Incentive Communications


Do you struggle to communicate your incentive programs? Also, check out our article on marketing communications strategy. The post Incentive Communications appeared first on VIKTOR. Why companies struggle, and creative ideas to make your next campaign easier.

The Power of Communicating Performance Data to Your Team


Communicating business performance data to your team is fundamental to helping them collaborate and engage, and to helping you reach your business goals. These communication techniques have been shown to help employee retention and increase productivity.

What Planners Need to Include in a Pre-Event Communication Plan


Clear, effective, and comprehensive pre-event communication is more important than ever, especially now in the midst of evolving situations. Hybrid Events In-person Events Event Communication Event MarketingThe word of the day is preparation.

How to communicate CSR effectively on social media?

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When a business communicates its practices of corporate social responsibility via social media platforms, how effective and impactful is this communication on its audience?

Creative Communications Matter: Maybe More Than Ever

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Communication is a powerful tool that can have an enormous impact on the success of any program or organization. Effective communication can increase employee engagement, boost workplace productivity, and even drive business growth.

COVID-19 Safety: In-Person Event Communication Checklist

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If you’ve decided to plan an in-person event, and you’ve developed a plan you feel confident in, a key part of executing it is communicating clearly with your attendees. Our checklist below outlines key elements to communicate to your attendees.

How To Do Crisis Communication For Your Event – #EventIcons 178

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Get your planners out everybody, because we’re talking crisis communication! Something will always escape our control, which is exactly why having a plan for crisis communication is so important. Because this week’s #EventIcons will tell you everything you need to know about efficient and foolproof crisis communication! So, are you ready to learn all about crisis communication? And that’s a wrap on all things crisis communication for your event!

Make Your Creative Communications Matter — Here’s How

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Now that you understand the importance of creative communications , let’s talk about the how. Ensure that you are communicating with your audience before, during and after your event, to inform, inspire and keep the momentum going long after the event occurs.

Better Safe Than Sorry: How To Implement An Event Crisis Communication Plan

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If you’re stuck in a jam, today’s talk on event crisis communication is for you! This is why knowing about event crisis communication is an absolute must. Our amazing host Alex Plaxen is here to walk you through how to implement an event crisis communication plan! Put your seatbelts on, we’re talking crisis communication! Better Safe Than Sorry: How To Implement An Event Crisis Communication Plan – Video Transcription. How To Communicate.

Communicating with Influence Requires an Accountability Partner


Have you ever struggled with staying committed to a goal? Have you ever been really motivated to accomplish more personally or professionally and then your drive dies after several days or weeks

Travel Manager Tips for Communicating Important Return-to-Travel Information

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With business travel coming back in full force, the importance of communicating new travel procedures and health and safety recommendations couldn’t be higher. The post Travel Manager Tips for Communicating Important Return-to-Travel Information appeared first on Fox World Travel.

Your Guide to Client Communication During Engagement Season

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You might have your marketing strategies in place already, but you need to also be mindful of your communication habits when responding to inquiries and navigating the sales process

How to Perfect Virtual and Hybrid Event Communications

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But one thing that may have seemed minor for live events is imperative for virtual and hybrid: communications. One of the most important aspects of your communications plans is establishing your voice.

10 Tips to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Meetings


And because they are viewed on screen, your nonverbal communication is just as important as the message you prepare. But as his research shows, spoken words, tone, and body language account for 7%, 38%, and 55% of what we’re communicating to other people.

5 Useful Tools For Onsite Communication During Events


While you and your teammates are busy setting up, testing equipment and greeting vendors for your event, frequent and open communication is critical. During the event itself, communication only becomes more important.

4 Tips for Writing Text Communications


We’ve all seen the Consumer Cellular ads and know that “text size” can easily be enlarged on mobile or GrandPad devices, which is important to keep in mind when creating event text communications from your business desktop or laptop. The interface and experience of that of the attendees that receive event-related text messages are likely […]. Business Tech

How to Design an Effective Communication Strategy for Your Next Online Event


From influencers and invitations to teasers and tutorials, a well-defined and effective communication strategy is vital to the success of any virtual event.

Advice for Communicating During the 3 Stages of To-Partner Channel Marketing

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Advice for Communicating During the 3 Stages of To-Partner Channel Marketing. Activate Channel Program Partners With Frequent & Consistent Communication. In this stage, consistent communication is critical.

A Revolutionary Way to Manage On-Site Communications


Tech Communication Event Planning gotenna Mobile TechnologyAs an event professional, you’ve likely coordinated a conference, meeting, or tradeshow that took place in either a remote location or one where mobile and WiFi services were lacking. Often, this means resorting to “old school” technology, like walkie-talkies, to keep activities flowing and ensure critical personnel are able to speak with one another while […].

Risk360: Communications Policy


An effective communication plan can help spread information during an emergency, or even shut down an incident before it becomes a crisis, for example, by monitoring social media it is sometimes possible to resolve a situation with a disgruntled attendee before an issue goes viral. External Communications. Draft crisis communication messages for likely scenarios and define how they will be disseminated (conference app, texts to attendees, social media posts, etc.).

5 Tips to Becoming a Better Communicator


Being an effective communicator is a necessity in our industry, maybe now more than ever. There is no time like the present to take a crash course and reflect on your communication practices.

DMA West: Going Viral, What’s Trending and Crisis Communication

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The September event brought destination marketers from Alaska to Texas to Riverside Hotel in Boise, Idaho, for networking, breakout sessions, a lesson in crisis communication and a taste (and a twirl) of downtown Boise’s booming Basque Cultural District. (If Crisis Communication. The post DMA West: Going Viral, What’s Trending and Crisis Communication appeared first on Smart Meetings.

