Why and How to Audit Your Website

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Performing a website audit is a critical step when it comes to understanding a critical piece of your marketing funnel, whether you’re seeing tons of traffic and conversions or none at all. The Bottom Line: A properly optimized website performs better and converts more users.

How to Brief a Website Development Agency

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If you’re in the market for a new website, then you must undertake significant planning and due diligence to ensure that what you want developed, translates into what you get as an end product. You are good at what you do, and not building websites! How do you build your websites?

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7 Stunning Examples of Event Planner Website Design

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One powerful way is with top-tier event planner website design. Think of your website as your digital storefront, business card, and sales presentation rolled into one. With that being the case, we gathered some of the industry’s top examples of event planner website design.

4 Ways to Simplify Your Website Design


Whatever travel vertical you operate in, it’s important to have a high-quality website where travelers can find information and book directly. Virtually all ( 94% ) first impressions about your website are related to its design.

Make Your Event Website Stand Out

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But you’re missing an important piece: an event website. It might seem difficult and unnecessary, but websites are still key for promoting an event and drawing in attendees. So, what should go on your website? We’ve compiled a list of four tips to make your event website the best it can be. Related: White-Label Event Websites 101. The most important part of your website should be the details of the event.

Sustainable Meetings Berlin: Website offers new services

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Sustainable Event Guidelines Berlin: New guidelines offer practical tips for how to save resources and energy at events

Increase Your Website’s Readability in 3 Simple Steps


Increase Your Website’s Readability in 3 Simple Steps. SEO is the process of improving the quality of content on your website in order to improve your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing, which will then improve the quality/quantity of traffic to your website.

Integrating Eventbrite Into Your Website


Whether it’s an event listing on Eventbrite, postings on social media accounts, or your own blog or website, ticket buyers can find your event information as long as you keep your accounts current.

How to Be Brand Consistent on Your Website and Beyond


Keeping a consistent brand experience helps build awareness of your business and instills trust in your brand, and this goes beyond just the branding on your website. Tips for Optimizing Your Website and Brand Blog Series. Brand Consistency Beyond Your Site .

New “right and fair” website online

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Sustainability code of German-speaking event industry offers guidelines and practical examples

Making Destination Websites ADA Compliant


One place that we sometimes forget about is our tourism websites. DMOs sites, booking sites and campaign websites are just as important as doorways and ramps, and the ADA helps share guidance on how to accommodate those who are interested in the information we share online.

Top 10 Tourism Website Marketing Fails and How to Fix

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Top 10 Tourism Website Marketing Fails and How to Fix. Building and managing a tourism website is a non-negotiable, foundational marketing tactic for all tourism businesses and should be your biggest and most important marketing investment. Website Fail #9: Slow Page Load Speed.

8 considerations for your events website


Your website sets the tone for your event and acts as a one-stop destination for your attendees to receive information and purchase tickets. It’s prime real estate for event organizers to get the website design right from the get-go.

How Your Website Affects Climate Change

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Business Tips Customers Digital sustainability web design web structure

Hyatt Rolls Out New ESG Website

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Hyatt has announced World of Care, a new website detailing the hotel group’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) achievements and commitments. “By The post Hyatt Rolls Out New ESG Website appeared first on Business Traveler USA.

Want to learn how to drive more revenue on your attraction website?


Optimizing Your Website for Online Conversions . But what happens if a traveler who has chosen their destination begins to search for things to do, finds your attraction’s website and has a hard time finding the activities you offer or the booking button?

5 Steps Business Event Strategists Need to Take Before Building an Event Website

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Think about the characteristics great events have in common: flawless logistics, powerful communication, rich agenda, empowering experiences, and efficient websites. . Your choice is: efficient websites. However, if you want to build a truly successful event website , this is not enough. A custom website is an essential piece of your event communication strategy. Secondly, you have to know how to organize efficiently the information you’ll publish on the website.

Is Your Website User-Friendly? Why You Might Be Missing Out on Business

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Nobody is inclined to browse a website that is confusing, hard to navigate, or slow to load

The Power of Effective Storytelling On Your Wedding Website

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Expert tips on designing your wedding website to bring in clients

Best Practices for Displaying Special Offers on Your Website


Bad website design or an unintuitive shopping experience will mean that your work has gone to waste. . If you have a loyal following, create an email subscription option on your website for loyal guests. Use SEO and an optimized website design to your competitive advantage.

3 Surefire Ways for Your Website to Become a Digital Frontrunner


Over the past several years, we have learned from hundreds of hours working on websites that there are few things digital marketers can count on in ever-changing and quickly evolving trends that lead to digital marketing success. . Multilingual is Critical to an Inclusive Website .

5 Reasons Why Every Hotel Should Have Its Own Website


Most leisure travelers make their final decision on a hotel by visiting its website. Hotels that are part of a larger brand may not have a website to call their own but rather only have a page extension on their brand’s site. Solidify your digital identity with a fresh website. .

