Down With Third-Party Event Platforms With Saroosh Gull

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Event platforms took the events industry by the storm. He says: down with third-party event platforms! Event platforms unquestionably satisfy event planners’ needs, but are they really the only way to go forward? Third-Party Event Platforms Rule The Industry.

Meet Accelevents, The All-In-One Event Management Platform!

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Today, Will and Brandt bring two guests in to hear an unbiased review of Accelevents , an all-in-one hybrid, and virtual event management platform. After all, in a world where there are more than 100 virtual event platforms , it’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Why You Shouldn’t Care About Platforms Getting Investments

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Event app platforms have been all the rage for quite some time now in the world of event tech, so it’s only natural that investments in event platforms come next. What exactly does this mean for Hopin and what does it say about other event platforms?

Virtual Event Platform Features: What To Look For?

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But perhaps none other brings as many questions as the infamous choice of platform. And as virtual events kept evolving, planners were bombarded with dozens of features and opportunities from platforms swearing they were the next big thing. Key Virtual Event Platform Features.

The Wave Of The Future: Hybrid & Virtual Event Platforms With Kyle Kocinski!

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Our resident hosts, Will and Brandt, welcome a guest to talk about virtual and hybrid event platforms. In one of the most resourceful conversations in the history of this podcast, Kyle talks about how event platforms have adapted since last year and where are they going next.

Choosing The Right Virtual Platform For Your Event


During every industry event these days you hear the same question: “How do I choose the right virtual tool for my event?” As a planner… Industry Insider #virtualevents event technology

Can One Virtual Meeting Platform Rule Them All?

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Recall that Cisco , which offered WebEx before streaming was cool, purchased Socio and just closed the deal on Slido last month in an attempt to make engagement on the platform seamless. The platform recently announced that it can host up to 50,000 attendees.

Virtual Event Platform vs Virtual Event Production Company

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However, there are still quite a few misconceptions flying around regarding the differences between a virtual event platform and a virtual event production company. So, What Does A Virtual Event Platform Do, Afterall? It helps you make the right decision platform-wise.

New Virtual Event Platform Features that Boost Attendee Engagement


With that in mind, we have some exciting new virtual platform features to share. Tips Engagement Industry Updates Gamification Virtual Engagement Meetings and Events Virtual Events Virtual Meetings Exhibits and Sponsors event tech virtual event platform virtual event analytics analytics

New Feature Spotlight - Our Newest Virtual Platform Features


With that in mind, we have some exciting new virtual platform updates to share with the world. What’s better than shiny, new technology? As virtual event innovators, we here at MeetingPlay make it our mission to bring the best solutions to our clients.

Swapcard Chosen As Official Event Platform For techsytalk GLOBAL


techsytalk GLOBAL is taking its 2020 event virtual and has chosen Swapcard , the leading AI-powered engagement and matchmaking platform for premium events, as the official event platform. Their event platform of choice, Swapcard, will facilitate AI-powered attendee networking and content production. In March, I started doing a ton of research on various platforms & capabilities, and was very disappointed with what I saw in terms of options.

Brandlive Launches Greenroom, Partner Program and SDK for Resellers, Agencies and Virtual Event Platforms


Brandlive releases the next version of its patent-pending Greenroom adding new show creation tools and support for partner integration and resale PORTLAND, Ore., August 12, 2021… News

Event Platform vs. Streaming Platform: Which One is Best For Hosting My Virtual Event?


When hosting virtual events, sourcing the right digital environment for a brand's unique needs is crucial for success. But with the range of options out there, it can be challenging to choose the best one for you. Event Planning

New Roles, New Platforms in the New Workplace

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We have participated in the largest at-scale remote work experiment the world has seen, and it has had a dramatic impact on the employee experience,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said earlier this year when unveiling Microsoft Viva, the company’s new employee experience platform (EXP).

Virtual Event Platforms: Why An “All-In-One” Solution Just Won’t Cut It

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But if you are somewhat aware of everything a virtual event entails, then you know about virtual event platforms. . But we can understand why it might be tempting to go for an “all-in-one” platform that promises to do everything you need. There’s no running away from virtual events.

Cadmium Platform is the Turnkey Solution Associations Need

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Organizations knew this change was coming and they were already making strides toward it, but COVID was a catalyst for the acceleration of that change,” said Jim Obsitnik, CEO of Cadmium, an events and education platform. For associations, the switch to digital has come with big challenges.

Collect Customer Data With a Robust Rebate Technology Platform

ITA Group

Collect Customer Data With a Robust Rebate Technology Platform. A robust rebate technology platform can simplify how you collect, process and report on the rebate claims submitted by your customers.

IMEX launches two networking days on BuzzHub platform

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While the platform allows connections and communications to take place at any time, it’s only at specific times and days that participants can schedule video or audio meetings on the platform

The Rising Popularity of Self-Service Production Platforms for Virtual Events


Virtual events are here to stay, and to adapt to this change, event platforms are beginning to offer more self-service production features to help presenters create amazing content, connect to audiences more effectively, and to enhance the overall virtual event experience.

Why You Need Consistent Copywriting Across All Your Platforms

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Your messaging must be consistent, so customers can easily recognize it’s you. Without consistency, you won’t have the glue that holds your brand together or an identifiable piece that makes you stand out.?

