Negotiating Post-pandemic Event Contracts

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When negotiating contracts in the future, planners and suppliers alike will have to realize that there may always be something unexpected that we think will never happen.

Venue Contracting Considerations for 2021 and Beyond

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Contracting has always been a key part of mitigating risk during the event planning process but now more than ever requires extra vigilance. Here we highlight some key trends and considerations to help steer you through this landscape. Meetings Management Event Solutions

6 Best Ways To Save On An Event AV Contract

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I will break down the best ways to save money in an event AV contract without compromising your event. Through the extremely valuable web session conducted by Jon Trask, I will break down some key savings opportunities in an event AV contract.

Event planning contract negotiations: best practices and most common mistakes


Discover the best practices for event planning contract negotiations you should follow and the most common mistakes you should avoid. Contract negotiations are, without a doubt, among the most dreaded tasks for event planners.

What to Always Include in Your Event Planning Contract

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In any type of contract work, miscommunication can arise between the contractor and client. You need a written contract to outline the terms and conditions of your service. A contract will be the go-to source in the event of a dispute. So be sure to always include these features in your event planning contract. Verbal agreements are not enough: an event planning contract will outline specific terms. A contract is your safety net.

Post-Pandemic Event Contracts: A New Approach


One of the best-attended sessions of the 17th annual Pharma Forum conference for medical-event planners, held virtually this year from June 15-19, was “Meetings Contracts in the Post-COVID Era.”

Know Your Rights: Contracting for AV Service


Ever been hit with fees for using an outside partner after you have signed a contract? Not sure how to contract for WiFi service? Too often, our clients report that these stipulations and fees were disclosed to them after a contract had been signed. Disclose and Contract Early.

Protecting Your Event with Contracts and Insurance


Thorough and appropriate contract coverage is a must. Negotiating & ContractsHannah Kinnersley. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. Don’t let a series of unfortunate events derail your conference. read more.

Contract Negotiation: Post-Pandemic Clauses You Need to Know

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The answer will always be ‘it depends,’” Ty Sheaks, attorney, author and faculty legal advisor to International Association of Venue Managers, began the latest Smart Meetings webinar, Post-Pandemic Contract Clauses You Need to Know. Editor’s Note: The following is not legal advice.

Risk 360: The Contract


The best way to do this is to know your legal responsibilities and liabilities and make sure the contract is suited to the type of venue, location, and event. Unless your event is in the same venue in the same location during the same season, tailor the contract for every single meeting you plan. • Force majeure is when your meeting becomes “impossible, illegal, or impracticable.” For instance, travelers may be afraid of the Zika virus, but it won’t get you out of a contract.

New Map Shows Places With Highest Risk of Travelers Contracting COVID

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New map from then CDC shows the ‘hot spots’ around the world. Impacting Travel

There Are More Ways To Save Money On An AV Contract Than You Might Think!

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?? The Best of the Best: Saving Money: 6 Best Ways To Save On An Event AV Contract. There are ways to save money on your AV contract! However, there are some opportunities to cut costs in your AV contract!

Hiring an Outside AV Company? 7 Things to Get in Writing Before Signing that Hotel Contract

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As someone who’s worked in some of the country’s largest hotels and sold AV for independent audio visual companies, I’ve just about seen it all when it comes to hotel contracts. On it are the things you should be sure are spelled out in every hotel contract before signing it.

Olympics Crisis and Hotels’ Pain Provide Event Contract Lessons


Understanding things like event-insurance fine print and which areas of operation hotels get group revenue from will help planners become better at contracting and negotiating. This article from Reuters has more details on the postponement-clause fine print in those event-insurance contracts.

How To Strike The Best Deal On Your Hotel Contract Negotiations

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You might want to put your best suit on because today we’re talking about hotel contract negotiations! But anyone who’s ever had to go through it knows there’s more to the story than just signing a contract. And today, he’s sharing all of his knowledge to help you strike the best deal on your hotel contract negotiations. Check out the epic resources from this episode and get even better at hotel contract negotiations!

Lessons from the Front: Covid-era Med Meetings

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If we had a hybrid component, we would probably have more people opting in to go virtual; that changes what we would have been able to do on site because of our commitments to the hotel and the contracts.”. Contracts. You’ve been here before.

[Webinar] Negotiating International Meeting Contracts: Are You Prepared?


