28 Ways a Moderator Can Make Your Panel Shine


How to train your panel moderator to get (and keep) your audience’s attention. Have you ever.had a panel moderator who liked the sound of his own voice a little too much? A great panel moderator fixes that! At your next event, implement a BDA (that’s just my way of saying before, during, and after) process, and ask your moderator to consider the following strategies: Before the panel: • Create bullet points for discussion and share with the panelists. During the panel.

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MCs For Events: How They Can Make It Or Break It

Endless Events

It’s all about panels and moderation, and it will serve as a nice prequel for today’s show. EventIcons #eventicons #eventicons podcast mc mcs mcs for events moderator panel moderator PanelsWelcome to today’s exciting conversation about MCs for events!

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Lyft Presents Its Vision for the Self-Driving Car With Panel Event


It’s no secret that Lyft has been making strides to position itself as a serious contender in the self-driving car

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10 Best Ideas of the Week: a 'Hollywood Squares'-Inspired Panel, Hologram Centerpieces, a Vintage TV Video Booth


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Industry Leaders See International Travel as the Key to Recovery

Travel Pulse

Leaders speaking on an ASTA panel point to international travel for the industry's recovery. Impacting Travel

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Our Favorite Things From CES 2019 – Event Tech Podcast Episode 1

Endless Events

And it basically was these component-level similar to an LED screen where you have panels that come together. They don’t realize that thing cost $2,500 a panel. So you take $250 to rent that panel times two foot by two foot. So you know, we want to do an 80-foot screen by a 10-foot screen, boom, like you’re looking at hundreds of panels right there. Welcome to another episode of Event Tech Podcast.

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Looking Forward – 2018 Event Industry Trends- #EventIcons Episode 95

Endless Events

Panels & Moderation – Everything You Need To Know. Happy New Year!! This week we are celebrating the new year and looking forward to 2018 event industry trends. In this episode, our hosts – Brandt Krueger, Alex Plaxen, Tahira Endean & Audrey Gallien are here to talk about what is trending in the event industry in 2018. We bet you do not want to miss this episode! Some topics they address in this episode include diversity, event safety, event apps, hybrid events and MUCH MORE!

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Insights from the Event Industry

Convene by PCMA

We have brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss the different ways COVID has impacted themselves and their teams. Now that we’ve heard about the science from Dr. Patel, let’s look at how our industry has been directly affected.

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The Top 100 Events 2018


Think you can get away with assembling a conference panel that includes no people of color? Or stage an award

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Incentive Travel is alive and well … in 2021


We’ve been following up with some of the corporations on our panel and received this wonderfully inspiring email from one of them highlight how incentive travel is alive and well … “Just completed the survey and thank you for resending and allowing me to include my input. Corporate inSITEs Edition 2 is currently “fielding” with our US corporations and we’ll have a sneak peak of preliminary results during SITE Classic.

Dynamic Speakers to Consider for Your Upcoming Event


We turned to our panel of experts and asked them: Have you seen any dynamic speakers recently you would recommend? Booking the right speaker is critical to the success of your event.

Experience Columbus Tells Story of Resiliency Through Multi-Event Art Activation

Convene by PCMA

One of those images will be a flower in the bud stage, representing hope, and then depicting it as it bloomed fully in the final panel. During the Experience Columbus art activation at EduCon, attendees paint four panels that will create a giant mural that will be completed over two years.

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How to Get Creative with Scenic Design: 100 Ideas

Endless Events

The undulating shapes of Turbine’s panels make you feel as if you’re bobbing in an endless expanse of ocean. Or break up the flow with other panels, for instance, Wave. Creating an underwater oasis is easy with zip-together textured panels lit up with moody blue lighting. It’s no coincidence these panels are named Shoal, because they resemble a school of fish travelling the ocean currents together. Wafer panels look best with front lighting and uplighting.

