Study: Online Attendees are Having Less Fun

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A survey of 700 attendees and data from 967 events over a 12-month period found that the fun factor of online events is definitely waning: There was a 26 percent increase in respondents saying the last virtual event they attended wasn’t fun.

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Community, consistency, human connection and relevance: how to build trust online

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We know how to build trust face to face at live events, but now, when everything is moving into the virtual world, we need to learn how to build trust online with our clients, supplier sponsors and other stakeholders. According to Elina, ‘Building trust online is not new to us.

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EVA Offers Online Automated Check-in

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EVA Air now offers Automated Check-in, a new online service for passengers taking international flights operated by EVA and UNI Air. The post EVA Offers Online Automated Check-in appeared first on Business Traveler USA.

InEvent’s Online Events Management Checklist


How to host an online networking event


Here’s a carefully crafted step-by-step guide to hosting an online networking event. With online networking, it is even more important to plan every step of the way. Plan, prepare & execute! As with any event, the planning process is imperative.

Online Events 101: Elements, Structure, and Management


How do you plan an online event? Event Planning

30 Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Successful Online Event


Resources and Tools Attendees Event Survey Online Events SurveyMonkey Virtual EventsVirtual events have quickly become the norm — and for good reason.

How to Design an Attractive Virtual Stage for Your Online Event


As the centrepiece that combines all the different parts of the online attendee experience into one, the virtual stage has a big say on the success of your online events.

Best Online Wedding Planner Courses: 6 Must-Know Options

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In addition to checking out our post on how to become a wedding planner , one of the first things we recommend doing is exploring some of the best online wedding planner courses the web has to offer. ” Get started with one of the best online wedding planner courses today!

How to Monetize Your Online Events


Online events are great for increasing brand awareness and generating high-quality leads. In the same way that you can capitalize on your face-to-face events and charge an attendance fee, you can easily capitalize on your online events.

Railway Reservation System: How to Drive Online Train Bookings

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Visit some of the largest online travel agencies such as Expedia or that dominate travel distribution on the web and you won’t find rail reservations there. Online travel agencies. Train travel is in a disadvantaged position in our world.

How to Create Attractive Sponsorship Packages for Your Online Events


Just when you thought you’d cracked sponsorship for your events, the pandemic comes and suddenly, it’s time to rethink how to move this over to a virtual setting. Event Planning

How to Improve Your Online Event with Digital Experience Rooms


Well, so too can online events. Remember how live events used to be packed full of experiential activities? Event Management

How to Get Your Speakers to Say Yes to Your Online Event


Running an online event comes with a set of challenges. Apart from deciding the structure of your online event and the way you’ll organize the online sessions, you also have to “sell” the idea to your potential speakers.

Event ROI: How Mighty Is Your Event Online Community?

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Why Event Online Communities Matter – Especially in Today’s Busy World. With that said, I’m striving to form more vibrant communities, both online and offline, where peer-to-peer exchanges flourish and ultimately deliver the outcomes our guests/members/customers crave, but they can’t easily find on their own. Want to create an event online community of fans who will bring others to your event tent? Is building and event online community a priority for your organization?

Engaging Your Audience at Online Events

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Planning an online event without thinking about audience engagement is like building a sailboat without material for the sails. Thoughtful, intentional engagement is one of the keys to making an online event effective and memorable. Are you ready to plan an engaging online event?

Tips & Tricks for Presenting Online

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If you’re used to presenting for an in-person audience, we know jumping into the world of online events can feel daunting. High resolution images, a handful of bullet points and clean transitions coupled with polling, dynamic Q&A, and chat feeds will all encourage engagement online. The post Tips & Tricks for Presenting Online appeared first on Meeting Tomorrow.

Ten Types of Online Events You Can Run to Build a Community


Both online communities and online events share a very big similarity, they bring people together around a common interest. Event Marketing

How to Run B2B Networking Sessions at Your Online Events


Replacing in-person interaction for online interaction was always going to make it more difficult for attendees to meet and interact with each other.

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8 Best Lead Generation Strategies for Online Events [Guest Post]


It’s easy to think of the popularity of online events in isolation. As if their rise was due to something specific. Nothing’s farther from the truth. Event Marketing

How to Use Discount Coupons for Your Online Event


That's why to help you unlock all these benefits, we’ve drawn up a short but comprehensive guide on how to manage the discount coupons for your online events. With the right strategy, coupons provide a fantastic way to entice attendees, drive ticket sales, and boost brand awareness.

