Jury, Judge or…Event Planner?

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Event planners can now start to think about what life looks like on the other side. As event planners, we’ve always taken responsibility for the safety and security of our attendees while they were in our care. The post Jury, Judge or…Event Planner?

How Planners Are Customizing Hybrid Events

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But one trend is clear: Planners continue to be flexible and creative in designing hybrid meetings that fit the needs of their particular audiences and clients — as they adjust to a fluid COVID environment.

The Complete Guide to Event Planner Logos: Ideas, Tips, Examples

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Event planner logos are a great way to do exactly that. Keep reading to take a deep dive into the world of event planner logos. A study on creating effective logos explains that when competition is fierce, a great logo can set event planners and other businesses apart from the crowd.

Destination spotlight Bern, Switzerland: Site visit from 28–30 August 2020 for Event Planners Talk e-conference

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The Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau (SCIB) is the first point of contact for all event planners who have any question about Switzerland or need any assistance with planning their events, from the smaller to a more complex enquiry.

One Industry, Two Planners: The Split Between In-Person & Digital Events

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The future of the events industry is uncertain, but today’s #EventIcons guest thinks that it’s going to split into two huge chunks: one belonging to the digital event planner and the other one to the in-person event planner. Digital Event Planner, Start Now!

How This Planner Repurposed an Event to Benefit Essential Workers

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When planner Sondra Lynnette Williams suggested “COVID essential heroes” enjoy the dinner and an overnight stay at The Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City that attendees of her canceled event would have used, the hotel gave her idea a “very enthusiastic” thumbs-up.

7 Stunning Examples of Event Planner Website Design

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One powerful way is with top-tier event planner website design. With that being the case, we gathered some of the industry’s top examples of event planner website design. Explore 7 impressive examples of event planner website design: 1.

5 Event Planner Marketing Strategies Used by Top Professionals

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As an event planner, much of your success is based on your ability to bring in new business, organize top-notch events, and keep your customers coming back. the reality is that you need great marketing to stand out from other event planners and attract new clients.

TROOP expands event planner support with the latest risk intelligence

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The partnership with travel risk intelligence experts Riskline allows TROOP to incorporate the latest, verified safety and security data, enabling meeting and event planners to identify and mitigate risk

You Come First: Event Planners & Staying Healthy In 2020

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So, it’s no secret to anyone that event planners have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. EventIcons #eventicons #eventicons podcast burnout fitness fitness for event planners health health for event planners meditation staying healthy trends welness

Event Planners’ Duty of Care During the Pandemic

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Over the next year or so, conference organizers will need to define their responsibilities for duty of care when it comes to their events.

5 Learning Lessons from Meeting Planners Like You


We’ve been talking to our event planners and have uncovered their biggest learning less ons during the last year and a half. What does it mean to plan an event in 2021?

Life On The Road For Event Planners – #EventIcons Episode 172

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Life on the road for event planners can be quite the hassle. Here at Endless, we’re very much aware of the difficulties life on the road for event planners entails. Thankfully, between them, Lindsay and Brandt have enough experience when it comes to life on the road for event planners to make your next trip much easier. Just ask our phenomenal hosts Brandt Krueger and Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey!

Disney’s Covid-Era Crowd Management Offers Lessons for Planners

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Crowd control is going to be on meeting planners’ minds in the first few months of the post-pandemic era, and there’s no better model for how to herd the hordes than the Walt Disney Company.

Omni Launches Planner Loyalty Program

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Omni Hotels & Resorts has launched a loyalty program for planners that offers immediately redeemable awards as well as free nights, elevated tier status and unique, local experiences with every booking. “We Beyond a strong loyalty program that gives back to our valued planners, we know that genuine hospitality and service matters. Our planners can truly book with confidence, as we are in it together.”. The Omni, Louisville.

How COVID-19 Accreditation Helps Planners Prepare for On-site Events

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During the past year and a half, many event planners found themselves in an unlikely scenario: with no live events to plan. The onset of the Coronavirus outbreak meant an elimination of physical gatherings and extreme pivot to virtual experiences.

How Event Planners Can Ensure Successful Incentive Programs

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A quick Google search for books, blogs, or articles on motivation will tell you it’s on everyone’s mind and has been for quite some time. As business owners or leaders, you’re likely looking for ways to keep your teams driven to succeed and hitting targets.