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How to Connect the Offer and Demand at Your Trade Shows


Or maybe it’s the knowledge speakers share during panel sessions? What makes trade shows truly valuable for your attendees? Is it the possibility of visiting multiple stands and enjoying the brand experience different companies offer? Yes and yes, but it’s also about their networking experience. Event Planning

Meet the 5 Finalists of IMEX America’s 2016 #IMEXPitch Competition


The #IMEXPitch competition is an annual opportunity for event technology startups to showcase their products to an audience of event planners and a panel of knowledgable, expert judges. with Last year Loopd, the two way beacon device for networking at events, was the big winner selected from a pool of promising startups. This year’s group […]. Event Industry

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Solimar Introduces UNWTO TedQual Certification to Universities with Tourism Programs in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Solimar International

The webinar featured a panel of speakers from different institutions and organizations.

Hubilo’s Events Reimagined delivers a Netflix event experience and presents the next generation of virtual and hybrid events

The MICE Blog

First, it begins with a minimalistic navigation experience that makes it easy for the audience to stay focused, thanks to the side panel and top navigation. Event organisers can also arrange for breakout sessions where they can run product demos or panel discussions with the same features.

Ask the Experts: Best Industry Events


We turned to our panel of experts and asked them: What are the best industry events for a meeting planner to attend and why? How do you stay up-to-date on what's happening in the industry?

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Pittsburgh International Airport Becomes First to Be Self-powered

Smart Meetings

The microgrid, which continues to maintain connection with the traditional power grid, consists of five natural gas-fueled generators and nearly 10,000 solar panels able to produce 20 megawatts, enough electric to power more than 13,000 homes, well over PHL’s peak demand, which is about 14 megawatts.

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What’s New: A Fresh Redesign That Brings the Future to Diagramming

Social Tables

One convenient left-hand panel We’ve simplified all of your important workflows. Now, all objects, tools, and editing functions can be found on the left-hand panel. Here are a few examples in action: Editing a template Using the ruler Managing attendees Simpler equipment list The only important feature not located on the left-hand panel is the equipment list, which is permanently located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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Virtual and hybrid event trends for 2021 and beyond: Events Reimagined by Hubilo

The MICE Blog

The casting of the keynote speakers and the panels will be focused on subjects such as NFT, the current status of Tik Tok, influencer marketing and direct-to-consumer brands.

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Video: How to Plan Your Hybrid Event Budget

Meeting Tomorrow

The event covered the concrete details about hybrid event planning and execution, and included panels with experienced event planners and industry experts. How much does a hybrid event cost? When it comes to hybrid events, one of the biggest questions event planners struggle with is budget.

Panel 70

Uncovering the Hidden World of Fantastic Fungi

Convene by PCMA

According to Seattle Weekly , the event will be a mix of virtually live panels, Q&A sessions, and cooking demonstrations. There are more than 1.5 million species of fungi on Earth — six times more than plant species.

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Pittsburgh International Airport Building $1.4 Billion Tech-Forward Terminal

Business Traveler USA

It will be powered by the airport’s microgrid, which is fueled by 10,000 solar panels and five natural gas generators. Pittsburgh has its sights set on the future, beginning the colossal futuristic airport terminal at PIT.

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6 Alternatives to Pipe and Drape (with Photos and Examples)

Meeting Tomorrow

FormSet Panels. FormSet panels are three dimensional tiles that we can install together to create a textured backdrop. This event included two lightboxes flanking a backdrop made from FormSet panels. We spaced ModDim Panels out along the black pipe and drape, and added projection screens. Or, you can go a step further and add panels over pipe and drape to cover it completely. Ah, good ol’ pipe and drape. Tried and true. A trusted friend.

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#RotterdamExperiment 1 – How global transformation in technology, organisations and values will impact the future of events

The MICE Blog

Next to that, the venue will be different, and our panel of experts will differ.

The 2021 Fall Event Season is Here

Meet Green

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council is hosting a fall event themed “Leveraging Sustainability Rating and Reporting for Impact” This event includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking.

How Essence Prioritized Both the Digital and In-Person Experience at the Essence Festival

Convene by PCMA

For several decades, Essence magazine has hosted the Essence Festival, a two-weekend-long event held in New Orleans, filled with panels, concerts, performances, movie screenings, and shopping.

6 Alternatives to Pipe and Drape (with Photos and Examples)

Meeting Tomorrow

FormSet Panels. FormSet panels are three dimensional tiles that we can install together to create a textured backdrop. This event included two lightboxes flanking a backdrop made from FormSet panels. We spaced ModDim Panels out along the black pipe and drape, and added projection screens. Or, you can go a step further and add panels over pipe and drape to cover it completely. Ah, good ol’ pipe and drape. Tried and true. A trusted friend.

