From Button Boxes To Chats: Audience Response Systems Through Time!

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One of the hottest topics in the events industry nowadays is hybrid and virtual audience engagement. But as the Event Tech Podcast highlights today, you can’t really talk about audience engagement without including audience response systems in the conversations.

The Ins & Outs Of Hybrid Audience Engagement

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We’ve talked a lot about virtual events in the past and how we keep the audience engaged. But when it comes to hybrid audience engagement, you are literally dealing with two different sets of attendees. So let’s talk about hybrid audience engagement, shall we?

Engage Your Audience with Video


You have your audience’s attention while they are killing time, so grab it with a short video! The post Engage Your Audience with Video appeared first on VIKTOR. What’s Your Plan to Pump Up Engagement in 2019? We invite you to consider video.

4 Shortcuts to Keep Your Audience from Zoning Out

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But the truth is, audiences were tuning out long before we ever started upgrading our work from home setups. I’ve interviewed enough people to know that corporate presentations are too often bloated, meandering content dumps on our audiences. Tell stories about your audience.

Sell Out Your Events with Smart Audiences


Targeting the right audience for your events is a science. Take music fans as an example: The audience for a punk concert can differ from the audience for an opera festival from the audience for a metal bash.

Virtual Audience Engagement: Keep Your Remote Attendees Happy!

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It’s high time we talk about virtual audience engagement. And perhaps the biggest concern of all lies in the fact that engaging virtual audiences is hard. So how do you go about putting together a fool-proof virtual audience engagement strategy? Nurture Your Audience.

Demystifying Engagement: How to connect with your audience


Her … Post Demystifying Engagement: How to connect with your audience showed as first in InEvent Blog.

Knowing Your Audience is the Only Antidote to Digital Event Fatigue

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Earlier this year we ran a survey asking event strategists to rate their and their audience’s digital fatigue. The response was overwhelming … both were feeling quite high levels. They say numbers don’t lie and that is pretty convincing.

Driving Audience Growth with Hybrid Events


With adaption, there are opportunities for unprecedented innovation and audience growth. Hybrid events aren’t a new concept, but as the event industry stages its live comeback, they’re being met with fresh enthusiasm.

4 Surefire Ways to Measure Audience Engagement at Live Events

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In this post, we’ll show you how to measure audience engagement using four very different tactics that any planner or event marketer can employ. Measuring audience engagement. Why Make the Effort to Measure Audience Engagement? And while you can always qualify audience engagement at live events with your gut, it’s a whole lot more effective to quantify it using hard data. Audience Participation. How to create and measure audience participation.

7 Change Actions: Rewriting the Audience Engagement Recipe with High-Impact Storytelling

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Learn how you can provide your audience with an impactful message with meaningful storytelling techniques by filling out the form below. Within a split-second, your customers will spot the difference between a sincere brand message and a disingenuous marketing effort.

Audience Engagement At Event – #EventIcons Episode 110

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Check out the epic resources mentioned in this episode: How To Engage Your Audience – #EventIcons Episode 87. Audience Interaction Blog. Audience Response App. We want to help keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest! Below, in our Epic Resources section, we link the awesome insider favorites that were mentioned in this episode! You WANT to check these out! What has been your favorite episode so far? Comment below and let us know!

7 Event Promotion Websites That Let You Reach New Audiences


How does a smart event creator focus on the event promotion sites that will drive the most sales? These are the top event promotion sites you should be using. Resources and Tools Bandsintown Facebook Goldstar Google SEO Spotify

How to Promote Your Event When You Don't Have a Large Audience


You need to target the right audience, drive registrations, increase your reach, and ultimately turn your event into a successful one. But how do you do this if it’s your first event, you don’t have a large audience, or your brand isn’t established yet?

Engaging Your Audience at Online Events

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Planning an online event without thinking about audience engagement is like building a sailboat without material for the sails. Luckily, there are lots of ways to keep your audience tuned-in they watch through a computer screen. 4 Tools for Keeping Your Audience Engaged.