On-site Team Collaboration & Communication Tools for Event Professionals


After all, it’s 2016 and there are quicker and easier ways to communicate […]. Apps Communication Event Planning MobileStruggling with walkie talkie range limits, waiting for people to answer their phone or text messages, or just trying to figure out how to keep everything all in one place? Maybe it’s time to drop your headset or ditch the walkie talkies.

Fiera di Padova entrusts AIM Group International with the communication campaign of the new Congress Centre

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From the brand identity to the website and social media, AIM Group will manage the presentation of the new location and its positioning on the market

10 Tips for Effective Email Communication in the Event Planning Process

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The irony is, even with so many productivity tools for every task out there, collaboration in event planning still involves email communication. To properly leverage this powerful medium and turn it into the potent collaboration channel it is, effective email communication is key. Despite the myriad of collaborative tools, planning events still involves email communication. Email communication is free, but this does not mean it’s a free ticket to abuse your outbox.

How to Communicate Your Brand with an Event Management System


It doesn’t matter if you’re running an event to attract more leads or grow your sales numbers—everything depends on how well you manage to communicate your brand. Events are powerful tools for promotion, and whether you’re working for a corporation or an institution, it’s your responsibility to align all event communication with your brand. La entrada How to Communicate Your Brand with an Event Management System aparece primero en Eventtia | Event management software.

How to Design an Efficient Communication Strategy for Your Next Event


Let me ask you a quick question: How do you usually communicate your event? There’s a big difference between communicating and promoting your event. La entrada How to Design an Efficient Communication Strategy for Your Next Event aparece primero en Eventtia | Event management software. If your answer includes sharing a few links on social media or reaching out to a few industry influencers, we need to talk.

A Chat with the Masters of Client Services, Part 1

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There’s a lot of communication that happens before it gets to the team. Branding Integrated Marketing CommunicationsOk, so we’ve had our talk with TAA’s creative department — you’ve learned a little about who they are, their hopes and dreams, and of course, their favorite colors.

Award-Winning Work For Our Clients

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Announcements Integrated Marketing CommunicationsMany businesses found themselves pivoting in 2020, and the need for clear, effective marketing was as important as ever.

Mitigating the Risks of Returning to In-Person Meetings


Articles Communication Group Travel Incentive Travel Meetings mitigating riskThe old saying goes, “The Only Constant in Life Is Change.” Heraclitus] That certainly has been true of late in the travel and hospitality industry.

5 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Communication Plan


Whether you’re dealing with a small glitch or a major crisis, social media should be an integral part of your strategic communication plan. By Kelsey Dixon, davies + dixon. read more. Association Meetings Risk Management Corporate Meetings Medical Meetings

Eagle, Parrot, Owl, Dove: What’s Your Communication Style?


Merrick Rosenberg urged Pharma Forum attendees to understand their own communication style, recognize the styles of others, and use that knowledge to create better relationships. read more. Association Meetings Speakers Corporate Meetings Medical Meetings Negotiation Insights

Want to Become a Master of Behavioral Science? Come this Way…

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Not only do these help communicators connect on a deeper level, but it gives them a better understanding of the verbal and nonverbal landscape —something meeting virtually can’t quite do.

The Difference Between Event Management and Event Planning


When putting together a major event, communication is key. One area where communication can fail, especially for clients, is understanding the difference between event management and event planning. Articles Communication Resources Vendor Management event management event planning

Fear Is Healthier Than Ego: The Right Steps To Ensure Event Safety

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Because if something goes wrong, you want to make sure they are able to communicate with their loved ones. Crisis Communications For Events. Alex has sat down with us for several conversations, and today we’re going even deeper into a topic Alex is very passionate about, crisis communications for events. ” Why Crisis Communications Matter In Event Safety. Who’s in charge of your social media and communication during the event is the first one.

The Impact of the Coronavirus On The Events Industry

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And just making sure that you also have open lines of communication so you can say, “Look, if you’re experiencing anything and you need any help, let us know and we’ll be able to help communicate you to the proper authorities, locally.”

Driving Revenue Through Referrals


Here is a sample formula: Communicate. Make sure you develop frequent communication to keep your program “top of mind.” Articles Communication Meetings Team Engagement incentives referrals revenue word of mouthAre you driving revenue through referrals?

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Top Reasons to Outsource Your Incentive Travel Program


Keep your participants engaged and motivated by contacting us to curate your next custom incentive program or event, or help plan your broader marketing communications strategy. Announcements Articles Communication Group Travel Incentive Travel incentive travel incentives

How to Survive and Thrive on Conference Calls


With that in mind, you have to set and enforce stricter rules for communication. Communication MeetingsMeeting management can be a bear. Conference calls can be all but impossible to run effectively. The list of woes is long. They never start on time.

9 Ways to Grow Your Email Database


Gather email addresses or add QR codes to your marketing communications strategy materials at networking events, and watch your database grow. CommunicationAn email database is a fast, effective marketing and sales tool.

VIKTOR: 45 Years in Business


Announcements Articles Communication Employee Loyalty company anniversarySo much has happened in 45 years at VIKTOR, the company we aptly named after Viktor Weyand who celebrates 45 years with the company today! The year was 1974.

15 Meeting Management Tips: How to Run an Effective Meeting


In many ways, your meeting hygiene acts as an implicit part of your broader marketing communications strategy. 14: Close with action items and communicate them clearly. Announcements Communication Meetings Team Engagement meeting managementHow to Run a Painless Meeting.

Mentoring Mentality


By mentoring others, you will also receive side benefits such as fresh perspective, a sense of accomplishment from helping someone else, and even increased personal learning and sharpening your own communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.