Building a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Social media plays a massive role in traveler decision. Learn what makes a successful social media marketing campaign. Instead of visiting a travel agency or browsing print travel catalogs, travelers now use social media to gather inspiration of stunning destinations.

How To Promote Events Without Social Media

Endless Events

If that truly is the case, another question quickly arises: how to promote events without social media? How effective is social media marketing anyway? Community is one way to go about promoting events without social media, but it’s not just any community that will do.

MICE professionals

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The Shared Media Values of Millenials, Gen Z

The Abbi Agency

We’re clearly in an age where digital media dominates our daily lives. We call them digital natives, or social media natives; digital natives (Millennials) haven’t always been on social media but were already connected to the internet.

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Episode 50: Come, Create, Share: The Touchstones of Event Experience with David Title at Bravo Media


We’re tapping into the creative mind of David Title, Partner at Bravo Media, about event experience in 2022 (and not […]. The Event Hustler Show

Media 130

How You Can Make Your Events Awesome By Taking Advantage of Social Media by @dancarthy2


Fortunately, with the help of social media , things can be a bit easier. No matter what you plan to organize, know that you should never underestimate the power of social media. Considering this fact, it is no surprise that more and more event organizers plan to increase use of social media for this purpose in the future. Yes, social media helps here too. Another great thing would be to integrate social media with registration.

Episode 54: Creating Meaningful Event Experiences with Phil Mershon, Director of Experiences at Social Media Examiner


In this special episode, we’ll chat with Phil Mershon about some of the most memorable event experiences he’s ever had, […]. The Event Hustler Show

A Social Media Video Checklist

Gavel International

Most of the social media platforms today have high video content visibility. Main Elements of a Great Social Media Video. It’s essential to know what platform you will be on when you create your video for social media. Social Media

Here’s How Our Opinion On Social Media Has Changed Since The Pandemic!

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They will dive deep into social media and how their opinions about it have changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Since we were mostly confined to the walls of our homes, social media was often the only way we could communicate with one another.

Social Media In Events: How It Impacts Us & The Industry

Endless Events

We’re opening the new year of Event Brew with the topic of social media. The past decade saw an insane increase in the widespread use of social media. Amongst many other things, social media became a true pillar of the way human beings communicate with each other.

National Media Are Buzzing About Indy

Convene by PCMA

What city can say it is among Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places, 2021, and a must-go destination this year on Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure Magazines’ lists? Indianapolis. There’s plenty to stoke the buzz, like the burgeoning Bottleworks District.

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The Seven Keys for Social Media

Special Events

If your social media presence feels inconsistent, jumbled, or disconnected, it’s a good sign that you need to recalibrate your entrepreneurial energy to optimize your marketing strategy

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your 2019 Events

Smart Meetings

Will 2019 be the year you leverage social media to make your events safer, more compelling and downright fun? A January 2018 report from WeAreSocial and Hootsuite explains just how important social media is in the average internet consumer’s life. More than four billion people are online and more than three billion people are active on several social media platforms. Here are the internet and social media trends planners need to know for 2019.

Social Media Automation Tools


From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the jobs social media marketers have to complete every day. Thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome social media management tools available to help. Social MediaThese tools can streamline your workflows, help you save some time and even ensure your […].

The Abbi Agency acquires Jeremy Jensen Media

The Abbi Agency

The Abbi Agency is pleased to announce the acquisition of Jeremy Jensen Media, a Reno Tahoe-based firm widely respected for its work in photography, video and multimedia. Acquisition strengthens client service and creative capabilities with dedicated in-house photography, video and multimedia.

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11 Effective Ways to Measure Brand Awareness in Social Media  

Gavel International

The engagement rate of content is determined by dividing the number of interactions with the content by the number of people who follow the social media account. It may sound farfetched, but it is entirely possible to figure out how people feel about a brand based on its social media accounts.

3 Story Ideas for Social Media Posts and Blog Articles

Tourism eSchool

3 Story Ideas for Social Media Posts and Blog Articles. Are you looking for ideas of content to share on Social Media or your Blog? Are you wondering what you should be posting on your destination or business Social Media channels as you emerge from Covid-19 restrictions? Home.

How to Promote your Webinar on Social Media


Therefore, it is essential that after creating … Post <strong>How to Promote your Webinar on Social Media</strong> showed as first in InEvent Blog. A webinar is an effective tool you can use to boost engagement with your audience.

Media Missions: In-Person or Virtual?


With the rise of virtual connections and the decrease of PR budgets, how should PR professionals conduct media missions moving forward? It may be time to nix the desk-side appointments (outbound media missions). Prefer In-Person Media Missions? Every media mission is different.

Media 71

Tips and Tricks for Selling via Social Media

Special Events

As you grow a following on popular social media sites, you have the opportunity to secure more sales and, most importantly, more profit

Successful Social Media Campaigns for Events

Endless Events

Do you know the saying that at the back of successful social media campaigns is an exhausted marketer? But to be honest, with all the work and heart we already pour into our events, adding social media to the mix can be a bit too much. Whether it’s automating using apps or bots, or encouraging your audience to spread the word themselves, there are many ways to boost your social media without the stress. How to Use Your Social Media to Extend Your Event’s Reach.

How to communicate CSR effectively on social media?

EHL Insights

When a business communicates its practices of corporate social responsibility via social media platforms, how effective and impactful is this communication on its audience?

SHR and Leonardo Partner for Media Distribution Services


SHR, which offers solutions for hoteliers to improve guest satisfaction and maximize revenue at each touchpoint along the guest journey, has partnered with Leonardo for media distribution services. The post SHR and Leonardo Partner for Media Distribution Services appeared first on Leonardo.

