Stop Performance Marketing One-of-a-Kind Destinations to Death [And What to Do Instead]

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If you’ve ever been in a destination marketing board meeting, you know the drill. The tourism marketers stand up, drop a bunch of nice-looking numbers, and then sit back down. Numbers have become the currency of travel marketing. Destination Marketing

Building a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Learn what makes a successful social media marketing campaign. Emerging around 15 years ago, social media platforms have dramatically changed communication and marketing, including the way we both plan and share our travel experiences. Building a Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Marketing Virtual Events With Kristin Horstman

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As a marketing leader, she focuses on marketing virtual events. And since our host Sarah is the head of marketing of Endless Events, the conversation is all the more worth listening to! Where Marketing & Virtual Events Meet.

20 Outstanding Examples of Experiential Marketing


It may be time to add experiential marketing to your budget. Experiential marketing brings your brand to life with unique experiences—in-person or using virtual event technology. What is Experiential Marketing? Examples of Experiential Marketing. Event Marketing

Hybrid: Two Strategies, One Powerful Marketing Product

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For example, marketers, human resources professionals and event planners will continue to leverage the advantages of virtual communications, including massive logistical efficiencies, the ability to extend the lifecycle of an event and the use of advanced analytics to maximize ROI.

11 Actionable Virtual Event Marketing Ideas

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But today, we’ll be jumping into the realm of marketing. And most importantly, virtual event marketing ideas. This means that your marketing efforts can make or break the success of your event. So get them to put their own marketing tools to good use!

Navigating the Future of Data and Travel Marketing


Real-time and historical data, machine learning techniques and a multichannel marketing strategy—that’s the recipe for travel marketer success in a cookieless world. One of the key market shifts that will impact every travel marketers’ future is the demise of the third-party cookie.

How Simple Market Research Will Make You a Stronger Marketer

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Put your ideal client's needs ahead of what you bring to the table and watch your marketing come to life

5 Event Planner Marketing Strategies Used by Top Professionals

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the reality is that you need great marketing to stand out from other event planners and attract new clients. That’s where this post on event planner marketing comes in. Discover 5 event planner marketing strategies you need to know: 1. Event planner marketing made simple.

6 Key Considerations for Surfacing Impactful Event Marketing Data


Data can be a gold mine for event marketers. To overcome the event impact gap—and create events that deliver fantastic attendee experiences and incredible business results—marketers must look past intuition and tap into the huge wealth of data in their tech stacks. Event Marketing

300 Travel Marketers Weigh in on Digital Advertising


Global travel marketers rose to the challenge as the world went into lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, we partnered with Worldwide Business Research to survey 300 travel marketers around the world. From the survey results, we put together a comprehensive report for marketers.

Video Content Marketing Strategy: Don’t Forget This One Crucial Step

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And video marketing statistics show that 83 percent of marketers claim video has helped them with lead generation. The stats don’t lie: video content marketing is king in our current times. But many DMOs miss out on a critical component in video creation and marketing.

New Skills for New Event-Marketing Challenges

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In July, Evolio Marketing and Lippman Connects published “Attendee Acquisition and Event Marketing Survey Report,” offering a glimpse into what 89 event marketers have on their minds and on their drawing boards as the pandemic wears on.

Privacy Policy Changes and the Potential Impact on Digital Marketing

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Privacy Is Changing Online Marketing – Are You Ready? Digital marketing has made leaps and bounds when it comes to personalized messaging. Gone are the days of Viagra pop-ups; instead, marketers have ushered in a new era of individualized marketing.

Sojern’s Award Winning Banner Ad Creative Services and Search Engine Marketing Offerings


Sojern understands the great importance of multichannel marketing. Since 2019, they’ve partnered with Sojern on a commission model which utilized Search Engine Marketing (SEM), display advertising, and Facebook that resulted in a 6X return on investment (ROI).

5 Scary-Good Marketing Tips for Halloween Events


Boost Event Marketing Eventbrite BoostIf you organize Halloween events, you’ve been gearing up for this season all year.

Event Marketing Data: A Roaring 20s Is, Indeed, Emerging

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For a preview, we asked Eric Holmen, CEO of Splash , the event marketing software company that powers tens of thousands of business events each month, for trends in how organizers are adjusting their programs. More : How to Create a COVID-era Event Marketing Plan.

Marketing Your Way Out of COVID

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You can find success with a few tried-and-true marketing techniques that are proven to win over more clients and fill up your calendar with events.

2018 Event Marketing Trends

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2018 event marketing trends point to video becoming this year’s content marketing juggernaut. With everyone rushing to upload their own talking heads and animated content, is there still a place where you can share your video content and get it seen in this saturated market? Speaking of traction, Facebook’s revamp of their newsfeed has got many event marketers reeling (including us here). This is definitely one of the 2018 event marketing trends to watch!

The Best Event Marketing Plan for Nonprofit Organizations


Having an event marketing plan doesn’t have to involve soulless ad copy. Boost Event Marketing Event Planning Event PromotionFiguring out how to promote a nonprofit event is tricky. Your events educate attendees about your cause.

2020 Event Marketing Trends: What Will The New Year Bring?

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It’s time to dive deep into the world of 2020 event marketing trends! So today, we kickstart this series of episodes with 2020 event marketing trends. As event professionals, marketing is an enormous part of what we do.

