Why Not Zoom: 10 Benefits Of Event Platforms, Explained

Endless Events

Even though there are now more than 100 event platforms on the market, many event planners still choose Zoom in its limited form for their virtual experiences. At Endless Events, we believe that event platforms and technology should be the basis of a modern event strategy.

Event Platform Case Study: Meet Remo!

Endless Events

This week, Brandt and Endless Events’ Kyle Kocinski do a case study on Remo , one of the top 22 event platforms to use in 2022. The competition among event platforms is stiff these days, so event planners must understand what makes a certain platform stand out from the rest.

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Can We Rely On Event Platforms For Audience Engagement?

Endless Events

It’s time to talk about audience engagement on event platforms! Some have confessed to mostly preferring Zoom calls over any other platforms, while others think event platforms can revolutionize events as we know them. Event Platforms Are A Tool: Use It Wisely.

Down With Third-Party Event Platforms With Saroosh Gull

Endless Events

Event platforms took the events industry by the storm. He says: down with third-party event platforms! Event platforms unquestionably satisfy event planners’ needs, but are they really the only way to go forward? Third-Party Event Platforms Rule The Industry.

Here’s How To Rank & Choose An Event Platform!

Endless Events

As listeners of the Event Tech Podcast already know, choosing the right event platform is one of the most important decisions event planners can make for their long-term event strategy. Last week, the Endless Events team published the list of the 22 best event platforms to use in 2022.

Meet Accelevents, The All-In-One Event Management Platform!

Endless Events

Today, Will and Brandt bring two guests in to hear an unbiased review of Accelevents , an all-in-one hybrid, and virtual event management platform. After all, in a world where there are more than 100 virtual event platforms , it’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here Are The 22 Best Event Platforms To Use In 2022!

Endless Events

In a world of lockdowns and social distancing, virtual platforms took over the function of event venues (and then some). We saw an incredible surge in event platforms , leaving many event planners confused. Which virtual event platform features to look for?

Virtual Event Platform Features: What To Look For?

Endless Events

But perhaps none other brings as many questions as the infamous choice of platform. And as virtual events kept evolving, planners were bombarded with dozens of features and opportunities from platforms swearing they were the next big thing. Key Virtual Event Platform Features.

Community Model: Year-Round Engagement On Event Platforms

Endless Events

So much so that many event platforms are now in fact calling themselves community platforms too! The pandemic normalized virtual events , improved their production quality, and sped up the adoption of event platforms. Enter event platforms: everything is stored in one place.

The Wave Of The Future: Hybrid & Virtual Event Platforms With Kyle Kocinski!

Endless Events

Our resident hosts, Will and Brandt, welcome a guest to talk about virtual and hybrid event platforms. In one of the most resourceful conversations in the history of this podcast, Kyle talks about how event platforms have adapted since last year and where are they going next.

Layoffs and Fresh Investments in Virtual Meeting Platforms Mark Next Stage in Streaming Evolution

Smart Meetings

A long-anticipated reckoning after the boom of investment in virtual meeting platforms during Covid and an aggressive return to in-person events has sent many streaming platform companies scrambling to position themselves in the best light for a possible looming merger and acquisition season.

Platform Enhancements from H1 2022

Hotel Engine

We’re on a constant quest for improvement, and all those new bookings have helped us better understand our opportunities to drive upgrades to the platform. Our platform optimizations have focused on four main areas of the Hotel Engine experience: admin controls, search, checkout and payments.

The 10 Best Video On Demand Platforms


Video-on-demand (VOD) platforms have continued to gain attention lately. In addition, the survey found that … Post The 10 Best Video On Demand Platforms showed as first in InEvent Blog. And this is backed by research.

Choosing The Right Virtual Platform For Your Event


During every industry event these days you hear the same question: “How do I choose the right virtual tool for my event?” As a planner… Industry Insider #virtualevents event technology

How To Measure Event ROI With Event Platforms

Endless Events

Event platforms can be an event planner’s best friend. That’s because event platforms collect data about registration, attendee behavior, their feedback about the event, engagement levels, and more valuable insights. What Event Platforms Can Do For Measuring Event ROI.

Can One Virtual Meeting Platform Rule Them All?

Smart Meetings

Recall that Cisco , which offered WebEx before streaming was cool, purchased Socio and just closed the deal on Slido last month in an attempt to make engagement on the platform seamless. The platform recently announced that it can host up to 50,000 attendees.

Customer Engagement Platform

ITA Group

Customer Engagement Platform. Foster Stronger Relationships With A Customer Engagement Platform. Engage customers using personalized communications, experiences, events and awards on a customizable platform. A Customized Platform to Achieve Your Customer Needs & Goals.

The best virtual meeting platforms


Find out the top benefits and features in virtual meeting platforms, and a shortlist of the best platforms in the market. In that context, virtual meeting platforms play a critical role, and … Post The best virtual meeting platforms showed as first in InEvent Blog.

Platforms Are The New Venues…But Is That Enough?

Endless Events

And a lot of that rests in the issue of virtual event platforms and production. Platforms & Venues: A Rebirth. The obvious answer is platforms. Virtual event platforms saw quite an intense surge in demand over the past few months – and companies delivered.

Virtual Event Platform vs Virtual Event Production Company

Endless Events

However, there are still quite a few misconceptions flying around regarding the differences between a virtual event platform and a virtual event production company. So, What Does A Virtual Event Platform Do, Afterall? It helps you make the right decision platform-wise.

Channel Partner Incentive Platforms

ITA Group

Channel Partner Incentive Platforms. A Single Partner Incentive Platform for All Audiences. A single enterprise-class platform built to accommodate concurrent programs for sales and non-sales audiences is the answer. Talk With Our Experts to See the Platform In Action.