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#RotterdamExperiment 1 – How mixed reality will add to the live event experience in the future

The MICE Blog

It’s very important to speak with your stakeholders (filmmakers, industry audience, regular audience); we did a lot of surveys, discussed the festival with them and did panels to discuss new ways of bringing this festival because you bring it for them.’.

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News for Professionals: Career Advice and Ideas

Convene by PCMA

In formal settings, like panel discussions, it breaches the rules. We get it, you’re busy. So, the Convene editors have curated the latest tips and trends in the world of work for you. Take a look at what caught our eye this past week. 6 Causes of Burnout at Work.

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Destination Celebration Brings Meeting Professionals Together in Nation’s Capital

Smart Meetings

Master moderator Brad Weaber led panels of planners, partners and destination experts through real-world case studies to highlight best practices for finding win-win solutions and adding value to the meeting, community and planet.

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Microphones For Events: How Many Do You Need?

Endless Events

Okay, if I’m going to have a panel of three people and there’s going to be three people on stage- I need three microphones. And the reason why that’s important is that let’s say this panel of three people gets done.

Panel 91

10 Commandments of Incredibly Successful Trade Shows by @QuickTapSurvey


Speak or Join a Panel. Make your mark on the event (and invite all your contacts to attend) by speaking or joining a quality panel. A tradeshow is an investment, so approaching it the right way is a must. Make sure you consider the following items, from the way you approach the show to the swag you bring and even your behavior on site before your next big event: Make Sure the Event is Worth it. Every event has to generate enough ROI to pay for your team to attend.

How to Build Your Event With an Experience-First Design


This persona requires interaction to keep their attention—panels or sessions that allow the audience to be involved work best here. A human-centered approach to creating events that are more memorable and successful.

News for Professionals: Career Advice and Ideas

Convene by PCMA

Fast Company outlines three Zoom apps that will bring clever, thoughtful, and broadly transformative enhancements into your next virtual gatherings, from how attendees appear on screen to a side panel with a useful cheat sheet on their professional backgrounds. We get it, you’re busy.

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5 Takeaways from a Customer Deep Dive with the Director of Global Events at South China Morning Post

Convene by PCMA

Panels with all-male speakers, aka ‘Manels’, face much criticism as the absence of female speakers underrepresents their involvement in the industry and the expertise that they bring. At their recent China Conference, SCMP created a diverse panel where one third of their speakers were female.

Extended Reality Explained: How to bring your event alive with xR

Convene by PCMA

Presenting with xR technology does not require professional media training or expertise using green screens as presenters can see the virtual world on the LED panels surrounding them, allowing a more relaxed and confident presentation just as if they were presenting using PowerPoint.

Get Ready to Explore New Event Technologies at #IMEXpitch


Attendees have the opportunity to learn more about five exciting up-and-comers, handpicked by a panel of industry-expert judges that features our own Tara Thomas of The Meeting Pool […]. Part of what makes the IMEX Frankfurt so memorable within the events industry is #IMEXpitch, a program designed to showcase start-up companies and their new technology products.

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Travelers to London Now Have a new Centurion Lounge to Enjoy

Business Traveler USA

The Centurion Lounge at LHR marks the first Centurion Lounge to partially utilize renewable energy through newly installed solar panels in a general effort to reduce energy use across managed facilities.

CrowdRiff presents at SOTIC 2017


Amrita Gurney, CrowdRiff’s VP Marketing, spoke on a panel about AI and Visual Content Marketing alongside Gregory Land, Global Industry Leader, Hospitality & Travel Related Services at IBM and Oliver Gale, Cofounder at Bitt.

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Setting Up an Employee of the Month Program


Selection Panel. Use peer nominations to supplement the nominations by managers who are on the selection panel. Let your workforce know that their nominations give the selection panel a clearer picture of workers’ achievements.

How Event Storytelling is Being Reimagined Through Extended Reality

Convene by PCMA

For panel discussions, speakers can be beamed in, their faces hovering behind the live speaker on stage. Incorporating extended reality (xR) into events can help bring content alive in a more engaging, multidimensional way.