What does a Hotel Manager do?

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Hotel operations, strategy, human resources, marketing, finance - a hotel manager’s remit is as diverse as it is challenging. If you want to be a hotel manager, you will need excellent people skills and a calm, trustworthy, professional demeanor. Hospitality Industry Hotel Management

Your Guide to Vendor Management


To avoid this particular domino effect, you need to manage your vendors well. A Vendor Management Definition. Simply put, vendor management is the process of creating and nurturing ongoing relationships with vendors. Vendor management systems answer these questions.

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Consistency Is Key: Better Brand Management With Astute Review!

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And today, the techie duo welcomes a very special guest who developed a brand management tool and mostly works with consulting firms and banks. The second one is a brand management tool. Brand Management: Most Common Practices. Brand management tools would be enormously valuable.”

Making Multiple Brands Manageable

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The secret to juggling multiple brands is staying organized and setting boundaries

Meet Accelevents, The All-In-One Event Management Platform!

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Today, Will and Brandt bring two guests in to hear an unbiased review of Accelevents , an all-in-one hybrid, and virtual event management platform. Virtual Event Management Platforms. ” In Search Of A Perfect Virtual Event Management Platform.

The Difference Between Event Management and Event Planning


One area where communication can fail, especially for clients, is understanding the difference between event management and event planning. Not only do you have event planners and managers, but you’ll also work with convention planners, event coordinators, meeting planners, and more.

Event Management Tools: When Tech Meets Productivity

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Today on Event Tech Podcast, we’re talking about event management tools. And we simply couldn’t resist dedicating an episode to event management through the lenses of tech and tools. So, are you ready to get into the nitty and gritty of event management tools?

Industry executive launches management consultancy

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Avenue5 Consulting is the creation of industry executive, Mark O’Brien, formerly of BCD travel, TCG Consulting, and Rosenbluth (Amex GBT

What does a Hotel Manager do?

EHL Insights

Hotel operations, strategy, human resources, marketing, finance - a hotel manager’s remit is as diverse as it is challenging. If you want to be a hotel manager, you will need excellent people skills and a calm, trustworthy, professional demeanor. Hospitality Industry Hotel Management

Best Project Management Tools for Event Planners

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No matter if you’re managing multiple tasks related to an event, keeping your team in order, or communicating with clients, you’ll likely use a digital project management tool. These cover everything from general task management tools to programs with specific event planning functionality. This free online program is designed for all kinds of task management. Users can customize their Trello boards for all kinds of task management. Reserve Event Management.

InEvent’s Online Events Management Checklist


Virtual events Virtual Events Virtual Events Checklist Virtual Events Management

Corporate Travel Management returns to profitability – recovery underway

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Leading global travel management company, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) experienced a rapid return to underlying profitability in the fourth quarter of the year ended 30 June 2021, led by the Group’s increasing exposure to North America and Europe where pandemic recovery momentum is growing

Covid rockets sustainability up the travel management agenda

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62% of European travel managers have sustainable travel programmes; 20% rely on their TMC to ensure programmes are sustainable. Business Travel Show Europe launches Ethical Travel Trail, and Wellness Retreat makes a welcome return

Slovenia Destination Management Unbelievable Success Story

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Norway destination management experiences, too, remains an impressive gem in the European crown with the scientific enigma of the aurora borealis quite literally put it on the map, attracting a polygon of people from all walks of life.

15 Meeting Management Tips: How to Run an Effective Meeting


Conducting a successful meeting isn’t that hard, and making meetings easy is something everyone values, but before we get to that, let’s answer some basic meeting management questions: What are you trying to achieve with your meeting? How to Run a Painless Meeting.

The ultimate incentive experience A–Z: interview with Heidi Legein, Managing Director at The MICE Guru

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Back in July, I hosted a week-long Instagram Live series with Heidi Legein, Managing Director at The MICE Guru , a destination management company (DMC) based in Norway. Heidi mostly does incentives for mid- to high-level management, which are often multi-destination experiences.

Return To Live Events: Setting & Managing Expectations For The Future

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As easy as it is to get swept up in the joy of it all, managing attendee expectations is crucial to ensure a smooth transition back into live experiences. But what do we mean when we say “manage expectations”? The road ahead seems promising for the return to live events.

Event Management: A step-by-step guide on how to use it in your events


Event management. It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but beyond the literal meaning of just managing events, what exactly does it entail? Event Management

6 Employee Retention Strategies for Event Management That Work

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Event management businesses — or even event management roles within a wider organization — are often subject to a lot of turnover. So, how can you reduce these difficulties and improve employee retention in your event management business?

Disney’s Covid-Era Crowd Management Offers Lessons for Planners

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Socially distanced lines snake throughout the park, with “cast members” managing traffic and jumping in quickly to correct guests not wearing their masks properly. The post Disney’s Covid-Era Crowd Management Offers Lessons for Planners appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Event Management Spotlight: Colagrossi Foundation

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Over the years, the Meetings & Incentives team has taken the lead on managing the gala’s auction. Today, we oversee all the gala’s event management needs, eliminating service redundancies and reducing margin of error.