There are unfamiliar challenges when negotiating and contracting with foreign hotels, convention centers, and other vendors; different cultures to understand; and potential risks to be explored. planners who want to know how to understand, negotiate, and prepare contracts with counterparts across borders in three key areas for corporate and association meetings: Europe, Asia, and the Mideast. Webinar live date: June 13, 2019 at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Earn 1.0

Managing Your Top 3 Legal Meeting Contract Challenges


Housing Association Conventions and Expos Negotiating & Contracts Safety & SecurityAdvice from a legal expert on how to protect your rates, avoid attrition, and manage risk. Legal eagle Barbara Dunn shares how to protect your room rates from Internet wholesalers and room poachers, avoid room block attrition fees, and manage risk and liability related to your meetings. read more.

What Is Inefficient Risk Transfer? The Use of Indemnification in Construction Contracts


In parenting, there is no written contract between the adult and to child to transfer the responsibility for the loss or damage. In construction, there should be a written contract to transfer the risk when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Construction Law 1), Andrew Wallace and Victoria Merritt give a contractor’s perspective to contractual indemnity provisions in construction contracts.

10 Essential Points to Include in Your Venue Contract


Harness the Power of Negotiation for Post-Covid Success

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Why You Need a Contract as an Independent Professional


Contracts are an essential part of a successful independent consulting project, creating a sense of professionalism, encouraging communication, and ensuring a streamlined process

Did the FAR Lose Its Mojo in the Government Contracts World? Depends.


In Lockheed , the Army awarded two separate indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity, time-and-materials (“T&M”) contracts to Lockheed for various support services. Following various audits, the Government filed a complaint against Lockheed seeking more than $115 million in reimbursement based upon a claim of breach of contract. Both contracts expressly incorporated FAR provisions, including 52.232-7 addressing T&M and labor-hour contracts.

3 Ways to Make Your Contracts More Cyber-Secure


Here are three ways you can, and should, be addressing cybersecurity in your supplier contracts, according to Joshua Grimes, Esq., From ensuring that no one can set up a ghost network to steal your data to agreeing to require that the venue runs anti-virus programs on the business center computers, put your data security requirements in your contract.

Don’t Sign That Hotel AV Contract Just Yet! Here’s What You Need to Know First


As an event professional, you have likely seen your fair share of hotel AV contracts. Often, it’s tempting to just sign on the dotted line, especially since it means you don’t have to hunt down your own equipment and technicians. But, you shouldn’t always default to what the venue has to offer, as you might […]. Event Industry AV Event Planning Meeting Planning Technology Tips

[Webinar] Hotel Contract Clauses Planners Should Be Using but Probably Aren’t


Whether you’re a novice or an old pro, this webinar will help you keep up with changes in hotel contracts. Attend this webinar to: Identify and understand the problems and solutions behind new clauses being used in hotel contracts. based meeting and events and what should be included in contracts to protect the meeting sponsor as the “data controller”. Webinar live date: February 26, 2019 at 2pm ET / 11am PT.

What Planners Need to Know About Cruising Contracts


However, as is the case when contracting with any meeting venue, think about what you are committing to before you sign the contract. Here are some questions that Grimes says planners should ask when contracting with cruise lines: • What is included and what’s extra? What will the annual percentage increase on food and beverage be for a cruise that’s being contracted several years in advance?

Can I Negotiate Venue AV Charges? – Whiteboard Wednesdays

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It includes some contract language when it comes to this. And more and more planners actually understand this more, they’re putting it in their contract more and more often now, that hey, if I’m going to bring my group to this venue, you’re going to throw in wifi for my attendees. A lot of planners are starting to include language to that effect in their contracts already. So, before you even sign the contract with your venue.

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Construction Contracts And Arbitration Provisions: Is The Word “May” Mandatory? Maybe!


In construction contracts, parties attempt to use plain and ordinary words to describe their respective obligations. Or when parties use the word “may” in their contract, performance is permissive or optional given the plain meaning of the word. Payments may be withheld on account of (1) defective Work not remedied, (2) claims filed by third parties, or (3) failure to carry out the Work in accordance with the Contract Documents.”. You don’t always say what you mean.

The Event Vax Debate Uncovers Legal, Health and Moral Questions

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Do you think masks/no masks, vaccines/non-vaxed will or should be an addendum on contracts with venues? Do you think masks/no masks, vaccines/non-vaxxed will or should be an addendum on contracts with venues?

September 21, 2018: Chicago Marriott Hotel Worker Strike Moves Toward Resolution With Contract, What to Expect From the First-Ever Adult Swim Festival, Lifetime to Debut Live Wedding Reality Series


CHICAGO MARRIOTT HOTEL WORKER STRIKE MOVES TOWARD RESOLUTION WITH CONTRACT: Marriott International hotel workers on strike in Chicago have approved a contract that could lead to the resolution of the walkout

How to Win at Negotiating AV Prices for Events

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You can often get a good discount on your quote by offering to pay much sooner, for example, 100% of the contract upfront. AV companies can be willing to discount their quote if it means they can boost their cash flow with upfront payments, to offset some of their contracts that pay on those longer terms. If you do change something on site, after contract. During the contracting process. Don’t sign a venue contract before you negotiate it out.

