How to Convert Your Attendees into Prospects


Running events and expecting new prospects or clients to drop into the pipeline is merely wishful thinking. ????. Event marketing is results-driven ?? and truly efficient, but only when done correctly. ??.

Bologna at the center of the air transport sector recovery prospects with Aviation-Event 2021 BLQ

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Bologna becomes for one day the European capital of the aviation industry and hosts Aviation-Event 2021 BLQ, the international conference that since 2008 brings influential representatives of the world of aviation, tourism and industry companies together

How to Connect with Prospects at B2B Matchmaking Events


But the success of your B2B matchmaking activities revolves around your guests’ genuine ability to connect with prospects. La entrada How to Connect with Prospects at B2B Matchmaking Events aparece primero en Eventtia | Event management software. The quality of your B2B dynamics or events isn’t entirely dependent on your planning skills. Yes, you are responsible for setting up and providing a stress-free experience for your attendees.

How to Get Started With Automating Your Marketing Funnel

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Once you've established your funnel steps, you can automate many of the lead generation strategies to nurture prospects and guide them towards a sale.

7 Change Actions: Rewriting the Audience Engagement Recipe with High-Impact Storytelling

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Within a split-second, your customers will spot the difference between a sincere brand message and a disingenuous marketing effort.

Top Ten Takeaways from WEC Vegas 2021

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After over a year of conferences viewed through a computer screen while wearing pajama pants, I think I speak for almost all event planners when I say that getting back to in-person events is a very exciting prospect.

13 Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings

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In the world we live in right now, virtual meetings with internal teams, clients, and prospects are now the norm and the only option for many of us.

The workforce impact of COVID19 on hospitality industry revealed

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In a recent survey, Coople asked over 1,300 flexible workers, who worked in the hospitality sector before COVID, how they assess their current career prospects compared to before, and whether their career goals have changed. Spring 2021, Swiss restaurants are allowed to open indoors again.

The workforce impact of COVID19 on hospitality industry revealed

EHL Insights

In a recent survey, Coople asked over 1,300 flexible workers, who worked in the hospitality sector before COVID, how they assess their current career prospects compared to before, and whether their career goals have changed. Spring 2021, Swiss restaurants are allowed to open indoors again.

Navigating Sales Pipelines: Preventing Lead Abandonment and Speeding Up Sales Cycles – Part 1of 3

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Did the prospect choose a different solution? Was the prospect really as qualified as I thought they were? Salespeople have a great deal to juggle: finding new opportunities, qualifying these prospects, building relationships, and keeping current customers engaged.

How to Profile Your Attendee Personas for Better Results


Buyer personas, ideal customers, and target groups are only few of the frameworks a company uses to profile potential prospects. Knowing your audience is the main prerequisite for a thriving business. In this article, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can define your attendee personas to achieve better results from your brand events. Event Marketing

10 Commandments of Incredibly Successful Trade Shows by @QuickTapSurvey


You’ll position yourself and your brand well, showcase your expertise and get an in with new prospects if you speak at the event. A nightly look at leads captured can help you make beneficial changes right on the spot and ensure you are truly resonating with your prospects. Give away items that will actually make it home with your prospects and make them want to come to your booth. A tradeshow is an investment, so approaching it the right way is a must.

What is Growth Driven Design and how can it boost your web performance?

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That means your site is where prospects are educated in options, where they evaluate their possibilities and needs, and where they convert from when they decide to make a purchase. What Growth Driven Design means? Your company’s website is one of the most important assets for your strategy.

Navigating Sales Pipelines: Preventing Lead Abandonment and Speeding Up Sales Cycles – Part 3 of 3

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Time is of the essence to prospects at this stage of the game. Guided selling gives salespeople the resources and tools they need to establish and maintain the interest of prospects and ultimately convert them. Determining the level of interest of every prospect is essential.

How to Incorporate Videos Into Your Corporate Event


Videos are one of the best tools to excite your prospects and attendees. Video killed the radio star, but it certainly increased audience engagement. Moving images, striking visuals, audible testimonials and highlights stimulate our senses and serve as a powerful form of communication. We’re here to walk you through event video ideas and encourage you to begin brainstorming on three different types of videos throughout the stages of your event.

Reinvent Business Cards to Make a Powerful Sales Impact

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Situations in which employees find themselves questioning whether a prospect is a good fit and do not want to give too much information to them yet. Having access to generic business cards give employees the option to keep the prospect as a possibility until they can properly vet them.

How CRM can help you improve the User Experience

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management , and in a nutshell, it is a software that collects and stores data about customers and prospects and the history of their interactions with a hotel. CRM and User Experience.

Recovery of European tourism in sight this summer

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That is according to the latest quarterly ‘ European Tourism Trends & Prospects ’ report published today by the European Travel Commission (ETC). As Europe is opening up, it is imperative that clear and coherent messages are communicated to prospective travellers.”.

5 Innovative Apps for Trade Show Managers to Capture Leads


Innovative Apps That Will Enhance Your Lead Capture Experience Let’s face it — the reason we exhibit at trade shows is for leads, finding prospects and expanding relationships with customers. Whether you’re on the supplier side of a hosted buyer event, or a brand marketer with an extensive exhibit program, once your booth/stand./table table goes up, […]. Event Industry

Kick Your Instagram Game Into High Gear: Five Things You Can Do

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It captures and shares a feeling with prospective visitors, cultivating a sense of possibility, novelty and excitement. In just about any endeavor the difference between average and excellent is the willingness to do just one more thing — even if it’s a little thing.

Don’t Leave Your Professional References to Chance

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For instance, each time your reference supports you with a new prospective employer, send them a personal thank-you letter or (at a minimum) an email.