40 Social Media Influencers Every Hospitality Professional Should Follow

Social Tables

These 40, follow-worthy social media influencers are highly engaged, limitless resources that are quick to share helpful content to help you succeed and grow your business. NickBorelli Nick Borelli is the leading event marketing and social media expert in the game. Follow Will to get his take on what’s happening with A/V, event marketing, Social Media, and technology. Did we miss a social media influencer off the list? No time? No problem.

10 Steps to Successfully Promote your Tourism Event on Social Media

Tourism eSchool

10 Steps to Successfully Promote your Tourism Event on Social Media. If so, social media is a fantastic low cost way to let people know about and book tickets for your event. Before you go anywhere near social media, you first need to be clear on who you want coming to your event.

Maximizing Social Media Ads on Meta to Generate More Leads

National Association For Catering ane Events

If you’ve been skipping social advertising in your business, keep reading because you can still find success with ads. It may not be as quick or easy now, but social ads are still very effective in raising brand awareness and even driving traffic and inquiries.

Social Media Changes the Lifecycle of Trends

Smart Meetings

According to recent Smart Meetings webinar host Kate Patay, however, social media has changed all of that. The immediacy of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram means new that looks, colors and patterns make an impact and can become implemented far faster than ever before. Planners also need to recognize the effect social media has on their clients. The post Social Media Changes the Lifecycle of Trends appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Streamlining Your Social Media Strategy during the Holiday Season

Special Events

You don’t need to spend hours curating your social media feed to stay present and engaged online throughout the holiday season

How To Use Video Memes For Stellar Event Social Media – Whiteboard Wednesday

Endless Events

We’re getting down and dirty with event social media today! As you already know, we live in a day and age where people communicate more through social media channels than any other platform. And trust us on this one, having good social media backing for your event is something you will want to do. And Shaina is here to teach you all about using video memes for stellar event social media. How Does This Help My Event Social Media?

Aligning Your Heart's Purpose and Your Social Media

Special Events

If you’re looking to align your heart’s purpose and your social media, here are five things you can start incorporating into your marketing efforts

Webinar: Using Event Media to Drive Revenue for Your Meeting

Convene by PCMA

Join the American Heart Association and Ascend Media for a conversation on event media and how it can drive significant revenue for your meeting.

Media 52

Technology in 2021: How to Properly Audit a Social Media and Content Policy  

Gavel International

Reading Time: 4 minutes 2021 is perhaps the most exciting time in social media history since its golden age in the early 2000s. Social media content is becoming customized to adapt to users’ individual needs, wants, and preferences. Social media platforms.

Social Media Walls and Buzz Centers for Your Events


Tech Event Planning Social Media social media wall TechnologyAs an event professional, you know how crucial it is to keep your attendees engaged, especially between sessions and speakers. Additionally, you want to make sure your sponsors and trade show vendors get the attention they deserve. Luckily, one solution can help you do both while simultaneously creating a “techie” atmosphere and effectively promoting your […].

Best Social Media Groups For #EventProfs – #EventIcons Episode 103

Endless Events

Social media can be a challenge. However, social media can be a great place to find community via social media groups. In this episode of #EventIcons our iconic panel, David Adler of BizBash, Brittany Bucceroni of BizBash, Lotfi SENHAJI of Event Pros will be weighing in how to find the right social media groups for event profs. They will discuss why you need to be in social media groups. Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media ( @APlaxen ).

Tips for Creating Social Media Content--Without Event Photos

Special Events

Three tips for special event professionals to create social media posts when COVID-19 shuts down events

8 Phases of Social Media Engagement for Events


When you’re planning a virtual event, there’s a lot to keep track of. From booking speakers to checking sound and camera systems are working, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. Event Marketing

Leveraging Social Media for Your Next Corporate Event

Bishop McCann

Think about how much time you spend scrolling on social media platforms -- a ll of them. Don’t worry, we won’t judge; we just want to make a point.

How to Promote Your Event on Social Media in 2021


Event marketing, simply put, is about letting people know about the existence of the event you’re hosting, and convincing them so they’ll join the event. Event Marketing

Why You Need Proactive and Reactive Social Media Engagement Strategies

Special Events

You should be both proactive and reactive in your approach. Both require a specific approach, but their benefits are unique, making them a powerhouse when used together

5 Lessons Strategists Would Share About Digital Paid Media Campaigns, If You Let Them


Do we really need to talk about the secrets of digital media campaigns anymore? And unlike traditional media, it comes with a dashboard that gives you control over your marketing. Digital paid media is where it’s all happening, but we know it isn’t easy to master.

5 Reasons to Use Local Media as Ambassadors In Destination Marketing


So much of destination marketing is about describing the experience of an outsider in a destination – but there is untapped value in using local media as ambassadors in destination marketing as well. People talk, and local media know exactly who to talk to.

Media 73

The Best Social Media Features for Your Virtual Event


Social media’s role in our communications has grown to essential status, but many of its features are still considered merely “novel” or “trendy” without examining what they truly accomplish.

Event Pros: Marry Your Social Media Metrics for Better Analysis

Special Events

This social media pro gives tips to wedding professionals on turning their social media efforts into business leads

How to Promote Your Online Event on Social Media


There are many social media tips and so many platforms to be active on, create content for, and access on a daily basis. Create carousel posts for Instagram. Make yourself a TikTok account and start experimenting with it. Create content on LinkedIn and post daily (including weekends).