Event Planner Networking: 4 Creative Ways to Connect Attendees

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Unfortunately, event planner networking often falls to the bottom of event planners’ priorities. When it comes to event planner networking ideas, it can be difficult to find new and exciting ways to effectively bring the right people together. Technology is starting to play a big role in event planner networking. In fact, event planners are continuing to use them more to help increase natural networking at events.

Best Online Wedding Planner Courses: 6 Must-Know Options

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In addition to checking out our post on how to become a wedding planner , one of the first things we recommend doing is exploring some of the best online wedding planner courses the web has to offer. ” Get started with one of the best online wedding planner courses today!

How Planners Are — and Aren’t — Approaching the Non-Binary Gender Question

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In the August COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard, planners who seek attendee gender pronoun preferences said they collect the information to use on event name badges. In the August Dashboard, Convene asked planners: Are you asking registrants to identify their gender with non-binary options?

Amazing Wedding Planners in Every Major U.S. City

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If you searched for the top wedding planners in your city, you’ve come to the right place. Featuring dozens of excellent wedding planners across the United States, you’re sure to find the people you need to pull off this extra special event. Explore unique wedding planners We’ve added a variety of highly rated, unique, and diverse options for each and every location listed. Best wedding planners in the northeast New York City Wedding Planners 1.

Planners Dish on F&B Needs and Preferences


In a survey conducted by F&B-services firm Sodexho/Centerplate of 202 event planners who use either conference centers or convention centers, 93 percent cited quality of offerings and 90 percent cited safety procedures as critically important factors when partnering with a catering provider.

Meeting Planners Unite Sets 2019 Agenda

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Three weeks after Hyatt Corporation confirmed that it would cut planner commissions, thereby following the lead of three other large hospitality companies, Meeting Planners Unite held its first conference in Washington, D.C. Washington Convention Center for Connect Independent Planners , a gathering to focus on the needs of third-party planners in a new world. “We More : The Independent Planner’s Guide.

New Facility Operators Merger Will Impact Planners

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It can go one of two ways: It can be a one-stop shop that is easier for planners because the venues will be under one umbrella, so planners can leverage prices, or the company can charge higher prices because it manages both groups of venues. David Bruce, founder of Meeting Planners Unite and founder and executive director of Alliance of Independent Meeting Professionals, thinks that the merger will have a negative impact on planners.

The Complete Wedding Planner Cost Guide

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According to a recent newlywed report , of all the couples getting married in 2019, 27% of them will hire a wedding planner. Which explains why love birds are paying an average of only $1,850 on a wedding planner for their big day. Which is why we’ve come up with this guide to wedding planners: what they do, how much they cost, and how to find a great one. How much does a wedding planner cost on average? Wedding planner service options 1.

Can Planners Mandate COVID Vaccinations for Attendees?

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An expert on meetings-industry legal questions unpacks the potential issues around requiring a negative COVID test or vaccination

10 Cost Saving Tips for Planners

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On the heels of multiple studies showing that event professionals are increasingly being asked to do more with less, Smart Meetings asked a veteran planner for tips on how to create “wow” on a budget. For planners who prefer their attendees to have a slow exit, McPhee recommends going for a soft close. CVBs can also offer access to planners within their destination, arrange site inspections and check for meeting and hotel space availability—all for free.

Top 5 Event Planners: Orlando

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E-Events is headed by Lisa Stoner, a passionate bilingual event planner , member of our friends at ISES, accomplished speaker and author. The post Top 5 Event Planners: Orlando appeared first on The Social Tables Blog. Just Events! Group. This team has been planning and implementing award winning events for over 20 years. With separate teams for weddings, corporate meetings and special events, Just Events will make sure you have the expert for your specialized needs.

The 7 Best Podcasts for Event Planners @bizzabo


Check out this mention from Bizzabo in their blog about the best podcasts for event planners and then, if you haven’t already, check US out. The post The 7 Best Podcasts for Event Planners @bizzabo appeared first on techsytalk. It’s always exciting to be recognized for our work! Event Planning Event Technology News

Scary Stories to Tell Event Planners in the Dark

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At some point in their careers, all meeting and event planners will have a horror story they won’t soon forget. In this first part of a two-part series, our meeting planners and event managers relive some of their most “terrifying” encounters at events. Now, it’s time to experience our first round of bone-chilling tales from event planners… if you dare. So, like any savvy event planner, we made it look intentional! No one is immune.