September 21, 2018: Chicago Marriott Hotel Worker Strike Moves Toward Resolution With Contract, What to Expect From the First-Ever Adult Swim Festival, Lifetime to Debut Live Wedding Reality Series


CHICAGO MARRIOTT HOTEL WORKER STRIKE MOVES TOWARD RESOLUTION WITH CONTRACT: Marriott International hotel workers on strike in Chicago have

Win at Negotiating AV Services with Hotels

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Many hotel contracts mandate use of an in-house AV provider and contain clauses prohibiting use of other vendors or charge for the privilege of using the planner’s preferred vendor. Knowing this and other nuances associated with AV services contracting can help contain event costs and access to the optimum AV solution. You have the most negotiating power before signing the contract. Contracting Out vs. In-House.

How AV Unions Work – Whiteboard Wednesday

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He will cover the basics of contracts, how the staff is AV union staff is hired, shadow labor and more. Unions have contracts with the venue. Number one is that unions, if you didn’t know, always have their contracts with the venue. We want to have a contract with you, we will provide all your labor, and therefore, here you go. Here’s our contract.” Unions can be signed after you signed the contract.

Make Your Conference Memorable With Spiced-Up Keynotes, Engaging Design and Workshops

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Van Halen, M&Ms, and the Wisdom in the Contract Details. Many event profs have heard of the story of how Van Halen infamously asked for a bowl of M&Ms in their dressing rooms as part of their concert contracts. The bowl acted as a canary of sorts: if the band sees it upon arrival, they know that the contract has been read and abided by to the letter. Creating successful recurring events isn’t only good for brands but also for planners.

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4 Reasons You Should Prepare to Celebrate the Return of the Buyer's Market


If meeting booking and corporate contract rate predictions pan out, 2017 may be a very good year for meeting planner hotel negotiations. Housing/Attrition Negotiating/Contracts Resources and Reportsread more.

How Do In-House AV Commissions Work? – Whiteboard Wednesday

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For those who don’t really understand, a lot of times, the in-house AV company is contracted by the hotel in a relationship that allows them to kind of work together. We always wanna make sure that if there’s any last minute changes or needs, the hotel usually doesn’t wanna manage that, so usually they contract an actual company to come in and do their AV. . Again though, it all has to happen before you sign your venue contract as well.

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4 Reasons You Should Prepared to Celebrate the Return of the Buyer's Market


If meeting booking and corporate contract rate predictions pan out, 2017 may be a very good year for meeting planner hotel negotiations. Housing/Attrition Negotiating/Contracts Resources and Reportsread more.

3 Easy Ways Planners Can Reduce Risk Today

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The most common mistake Howe sees planners make is that they don’t read their contracts. Contracts are self-inflicted wounds,” he says. You have no rights or responsibilities unless they are in the contract.” That can apply to something innocuous such as an outdoor event facing the prospect of rain, to a hotel that doesn’t finish its renovations on schedule and can’t accommodate your event on the contracted date. Event planning is a risky business.

Rebooking Events: Are You Covered Contractually?


Contracting Items. In addition to your desired spaces, hotel room blocks and concessions, it is important to put addendums or clauses into new contracts to protect your group moving forward. Look at specific clauses or sliding scales that can be added into contracts if your guests are unable to travel into the United States. Events Hotels Venues 2020 Contract Covid-19 Hotel InnovatxEvents New Normal Protocol Rebooking Reservation Travel Venue

10 Cost Saving Tips for Planners

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Contracting. Consider multi-year contracts: Finding new venues every year can be time consuming for all parties involved. Planner Tips & Tools attendees budget bureau call contracts cost cvb event expert fam gdpr last negotiating plan planning pre professional save saving Speakers ten time Tips trip trips venues

PSAV Acquires Encore Event Technologies: What It Could Mean for Event and Meeting Planners

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Usually when hotels bring AV companies to bid on for the exclusive in-house AV contract hotels typically will go with the company that gives them the biggest kickback and the best incentives. You’ve probably seen the headlines “PSAV Acquires Encore Event Technologies” but don’t know how it affects you. If you are an event or meeting planner you’ve heard of PSAV. In fact, it’s highly likely you’ve done multiple deals with them. Will this merger change that?