Trends 103

Event Marketing Strategies and Ideas: The 2021 Guide


Event MarketingNo matter how well you’ve planned and organized an event, it will be doomed as a failure if you can’t secure enough attendees to visit the event.

2019 Marketing Conferences: The #1 Marketing Events Guide


Attending conferences is one of the best ways to stay ahead in the ever-changing marketing industry. At these events, you will learn from the top industry executives while networking with marketing professionals just like yourself. 2019 Marketing Conferences. B2B Marketing Forum.

The Expanding Role of Destination Marketing Organizations

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Remote work is the ‘what’s next’ for destination marketing,” said Daniella Middleton, senior vice president, tourism development at DCI.

How to Integrate Influencer Marketing into Your Event Strategy


Event Marketing

8 Event Marketing Tips from the Experts at Eventbrite Boost


Event Marketing Eventbrite BoostTo gear up for a return to in-person events (finally!), Eventbrite hosted Reconvene.

How to Measure Event Marketing Success

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But, with the ability today to measure metrics and pinpoint specific results, it’s essential to be able to show how event marketing efforts were successful. After all, marketing is allocated a considerable portion of the budget, and we need to be able to show evidence that marketing investments are worth the money spent. So, we’re going to uncover how to measure event marketing success in these five ways: Setting SMART goals. Measuring quantitative marketing efforts.

The MICE Exchange, episode 3: Is it time to rethink geographic market segmentation in the events industry?

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Now, she’s in Germany, and per market segmentation, she’s a German event planner because she resides in that country. Because my content is in English, I try to produce it from a global perspective rather than it being market focused.’. The activity on the UK market is much bigger.

5 New Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

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Destination marketing post-COVID will look different, which means travel and tourism companies will need to evolve their strategies to the changing times. It was a vast, growing market. . New Marketing Strategies to Consider Now and Post-Covid.

Content Marketing Tips: Marketing to Millennials, FTC Influencer Rules and More

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This week, we’ve selected a few content marketing tip. These will help you navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing. There are also a few new rules back home since the FTC released their guidelines for influencer marketing. We also round it all up with our Chief Einstein sharing some of our secrets for doing inbound marketing right. If you want to read and hear more about event marketing, why not to subscribe to our blog ?

Event Marketing: This is How it Will Work for Your Brand


Event Marketing

5 Ways You Can Adapt to post-COVID-19 Loyalty Marketing


The ongoing pandemic flipped the field of loyalty marketing and rewards and recognition on its head. Similar trends in loyalty marketing are appearing in every industry. What will be the sources of success in the new form of B2B loyalty marketing that will come out on top?

Use These US Holiday Insights to Prepare Your Marketing Strategies


Good news for travel marketers, 2021 travel planning has returned to a similar pattern as 2019. As a travel marketer, these visits to your site mean you can connect directly with your customers. 2021 Showing Strong Holiday Travel Searches and Bookings.

5 Best Content Marketing Practices to Revamp Your Virtual Events


Event MarketingOver the last year, virtual events have become a prominent aspect of business growth.

Road Trip Touring: 6 Quick Win Destination Marketing Tips

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Road Trip Touring: 6 Quick Win Destination Marketing Tips. Your destination has a major opportunity to capture this drive market boom through specific marketing tactics that attract your high value visitors and encourage them to explore your destination more widely.

How Effective Is Your Event Marketing?

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?? The Best of the Best: Event Marketing: How to Measure Event Marketing Success. Need some additional help making sure you budget for event marketing? How effective is your event marketing? But, with the ability today to measure metrics and pinpoint specific results, it’s essential to be able to show how event marketing efforts were successful. 2020 Event Marketing Trends: What Will The New Year Bring?

Sell More With Event Marketing (2020 Update)


Event MarketingIt should come as no shock that brands such as Salesforce, Apple, and Tesla are investing big in events ????. Every year we see these events, with their own dedicated followers, capture the headlines with product launches, speakers, and exclusive brand elements.

Experiential marketing: 4 examples of brands that got it right


Experiential marketing is a hot trend that brands are using to build loyalty. In this article, we examine brands that have effectively used experiential marketing to generate buzz and increase ROI. Event Marketing Guest Experience

The Ultimate Event Marketing Plan: A Six-Step System

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Can we get an event marketing plan up in here? Because no matter how you feel about it, marketing is a fundamental part of any business. We’re here today to help you navigate the uncertain waters of marketing. And more specifically, of creating an event marketing plan. Press play, we’re building the ultimate event marketing plan! Video Transcription – The Ultimate Event Marketing Plan: A Six-Step System. Event Marketing Plan: Goals!

The Ultimate Instagram Strategy for Marketing Your Events and Growing Your Brand


If part of your event marketing strategy is growing on Instagram, you’ve clearly had that lightbulb moment. Event Marketing

Is Something Missing in Your Marketing Strategy? Using your analytics to find and fix marketing issues.

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Your social media vanity metrics aren't telling you all the story

Rebuilding Confidence in Your Market through Effective Marketing

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It’s time to rebuild your confidence and your business by rediscovering the self-assurance and conviction you need to ensure success in your marketing this year.

5 tips to outsmart competition in the post-COVID hotel market

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As travel slowly begins to recover, a renewed hospitality market is emerging. Properly handling this radical shift in the market is no small task and will require hotels to demonstrate both long-term foresight and impeccable execution to thrive. Hospitality Industry Sales & Marketing