web-based event application and a native mobile event app? Don’t they do the same thing? Not at all. A native app is one that you install directly onto your smartphone – like your favorite social apps!

Japan Hopes Olympics Can Still Provide Long-Term Benefits to Tourism Industry

Travel Pulse

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the chances that Tokyo would benefit from the Olympics. Impacting Travel

Features vs. Benefits in Your Business and How to Leverage Them for Sales

Special Events

Every business provides unique value to its customers, but how you position your offering determines how well your audience understands it.

17 Fun, Interactive Ideas From Fall Benefits


With the fall season officially wrapping up in December, we rewind and take a look back at the galas, benefits

9 Huge Benefits of User-Generated Content for Marketing (and Where to Start)

Advanced Travel and Tourism

With that in mind, let’s look at the main benefits of user-generated content and what it means for your company. With those thoughts in mind, here are some of the most significant benefits of UGC you should be implementing for success.

Off-Site Events and Incentive Programs Bring Big Benefits

Bishop McCann

Sourcing Incentive Programs Experience

Five Benefits Of Engaging Locals Through Tourism Focus Groups


The concrete benefits of using tourism focus groups as a means to engage locals and build consensus around tourism in your community are easy to spell out, and there are many examples of destinations finding them fruitfu in recent months.

The Benefits of an All-inclusive resort for your Travel Incentive

Peak Performance Meetings and Incentives

Let's look into this blog; we will discuss the benefits of an all-inclusive resort for Corporate & Incentive Travel. These factors transformed today's image of all-inclusive with significantly different benefits we offer for everyone. The Benefits of All-Inclusive Resort.

Connecting Flights: Virtual Interlining Benefits and How to Seize Them

AltexSoft Travel

Let’s explore how these alliances work and what benefits they bring to passengers and airlines. Yet, with GDSs becoming less important in marketing tickets, this benefit will eventually lose relevance.). Extra benefits. Extra benefits. Extra benefits.

Keynotes with Benefits


Savvy meeting planners are asking speakers for additional activities before, during, and after the event to make sure their attendees get the full benefit of the speaker’s knowledge and enjoy a more memorable event. Hannah Kinnersley. Make your speaker part of your marketing and education campaigns.

Clubhouse: What is It and How Can Event Professionals Benefit?


In a decade where content consumption is at an all-time high, it’s difficult to imagine how a new social platform could gain any traction. Enter Clubhouse – an audio-only social media platform that welcomes two-way engagement that is taking the event industry by storm.

Surprising Benefits of Holding a Virtual Trade Show

Creative Group Inc

With technology, it’s easy to measure the many benefits of trade shows, and the return on investment grows greater when sponsorship dollars provide financial offset. The post Surprising Benefits of Holding a Virtual Trade Show appeared first on Creative Group

Benefits and Drawbacks of Utilizing an In-House Audio-Visual Company

Blue Spark Event Design

What are the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing an in-house audio-visual company at a hotel or venue? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing an in-house audio-visual company as opposed to utilizing an outside audio-visual company.

New Loyalty Benefits Announced for JetBlue and American’s Northeast Alliance

Business Traveler USA

And with even more benefits coming online in the months ahead, we’re continuing to bring more value and versatility to both our Mosaic members and our TrueBlue flyers”.

Benefits and difficulties of CSR management in travel and leisure companies

EHL Insights

The Covid-19 crisis has reinforced the strategic importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for all organizations.

Dubai set to benefit from another year of successful bidding activity for global events

Travel Daily News

City captures 120 international business events for 2021 and beyond; Dubai seeks to capture 400 global economic events annually by 2025

Hong Kong turmoil benefits Singapore MICE, hotels

Travel Daily Media

The post Hong Kong turmoil benefits Singapore MICE, hotels appeared first on TD (Travel Daily Media) Travel Daily. The post Hong Kong turmoil benefits Singapore MICE, hotels appeared first on Travel Daily.