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Omicron travel restrictions discourage Europeans from travelling, but summer prospects are promising

ETC Corporate

Europeans’ intention to travel (61%) decreases compared to spring and summer 2021 but remains stronger than one year ago (54%), demonstrating higher resilience against new COVID-19 waves Fragmented and inconsistent border restrictions in response to the Omicron variant impede consumer travel decisions Early-summer prospects are promising, as (..)

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The Sharing Economy and the Tourism Industry Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges

Travel Daily News

The article The Sharing Economy and the Tourism Industry Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges first appeared in TravelDailyNews International.

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Cold Prospecting Via LinkedIn Outreach

Gavel International

Parts One and Two of this three-part series discussed due diligence for successful cold email prospecting and social selling. Perform due diligence to know the who and why of your ideal prospect. Ideally, look for contacts that not only match the characteristics of your ideal prospect but also for 2nd or 3rd-degree connections.

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Cold Prospecting by Incorporating Social Selling

Gavel International

Part Two will discuss cold prospecting through social selling. In today’s B2B world, prospects are savvier than ever when performing research on their own and online. The good news, however, is that 91% of prospects desire to engage with sales professionals earlier than surveys presently reflect. (6)

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How to Convert Your Attendees into Prospects


Running events and expecting new prospects or clients to drop into the pipeline is merely wishful thinking. ????. Event marketing is results-driven ?? and truly efficient, but only when done correctly. ??.

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Red Flags to Look for in Prospective Clients

Special Events

If you want more clients that trust and appreciate your value, keep an eye out for seven red flags that can come up in the booking process

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Motivation Excellence

BUSINESS ATMOSPHERE Following the lethargic recovery from the Great Recession, a nationally ranked and independently owned HVAC and plumbing distributor wanted to drive incremental sales and gain market share with an energetic and engaging self-funded travel incentive for their loyal customers and preferred prospects.

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