6 Undefeated eCommerce Website Practices That Boost Conversions


If you’re looking to boost the conversion rate on your ecommerce website, you need to take a customer-centric approach in this day-and-age. Event Marketing

Create Your Event Website Easier than Ever Before


If you don’t have the expertise or the necessary help, building an event website can be a real hassle. Fortunately, there are new tools you can use to create a beautiful page for your event in no time. Ready to upgrade? Then check out this article. Event Planning

How to Set Your Website for Success in the New Year

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Of all the places your brand is online, your website is the one you own and have full control over.

Beyond the Website: Key Channels for Tourism Marketers in 2019


Websites are well-known to be the average tourism marketer’s single most important piece of digital content. One way is to find somewhere for it to live after it’s expired on Instagram, such as website pages or YouTube channels. Destination Marketing Websites

5 Ways Destinations Use CrowdRiff on Their Websites


Your website not only has to have enough visual content, but the right kind too. We make it easy for destinations to find the photos and videos their visitors have taken (also known as user-generated content), and integrate them seamlessly (and painlessly) into their websites.

7 Event Promotion Websites That Let You Reach New Audiences


How does a smart event creator focus on the event promotion sites that will drive the most sales? These are the top event promotion sites you should be using. Resources and Tools Bandsintown Facebook Goldstar Google SEO Spotify

What you need to know about ADA for hotel websites in 2022 and beyond


The American Disabilities Act (or ADA) was passed in 1990, long before websites were a twinkle in most hoteliers’ eyes. The small print is similarly nebulous because as written, the Act itself does not include the word websites. Hotel websites can meet WCAG 2.1

The Importance of Identifying USPs for Your Tourism Website

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Business Tips Digital growth marketing web design

What to look for in an enterprise hotel website builder 


Building a website is easier today than it ever has been. There are dozens of services that allow a user to upload photos, select a template, write some content, and launch a new website. . But a bad website will have a negative impact on your direct revenue and erode traveler trust.

Website Localization in Travel: Key Aspects and Best Practices

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And not only does it adapt the menus, but also advertising campaigns, website pages, and entire business plans to attract local foodies. Localization means adapting a website or other digital product for a new region.

Do I Need A Media Room on My Destination Website? Uh… YES!


With such a fragmented media landscape, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are asking whether or not a media room is still needed on their destination website. Look at the blog topics and information you share on your website. Thinking about revamping your website?

Why You Should Update Your Website Visuals Regularly


Keeping outdated visuals on your website is like wearing a 70s jumpsuit to give a presentation in 2017. Here are the top reasons why you need to update your website visuals regularly. So, on their website, they allow you to toggle between “winter view” and “summer view”.

7 DMO Websites That Deliver Beautiful Visual Experiences


A well-designed website can do that. But what makes a DMO website stand out? How can DMOs make their websites better, and leave a lasting impression on their users? We think these 7 websites are creating some of the best user experiences out there. Websites

Six Must-Haves for Meeting and Convention Websites


Meeting and convention websites are going to be receiving more and more clicks sooner than we think as the U.S. With that in mind, it’s time to assess if your meeting and convention websites are prepared to deliver.

How Visit Phoenix Creates a Better User Experience with UGC Website Galleries


We recently chatted with Chad Hays and Julia Hill of Visit Phoenix about how they updated their website with user-generated content (UGC) to create a better experience for web visitors. Except for the homepage, we utilize CTAs all throughout the website,” Chad explained. Websites

How to Create a Free Website for Your Event in Minutes


If you don’t have a dedicated website for your event, you’re missing out on more than just a marketing opportunity. And that’s a shame, because it’s very easy — and can be free — to create an event website.

How to Design a Beautiful Event Website for Your Attendees


In most cases, the first contact people have with an event is through the website. Whether it’s the company page or a website you specifically built for the event, it must be highly attractive and friendly. La entrada How to Design a Beautiful Event Website for Your Attendees aparece primero en Eventtia | Event management software. Like it or not, aesthetics rule the internet. The event industry is not an exception.

How Enjoy Illinois Relaunched an Award-Winning Website that Increased Traffic by 74%


When the office’s current director, Cory Jobe , began in his role less than three years ago the website had not been updated in more than five; no photo or video shoots had been commissioned in over three years; and the state’s 40 regional DMOs had little cohesion in their messaging and strategy.

Why Travelers Aren’t Using DMO Websites (and How to Fix That)


“Why aren’t more travelers using my website?”. But if you’re pouring energy and money into promoting your destination and its best local businesses and attractions on your website, you want people to use it! 1 | People just don’t know about your website. Websites

How to Increase the Organic Traffic to Your Event Website


La entrada How to Increase the Organic Traffic to Your Event Website aparece primero en Eventtia | Event management software. Here’s one thing you probably won’t admit out loud: the word SEO makes you feel uncomfortable or nauseous. Fair enough. Besides, your responsibility is to plan events, not master the art of organic traffic. All that keywords-related craziness has nothing to do with running a successful event … does it? I’m afraid the answer won’t […].

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How CrowdRiff Helps Attractions Drive More Website Ticket Sales


When someone’s browsing your website and sees a photo that sparks their interest… what happens next? That’s why you need every element on your website to be optimized for conversions, and drive ticket sales. But what if you could put your website galleries on auto-pilot?