How to Use Audience Engagement Software with Eventtia


The age-old question of how to engage an audience is certainly nothing new, but with the arrival of virtual events, it’s fair to say that the topic of audience engagement has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Tips and Tricks for Using Event Series to Grow Your Audience


One of the best ways to grow your business is to launch an event series — recurring programs that attract a loyal audience who return again and again.

How ORLOVE Expands Its Audience With Eventbrite Boost


Imagine a music event where a funky house set follows freestyle rap, and freestyle rap follows indie dance. That’s what you’ll find at LA-based event production company ORLOVE’s The Panic in LA shows – DJ Jazzy Jeff spitting rhymes with Rakim or Czarface or DJ Sneak. Genre is meant to be blurred.

4 Surefire Ways to Measure Audience Engagement at Live Events

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In this post, we’ll show you how to measure audience engagement using four very different tactics that any planner or event marketer can employ. Measuring audience engagement. Why Make the Effort to Measure Audience Engagement? And while you can always qualify audience engagement at live events with your gut, it’s a whole lot more effective to quantify it using hard data. Throwable Mic – Boost your audience participation with a nifty gadget like Catchbox.

Diane Conley posted an update: How to Convince Your Audience to Come Back to In-Person [?]


How to Convince Your Audience to Come Back to In-Person Events… [link

Connect Your Hybrid Audience with MeetingPlay’s New “Go Live” Feature


Virtual networking is a useful tool for attendees and exhibitors, but it lacks the connection to the live audience. “Go MeetingPlay “Go Live” is the first tool in the event space to connect the onsite live action to the virtual world.

Inspire and Energize Your Audience


Redefine your event experience and move your audience to action. At Hartmann Studios, we deliver big! As a trusted extension

Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement at Events

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Increasing audience engagement can be a challenge even for the best #eventprofs. In order to increase audience engagement, you need to first capture their attention. Make Your Audience Pay Attention. Put yourself in the audiences’ shoes to know what they really want to get out of the talk and what would make them want to listen. It should all start with choosing the perfect location, preferably one where you already have an audience.

Engaging Two Audiences Can Be Tricky – Here’s What To Do

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?? The Best of the Best: Two Audiences: The Ins & Outs Of Hybrid Audience Engagement. Hybrid events = two audiences. Two audiences = lots to engage! Having two audiences that behave in different ways is going to be a challenge!

Meeting Planner Tips for Boosting Audience Engagement, Faster Check-ins and More

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By putting the audience’s needs first and giving them what they want, you could create an event that’ll leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s higher pay or new opportunities, or simply a new and valuable way of looking at a topic, you should have a clear view of what you want your audience to accomplish as soon as they leave your doors. Every meeting planner we know is a great juggler.

4 Tips to Make Presenters More Effective for Any Audience


After all, engaging a virtual audience is quite different than engaging an in-person audience. What’s more, as in-person meetings come back, presenters may have both an in-person and virtual audience, which requires a more nuanced set of skills.

Event Planning: From Virtual to Hybrid 10 Ways Engage Your Audience

Bishop McCann

10 Ways to Engage Hybrid Audiences. When we look back on the pandemic, it’s likely that we’ll all be able to find something during that period that changed for the better. For some, it meant more time with family and pets. For others, it was more exercise and outdoor activities.

Don’t Spend Money on Stuff Your Audience Can’t See

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We don’t want our clients’ spending money on stuff their audience can’t see in the event design. We can’t stress enough – dazzle your audience with décor and branding that they can visually consume and that will make the desired impact on them.

Don't Make These 3 Event Audience Engagement Mistakes

ITA Group

Don't Make These 3 Event Audience Engagement Mistakes. Ask any event marketer about audience engagement and you’ll hear the same thing: putting together an engaging conference, product launch or incentive trip is hard work. Mistake #2: Failing to Consider Audience Engagement Motivators.