PRESS RELEASE: Communique Releases its 4th Annual Virtual Trade Show Benchmark Report


“Marketing and Training leaders are increasingly moving to Virtual Conferences to deliver events for geographically dispersed employees, partners, customers and prospects.” Source: Communique Conferencing Communique Conferencing announced today that the fourth edition of their industry-leading Virtual Trade Show Annual Benchmark Report has been released.

Hubilo’s Events Reimagined delivers a Netflix event experience and presents the next generation of virtual and hybrid events

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Today, webinars are a highly powerful marketing tactic that many marketers across the world use to foster connection with prospects, audiences and their employees.’. On 14th July, Hubilo hosted their first virtual event and presented the next generation of virtual and hybrid events.

Trade Show Checklist: What to do Before, During and After the Show


Review last year’s trade show survey results, look at your prospect data and fine tune your strategy for the year to come. Start building buzz now and your target prospects will be ready to stop by on the big day. One of the most important things you can do – and one of the most often missed – is to follow up with your prospects after the show.

Want to learn how to drive more revenue on your attraction website?


Include an “About Us” page on your website to help prospective customers understand your brand. . Optimizing Your Website for Online Conversions . 52% of experience bookings are happening before a traveler arrives at their destination, and this number continues to rise.

Nearly Seven Out of 10 Employees Are Concerned About Returning to the Office

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As was the case from the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the decisions you make now will define, perhaps forever, how employees, customers, and prospective talent perceive your company,” wrote Gartner contributor Brian Kropp in response to the poll results.

Retargeting Strategies in a Cookieless World


While prospecting gets you in front of new customers who have not engaged with your brand before, retargeting brings them back after they’ve engaged to complete a booking. Is retargeting a big part of your online marketing strategy? You’re not alone.

Navigating Sales Pipelines: Preventing Lead Abandonment and Speeding Up Sales Cycles – Part 2 of 3

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Few occurrences are more frustrating for a salesperson than setting up an appointment, only to have the prospect pull a no-call/no-show. Eight out of 10 prospects want to talk to salespeople via email. (2).

How Guided Selling Closes the Gap in Traditional Sales Challenges

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This insight guides them on how to handle every opportunity or situation in a way that is suitable for that prospect. When AI steps in, effective nurturing of leads and keeping prospects engaged becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Top 10 Reasons to Meet in Canada

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With the borders now open to all fully vaccinated travelers, attendees can once again get excited about the prospect of an event in this fabulous, forward-thinking country. Are you ready to inspire connection? Start planning your next meeting with Destination Canada Business Events.

5 Reasons Why Sales Processes Improve Sales Performance

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The unstructured nature of a sales career extends to how salespeople interact with prospects, with 68 percent choosing to skip a formal sales process. (1). A planned-out sales process considers the stages of the buyer’s journey and how prospects move through it.

Helping the Unseen: Coalition Formed to Support Struggling Small Businesses

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Many small businesses across the country have barely hung on through the past year, hit with unexpected revenue loss and facing the prospect of not making it to the end of the year. In March, the Biden administration passed a $1.9

8 Reasons to Gather at In-Person Events

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Almost all exhibitors (94 percent) responded favorably to the prospect of smaller, more qualified audiences.

Is Paid or Organic Social Better for My Destination?


Engagement with your organic destination marketing content can be even more meaningful than with your paid media, as prospective travelers have actively chosen to build a relationship with your destination brand. Reach a larger audience of prospective travelers.

Destination Success – the Factors and Actors

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The key to a thriving destination is addressing how tourism can benefit the local community by increasing economic prospects, supporting socio-cultural systems, and maintaining a healthy environment for local communities.

Oman Air Aims to Join Oneworld

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At any time, there are ongoing discussions with a range of prospective members but we do not comment on any specific airlines,” a Oneworld spokesman said. Oman Air has announced it is seeking membership in the Oneworld alliance.

10 Swag Bag Ideas Sure To Delight Event Goers


Some prospects will appreciate at-home spa supplies, while others will want to try new vitamin supplements or sleep aids, like a nice pack of tea. As you gear up for in-person events, you might be wondering what modern swag bag ideas will still work.

5 New Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

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As we mentioned above, prospective travelers are looking for vacation spots closer to home, so they might be unfamiliar with your offerings until they search in the area. COVID-19 has drastically changed how people travel — and it will be a good while before we return to “normal,” if ever.

The #1 Operational Secret You Need to Simplify Your Business

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You can dedicate your time to prospecting, doing client work, launching new products, and other profit-driving activities. Does your event business ever give you a headache? Do you reach a point where it’s just too much at the same time ?

Why is It Important to Market An Event App? By @SwetaGovani of @Yapp


A good marketing strategy includes messaging the attendees (and prospective attendees) via many channels. The benefits of an event app are clear for attendees, sponsors, planner and everyone else involved. However, how can reap these benefits everyone is buzzing about? You’ll need to market your event app! Here are a few key reasons why: Attendees will not find it on their own.

Positive Footprints

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We love to consult extensively with a prospective client and research their motivations so that we can fully understand who the event is aimed at and plan accordingly. Staff can be especially well-motivated by the prospect of a hard-earned break in an exotic locale.

Porter Airlines Adds Embraer E2s to Fleet

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However with the prospect of Canada easing travel restrictions , [note: insert link to When Canada Reopening story] the country’s air carriers are anticipating a resurgence in air travel demand in the months ahead.

6 Killer Secrets to Building Relationships with Sponsors by @dancarthy2


Here are six secrets to up your prospects of securing sponsorship and cultivating a long-term relationship with event sponsors. Show prospect sponsors why your proposal is a golden goose for them. Unless your company is already financially sound, you’re probably going to heavily rely on corporate sponsorship for funding your event. Unfortunately, acquiring sponsorship isn’t as easy as just sending out a request via email.