10 Best hybrid event platforms to host your events in 2021


Read a shortlist of the best hybrid event platforms, including an assessment of their pros and cons based on verified customer reviews. With hybrid events on the rise, it’s no wonder hybrid event platforms and software are popping up by the dozens.

How to Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform


Virtual event platforms have become a necessary tool for organizations to cross borders without limits The need to migrate everything online has influenced many spheres in recent years.

Meetings management platform TROOP to roll out travel booking capabilities through Spotnana integration

Travel Daily News

The development accelerates TROOP’s pivot to become an end-to-end solution for planning meetings and booking travel

2022’s best platforms for workplace


Here are some of the best platforms for workplace. The University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute for Economics surveyed 10 000 employees and found that as a result of people … Post 2022’s best platforms for workplace showed as first in InEvent Blog.

Swapcard Chosen As Official Event Platform For techsytalk GLOBAL


techsytalk GLOBAL is taking its 2020 event virtual and has chosen Swapcard , the leading AI-powered engagement and matchmaking platform for premium events, as the official event platform. Their event platform of choice, Swapcard, will facilitate AI-powered attendee networking and content production. In March, I started doing a ton of research on various platforms & capabilities, and was very disappointed with what I saw in terms of options.

7 Best livestreaming platforms you should know in 2022


Researching live streaming platforms can be difficult because there are so many things you consider when looking for the ideal solution for you or your establishment.

6 best multistreaming platforms to use in 2022


Streaming is to transport video … Post 6 best multistreaming platforms to use in 2022 showed as first in InEvent Blog. Video content has become a big deal these days. And if you are in the business of creating them, you want to reach as many audiences as possible.

Kayak for Business Platform Integrates Southwest Airlines

Business Traveler USA

Kayak for Business, the free corporate travel solution from consumer travel search engine Kayak, has announced the integration of Southwest Airlines into its booking platform. The post Kayak for Business Platform Integrates Southwest Airlines appeared first on Business Traveler USA.

New Virtual Event Platform Features that Boost Attendee Engagement


With that in mind, we have some exciting new virtual platform features to share. Tips Engagement Industry Updates Gamification Virtual Engagement Meetings and Events Virtual Events Virtual Meetings Exhibits and Sponsors event tech virtual event platform virtual event analytics analytics

New Feature Spotlight - Our Newest Virtual Platform Features


With that in mind, we have some exciting new virtual platform updates to share with the world. What’s better than shiny, new technology? As virtual event innovators, we here at MeetingPlay make it our mission to bring the best solutions to our clients.

New Roles, New Platforms in the New Workplace

Convene by PCMA

We have participated in the largest at-scale remote work experiment the world has seen, and it has had a dramatic impact on the employee experience,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said earlier this year when unveiling Microsoft Viva, the company’s new employee experience platform (EXP).

Virtual Event Platforms: Why An “All-In-One” Solution Just Won’t Cut It

Endless Events

But if you are somewhat aware of everything a virtual event entails, then you know about virtual event platforms. . But we can understand why it might be tempting to go for an “all-in-one” platform that promises to do everything you need. There’s no running away from virtual events.

'Restaurant of the future': New video platform to reinvent and inspire

EHL Insights

Restaurant of the Future' videos create a platform for independent restaurateurs to share their experiences during and after Covid-19. In 2021, a s part of the long-standing partnership with METRO AG.,

Brandlive Launches Greenroom, Partner Program and SDK for Resellers, Agencies and Virtual Event Platforms


Brandlive releases the next version of its patent-pending Greenroom adding new show creation tools and support for partner integration and resale PORTLAND, Ore., August 12, 2021… News

Event Platform vs. Streaming Platform: Which One is Best For Hosting My Virtual Event?


When hosting virtual events, sourcing the right digital environment for a brand's unique needs is crucial for success. But with the range of options out there, it can be challenging to choose the best one for you. Event Planning

Kind Traveler Launches Revamped Booking Platform

Travel Pulse

Travelers can help save the world while also exploring it. Impacting Travel

FCM boosts platform capabilities through launch of proprietary online booking tool in the UK

Travel Daily News

With FCM Platform’s open-platform solution, clients can choose from recommended APIs to deliver desired feature and functionality requirements on a market-by-market basis – like HR feeds, duty of care providers and booking tool selection – this will soon include FCM’s own proprietary option

MeetingPackage Ranks #1 on Hotel Tech Report’s ‘Top Online Venue Booking Platform’ 2022 List

Meeting Package

We’re excited to announce that MeetingPackage has ranked #1 overall on Hotel Tech Report’s Global Best Online Venue Booking Platform list in the 2022 HotelTechAwards.

Sam Nazarian’s C3 Is the Fastest Growing Food Tech Platform

Business Traveler USA

Prior to selling his hotel brands and management platform to Accor, Nazarian saw SBE rise as a full-service hospitality imagemaker, creating a complete universe from food and entertainment to hotels and residences. It’s monday at 8 a.m. and Sam Nazarian is on the move.

IMEX launches two networking days on BuzzHub platform

Travel Daily News

While the platform allows connections and communications to take place at any time, it’s only at specific times and days that participants can schedule video or audio meetings on the platform

EVA’s AI-Powered Platform Is an Organizer’s Shortcut to Valuable Data Insights

Convene by PCMA

EVA’s AI-powered platform provides powerful data insights that business event organizers can use for planning or reporting. The second-best part? EVA removes the burden of manually gathering and calculating that data.

Collect Customer Data With a Robust Rebate Technology Platform

ITA Group

Collect Customer Data With a Robust Rebate Technology Platform. A robust rebate technology platform can simplify how you collect, process and report on the rebate claims submitted by your customers.