The Top Ten Meeting Management Software Programs for 2020


The Top Ten Meeting Management Software Programs nTask Use nTask to ensure that you have control over a project from beginning to end. However, you can only manage the meeting in txt instead of using video or audio calls functions.

What is a Destination Management Organization (DMO) and Why Should Destinations Care?

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They need the support of destination management organizations (DMOs) to help market, manage, succeed. DMO stands for destination management organization, though these are often referred to as destination marketing organizations.

Clyde Travel Management joins Radius Travel partner network in Nordic markets

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Clyde Travel Management has an expanding international footprint with offices in Sweden covering, Norway, Denmark and Finland, as well as offices in Houston, Mumbai, Glasgow and Aberdeen

Leadership in event management: the qualities that lead teams to success


Find out the qualities that make leaders stand out from managers and that are necessary for impactful leadership in event management. Leadership in event management is not easy. Business Corporate Events Event Management Event Planning leadership

7 Project Management Tools to Manage Any Kind of Event

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From speakers and attendees to food and décor, there are many different areas in need of detailed management. That is why it is important to know and use some of the online management tools for events now available to event managers. Educate yourself on the different options available and learn how to leverage online products and project management tools for events that go off without a hitch. Project management tools for events can be a game changer for event teams.

A new T&E analytics platform for corporate travel procurement departments & Travel and Meetings Managers

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Despite the slowdown in worldwide business travel and meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibilities of the typical corporate travel manager have dramatically increased and grown in complexity

The Importance of SOPs in Strategic Meetings Management

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Standard operating procedures (SOPs) as a topic tend to be one of the less exciting parts of meeting planning, but when it comes to strategic meetings management (SMM), it’s essential. You may have rolled your eyes and sighed when you read the title for this article.

Managing Client Expectations – #EventIcons Episode 114

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As an event prof managing client expectations should always be top of mind. Managing client expectations helps both you and your client have clarity working together. In this weeks episode of #EventIcons our iconic guestJeff Frank of Event Producer will talk to us all about how to manage client expectations. This will also keep your clients happy, and ensure you are on the right track with what they have hired you to do.

Travel Manager Tips for Communicating Important Return-to-Travel Information

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With Carrie Johnson, Travel Manager, Exact Sciences A recent Fox World Travel survey of travel managers found that their primary concern in returning to travel is traveler safety and wellness.

Now is the time to rethink and restart the events industry: Interview with Angeles Moreno, Managing Partner at the Creative Dots

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When I was living with my family in the Canary Islands, where I grew up, my father was a managing director of a hospitality company, so my dream was to set up the tourism company of the future. I decided to set up an event management agency in 2001, and I was the owner for 16 years.

Hawaii Tourism Plans to Manage Visitation to Oahu

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A plan to improve the tourism experience has been approved. Impacting Travel

Why Event Planners Select Our Destination Management in Japan

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Event planners choose our destination management in Japan because clients have full control in selecting an event itinerary. There a several elements to our Destination Management in Japan that we are excited to share with you.

Benefits and difficulties of CSR management in travel and leisure companies

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In particular, the pandemic has fostered awareness that firms must introduce responsible policies and processes that focus management attention on long-term sustainability over short-term profits.

Production Manager Titles: Learn How To Get Them Right!

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Everybody grab your pens, we’re getting down and dirty with production manager titles! This time around, our lovely host is Stephanie Jayko , a stage, production and event manager. Stephanie is ready to break down all the production manager titles you need to know, and how to not mix them up. Production Manager Titles: Learn How To Get Them Right! We’re going to talk a little bit about some production management titles and how not to get them mixed up.

Good Travel Management expands into the Exhibitions and Trade Events market

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The new programme will be launching shortly on the GTM website under the banner of GT events

Make your Event Management Business Travelling a Fun Experience


The event management team are experts in knowing the best locations and destinations for different types of events and we have spent a lot of time building and developing relationships with our international contacts. Although it is down to the event manager on most occasions to create the ‘fun’ often allowing your guests to have free time enables them to take charge of that for themselves.

Managing Event Client Expectations and Boundaries

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Wedding expert Jennifer Taylor shares tips on meeting event client expectations

Hotel Booking APIs: Wholesalers, Channel managers, and GDS

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Channel manager APIs. Another use case is corporate travel, as TMCs (travel management companies) are traditionally stuck with GDSs. Booking, managing reservations, cancellations. Channel managers. A channel manager is software that most hotels would use.

Corporate Travel Management appointed as Supporter Travel Provider of Arsenal

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As part of the agreement, CTM’s specialist sport travel services will be providing Arsenal supporters with official travel to away domestic fixtures across the UK

How Destination Management Companies (DMCs) Help Event Planners With Safe Social Distancing Travel

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We’re a Global Network of Destination Management Companies who help event planners and luxury travel planners create safe and top-tier events and we’re surviving strong! What Is a Destination Management Company? Destination Management Services Destination Management

Managing an Influx of Events: Pros Share Their Tips

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sSome companies are operating on tightened budgets, others have the task of rebuilding a team after layoffs, and others are learning how to balance multiple endeavors after pivoting or launching a side hustle during the shutdown.

Online Events 101: Elements, Structure, and Management


How do you plan an online event? Event Planning