A new T&E analytics platform for corporate travel procurement departments & Travel and Meetings Managers

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Despite the slowdown in worldwide business travel and meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibilities of the typical corporate travel manager have dramatically increased and grown in complexity

Introducing Live CMS: A digital marketing platform built to deliver exceptional customer experiences


The post Introducing Live CMS: A digital marketing platform built to deliver exceptional customer experiences appeared first on Leonardo. Live CMS is a flexible content management system that improves your team’s workflow with a centralized approach to managing direct channels.

Why MeetingPlay? How does one event platform stand out from the others?


There is no shortage of virtual and hybrid platforms in the current event spaces. Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, “eventing” has shifted into something that is fluid and malleable for each individual event.

Event App Platforms: Jack of All Trades or Master of None?

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All rise for this week’s Event Tech Podcast on event app platforms! When we’re talking about event app platforms, there are always two sides of the debate. Should you go for the “master platform”? This is something that concerns every business, but we’re placing focus on choosing event tech and event app platforms. So hopefully, today we’ll be able to shed some extra light on the subject of event app platforms.

Simpleview invests in Stroll, a patented location-based marketing platform

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Simpleview’s partnership with Stroll comes in the form of an angel investment in the startup to further support technology development for DMOs, their partners, and the industry as a whole

Faces Behind MeetingPlay's Virtual Platform: Meet Lauren Pirri


Want to know a big reason why our MeetingPlay customers choose us as their virtual event platform partner? We’d like to think it’s all the slick, custom technology solutions we provide to engage audiences and make each virtual event unique. But we confess…it's not!

Press Release: New Integration with Online Payments Platform Mercado Pago


Eventtia is delighted to announce that it has completed a new integration with Latin America’s leading online payments platform, Mercado Pago. Responding to customer demand, this new integration will provide customers across the region with a new option to receive payments. Eventtia News

InEvent named Event Engagement Platform of the Year by RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards Program


Features You Need To Watch Out For When Choosing A Platform

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?? The Best of the Best: Event Tech: Virtual Event Platform Features: What To Look For? Features you need to watch out for when choosing a virtual event platform (10-min read). Additional articles and resources: Virtual Event Platform vs Virtual Event Production Company.

The CrowdRiff Platform and GDPR


Here at CrowdRiff, data protection and privacy has been a number one priority for our platform and customers. Working with travel brands all over the world means that our platform has to be compliant with the strictest standards and regulations in every market we work in.

Throwing It Back To In-Person: Are Platforms The New Venues?

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?? The Best of the Best: Comparison: Platforms Are The New Venues…But Is That Enough? Dive into platforms with our So Many Options, So Little Time: Choosing A Digital Events Platform webinar! Platforms are the new venues?

How Virtual Engagement Platforms Do What Webinars Can't


Tips Virtual Engagement

StartCo. A Powerful Platform for the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Colombia


Interview with Juan Gabriel Arboleda Ramírez, Administrative and Financial Director, Advanced Prosthetics SAS and founder of StartCo. Event Planning

A Reference: Virtual / Digital / Collaborative Meetings & Events Platforms


Many folks have been trading info for the last few weeks and wondering what their options might be for remote platforms that will help us meet, learn and stay connected while we’re trying to get on with some semblance of business during this difficult time.

What Makes For A Great Virtual Networking Experience?

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They tell me to give them solutions and ask me what platforms should they use. ” “As an industry, we were able to take platforms for content distribution,” says Nick. I’ve experienced so many really painfully awkward ways that platforms have done networking.

How to Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform for Your Online Events


But as creators begin to plan and set up their virtual events, a common question arises: Which video hosting platform should I use? In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many creators are turning to virtual events to reach their audience.

The Differences Between Virtual Event Platforms and Virtual Production Companies That You Should Know

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?? The Best of the Best: Know The Difference: Virtual Event Platform vs Virtual Event Production Company. You need to know the difference between a virtual platform and a virtual event production company! Virtual Event Platforms: Why An “All-In-One” Solution Just Won’t Cut It.

How to Integrate with OPERA PMS: Explaining OPERA APIs and OPERA Hospitality Integration Platform

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Self-service Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) that currently integrates only with OPERA Cloud. Now, if you want to integrate with OPERA Cloud, you will find it easier as Oracle created a self-service platform for you to do so.

Announcing CrowdRiff’s New Visual Marketing Platform


And we’ve taken what we’ve learned, and completely redesigned our visual marketing platform to serve the goal of visual influence. It’s the same visual marketing platform you know and love, re-engineered to put visual influence at the center.

Major Meetings-Software Platform Adds Virtual-Event Capabilities


Aventri, a widely used event-management software platform, has entered into partnerships with three virtual-event companies. What’s more, they have templates to transfer data quickly between Aventri and their own platforms.

Why Magnuson Hotels Switched to Leonardo’s Industry Leading Media Distribution Platform


When we showed them all the ways we’re innovating distribution to drive more revenue and brand consistency, they immediately saw the benefit of switching to the industry’s leading visual content distribution platform. ” .

Celebrating the Newest Release of CrowdRiff’s Visual Marketing Platform


We’re happy to announce the latest release of CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform, making CrowdRiff the first visual marketing platform for both UGC and owned visuals. Meet the Newest CrowdRiff Platform.

This is Why You Need One-Single Platform to Run Your Multiple Events


The recipe for any successful event is how much planning and preparation you put in beforehand. That’s a given, but sometimes it requires a little more than that, especially when planning multiple events across different locations or countries. Event Planning Event Data