Webinar: Hybrid Futures: How Peer Learning Can Bridge the Virtual/In-Person Audience Gap

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As we look towards the next wave of event evolution, how can we reimagine and disrupt event networking experiences so that they are more human-centric and community-driven?

How Do You Improve Your Events Audience Engagement and Interaction?

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Are you focusing on your events audience engagement this year? Of course, engaging a tired and jaded audience isn’t easy and that’s why we’re here to help. You also have to feed the needs of the audience to capture their attention and interact. If you need more, drop by our audience engagement webinar. Get Better Audience Engagement with These 4 Tips. What You Need to Know about Neuroscience and Audience Engagement.

Tech and AV Design Tips For The Best Audience Experience

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Audience engagement techniques meet AR and VR technology in this year’s InfoComm, and the Center Stage sessions are set to explore their interrelationships. They allow you to follow audiences, while also immersing them into the event’s activities wherever they are. Every eye-popping event is backed by a superb AV team, without exception. That’s why this time around, we’re sharing a few tech and AV design tips as well as a few other event industry tricks.

How to Identify the Right Audience for Your Events


Event Planning

From Distraction to Engagement Supercharger: Putting Your Audiences’ Phones to Use

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One presenter at a recent conference made the mistake of scolding her audience to turn phones off and put them under their seats. She was met with groans; about a third of the audience left, and the rest ignored her command. The reality is, devices are here to stay , and even the most engrossing presentation won’t get audiences to set those devices aside. Rather than being a distraction, mobile devices can be the surprising key to increasing audience engagement.

How to Engage your Audience on Social Media and Other Event Tips

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But while you use those services a lot, do you really know how to engage your audience on social media? If you’re the type who wants to watch instead of reading below, jump into our free audience engagement webinar ! You also need to establish a working partnership with your speakers and influencers, allowing better presentations and a great way connect to them with your audience. What does it really take to engage social media audiences?

3 Ways to Engage Your Audience at Your Event

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Whether your event has 50 or 5,000 attendees, we have three solid ways to engage your audience to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience. What these two tools have in common is that they leverage the excitement of individual attendee’s as they see their content rebroadcast to the entire event audience. One surefire way to encourage your event audience to engage is to set up a situation that pushes them to do just that: a networking event.

How Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo Built an International Audience for Virtual Events


Eventbrite hosted the first-ever RECONVENE summit in May. The virtual networking and skillsharing event featured more than 20 talks and workshops from some of the most dynamic thinkers in the event world. We’re recapping the two-day event’s key takeaways on the blog.

Virtual Attendee Engagement: 8 Unique & Creative Strategies

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Because audiences are participating from home, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the dog or the mailman. A great way to keep your audience from tuning out during the event is to gamify some aspects of the experience.

What Audiences Want: How to Maximize Attendee Engagement


Want to make your attendees happy? Let Freeman show you how. Watch this video, then download our Engagement Guide

United CEO Charms GBTA Audience


Oscar Munoz understands that by the time you step on board an airplane, “you’re frankly pissed.” He’s determined to make it better. United’s new premium Polaris seats (pictured) should help. read more. Financial/Insurance Meetings Site Selection/RFPs Corporate Meetings Event Planning Global Events Medical Meetings

How This Year's Social Good Summit Advanced Its Audience Reach


Meet Accelevents, The All-In-One Event Management Platform!

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Not only do they talk about this particular event platform’s solutions, but they also nerd out about data analytics, virtual audience engagement strategies, and the ROI of virtual events. Designing Virtual Audience Engagement.

How Visit Savannah Used Polls in Instagram Stories to Create an Audience-Directed Tourism Video


In considering how to engage their audience better about during a recent quarterly brainstorming session, Lauren Cleland, the Director of Digital Marketing at Visit Savannah , and her team considered if they could do something creative using one of the new features Instagram launched. “In