BYO Meeting Planner Survival Kit

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Every event has it’s pros and cons and as a meeting planner, event manager or marketer that runs events you know that the days can be long and challenging. To make sure you’re considering your options when creating your own event survival kit, I asked a few of our meeting planners what was in their survival kits today. They can also be engaging and energizing.

Why Event Planners Select Our Destination Management in Japan

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There are several fundamental elements that can make an event planners life easier. Uniqueworld Global DMC Supplier Network ensures that event planners are able to relax. . We know that event planners are looking for clear communication and expertise!

How the New Work-From-Home Culture Will Challenge Event Planners

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The rapid shift to virtual events has revolutionized the way event planners operate in 2021, but what of the parallel shift to working from home? The post How the New Work-From-Home Culture Will Challenge Event Planners by Angela Tupper appeared first on [link].

How Event Planners and Sponsors Can Get the Most Out of Their Partnership


Whether you’re planning an in-person or virtual program, gaining sponsors is crucial to any successful event. And for virtual event-planning in particular, you need additional tools to connect online attendees from your business to those sponsors. Event Marketing

3 Things This Event Planner Wishes Venues Would Change


Check out a recent post I shared on EliteMeetings.com : Event planners and venues. Venues and event planners. Venues are one of the first things that event planners look to secure when we are hosting an event. And, in doing lots of the new research over the years, there are a few things I think venues could do to provide a better experience for the planners looking to book them. Give planners something to work with.

3 Easy Ways Planners Can Reduce Risk Today

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How liable are planners when disaster strikes? What can planners do to protect themselves? That is why he strongly recommends planners include indemnification clauses in their contacts, ensuring hotels and third parties take on as much of the risk as possible. Beyond that, the best way for planners to protect themselves and their events is to take preventative steps before the event begins. In the same fashion, planners need to do their research when hiring vendors.

Even Scarier Stories to Tell Event Planners in the Dark

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Event planners have too many horror stories to tell for one article, so here are more nightmare scenarios that will keep you up at night. All event planners have one. If you didn’t catch the first round of horror stories from our event planners–or you were just too scared to finish them– you can always read them here (if you dare). The post Even Scarier Stories to Tell Event Planners in the Dark appeared first on Experient: Event Industry Blog.

Airbnb Purchase of HotelTonight Could Boost Planners

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As a part of Airbnb’s mission to create an end-to-end travel platform, this move will allow meeting planners and attendees to book hotels last-minute with less hassle—whether it be weeks or days ahead. With this acquisition, planners and attendees will be given more options to choose from if they need to book a same-day hotel. Related : Airbnb Launches Service for Event Planners. The post Airbnb Purchase of HotelTonight Could Boost Planners appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Pivoting Back to Live Events: What Every Planner Needs to Know


Every attendee can and should have the privilege of feeling safe and comfortable at a conference or meeting, and planners can accomplish this for them by offering a variety of event formats: virtual, hybrid and in-person. The pandemic taught us great things about innovation born out of crisis.

8 in 10 planners across the UK and Europe are sourcing in-person events with nearly half organising hybrid events

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Call to action for venues to provide enhanced support including hybrid-ready rooms and studios, and onsite production and tech experts, to meet changing planner requirements and attendee expectations

Venue 52

4 Ways Any Planner Can Offer Better Events

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Due to the ever-greater need for customization, responsiveness and excellence, planners need to be on top of their game more than ever before, said Mike Dietrich, senior director of platform marketing at Cvent. In a recent Smart Meetings webinar, “ The 4 Stages of Event Program Maturity ,” he had plenty of tips to help planners and organizations get there. When an event is over, far too many organizations and planners don’t know the return on investment.

Planners Face Changes in Their Hotel-Sales Relationships


On Thursday, April 8, Global Meetings Industry Day featured several in-person and virtual events that highlighted the importance of the meeting, incentive, convention, and trade-show industry, while also educating planners on the new landscape they will operate in going forward.

How Much Do Wedding Planners Make? 7 Factors That Impact Salary

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