Virtual Meeting Design: How to Run Your First Online Festival


On Wednesday, October 21st Spitche, MeltinLab, and Eventtia will be joining forces to host Get Together , a summit for marketers seeking new ways to connect, build communities, and create powerful experiences, all online.

How To Train Your Remote Team With Regular Online Events [Guest Post]


The Covid-19 crisis called for a complete overhaul in the business model. With strict lockdown restrictions and regulations, organizations worldwide were forced to implement remote working practices with barely any time to wrap their heads around the situation.

How Fake Online Reviews Are Impacting the Travel Industry

Travel Pulse

A new report outlines the impact fake reviews have on the travel industry. Impacting Travel

The Complete Guide to Online Product Launch Event Planning


Launching a new product is a momentous occasion for any company. You’ve spent months fine-tuning prototypes, the launch strategy and the product road map. Event Marketing

Press Release: New Integration with Online Payments Platform Mercado Pago


Eventtia is delighted to announce that it has completed a new integration with Latin America’s leading online payments platform, Mercado Pago. Responding to customer demand, this new integration will provide customers across the region with a new option to receive payments. Eventtia News

How to Create a Sense of Community at Your Online Event


But as we’re discovering with online events, how these people are brought together is very different from how we once knew it. All events share a common objective, they bring people together.

3 Ways to Sell Value for Online Events: 2020 Guide [Guest Post]


Online events are slowly becoming the norm. And it's easy to understand why. Event Marketing

How to set up + optimise your ATDW Online Listing

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The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is a national, central online database which features listings of thousands of tourism experiences, events and destination information. These optimisations will need to be done in the YouTube platform, not in the ATDW-Online Portal.

Meet Daniel Fernandez: Experience the Power of Online Magic


Event Planning

Tips for hosting an online event

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The demand for digital and hybrid events will be growing.

Mark posted an update in the group i-Meet Meeting & Event Professionals: This was inevitable - Serious online production becoming [?]


This was inevitable – Serious online production becoming part of meeting process & RFP. CVENT AND ENCORE PARTNER UP

How to Promote Your Online Event on Social Media


Create carousel posts for Instagram. Make yourself a TikTok account and start experimenting with it. Create content on LinkedIn and post daily (including weekends). Is your head spinning yet?

European Cities Marketing (ECM) Online Autumn Conference wiil be held September 23-24

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This may not be a tourism conference, as we know it, but it is a conference for all DMOs professionals.

What's the Difference Between Virtual Meetings and Online Networking?


To put it simply, attendees go to your event for one of two reasons. One, for the content, or, two, to meet and interact with other attendees who share similar interests. Event Management

Online Attendee Engagement: New Challenges and New Solutions


How do you keep an attendee actively engaged when they’re sat behind a screen in the comforts of their own home? Now consider that engaged attendees are the key ingredient to any successful event, you start to see how important this question is. Event Management

Online Travel Agency Analytics: Data-Driven Approach to the Best-Cost Strategy

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This also means that online travel platforms have an opportunity to affect the final decision if their proposition is very attractive. It could also reflect a lower online marketing activity. An average traveler starts researching before they even have a particular destination in mind.

How to Transition From In-Person Events to Online Events


How bad is the Coronavirus pandemic? We can’t say for sure yet, but we’ve already seen significant damage done to millions of lives as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Countless brands and companies have had to postpone or cancel their events.

7 Tips to Master Your Online Event Landing Page [Guest Post]


Online events are virtual events that people from around the world can attend. They can be anything from webinars to virtual conferences and Q&A sessions with industry experts. Event Marketing

How to Design an Effective Communication Strategy for Your Next Online Event


From influencers and invitations to teasers and tutorials, a well-defined and effective communication strategy is vital to the success of any virtual event. Event Planning

Travel "Online" to "Offline"

Beyond Summits

Today we'll talk about some tycoons of the travel business.

How to Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform for Your Online Events


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many creators are turning to virtual events to reach their audience. But as creators begin to plan and set up their virtual events, a common question arises: Which video hosting platform should I use?

How Here2Start increased attendance by 250% at its first online event


Here2Start is an initiative that helps and promotes international entrepreneurs to get their business started in the Netherlands. Launched in 2019, Here2Start runs a yearly international entrepreneurship festival with a guest country which for 2020 was Colombia.