Artificial intelligence electrifies Lightning online booking for CTM

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Personalized booking results shave more than a minute off each online booking

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Study: Online Attendees are Having Less Fun

Smart Meetings

A survey of 700 attendees and data from 967 events over a 12-month period found that the fun factor of online events is definitely waning: There was a 26 percent increase in respondents saying the last virtual event they attended wasn’t fun.

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Online Passport Renewal Coming in 2023

Travel Pulse

The new online passport renewal process is expected to become official for everyone in early 2023. Impacting Travel

Community, consistency, human connection and relevance: how to build trust online

The MICE Blog

We know how to build trust face to face at live events, but now, when everything is moving into the virtual world, we need to learn how to build trust online with our clients, supplier sponsors and other stakeholders. According to Elina, ‘Building trust online is not new to us.

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Building Online Supplier Relationships: Do They Work?

Endless Events

Take online supplier relationships, for example. Not to mention online platforms make those who are less extroverted feel more comfortable. However, some are not as inclined to build online supplier relationships. Event Brew Loves Online Supplier Relationships.

Providing Attendees with Transcripts for Online Events

Convene by PCMA

Offering transcripts of online events is “a good thing to do and one can argue it’s fast becoming essential,” said one member of PCMA’s Catalyst community. Is anyone providing transcripts with the recordings of their online events?”

Common Online Booking Travel Myths

Fox World Travel

When looking to book trips for employees, rumors and myths about online booking can travel as far as any plane. The post Common Online Booking Travel Myths appeared first on Fox World Travel. The world of travel is constantly changing.

EVA Offers Online Automated Check-in

Business Traveler USA

EVA Air now offers Automated Check-in, a new online service for passengers taking international flights operated by EVA and UNI Air. The post EVA Offers Online Automated Check-in appeared first on Business Traveler USA.

7 Tips to Master Your Online Event Landing Page


Online events are virtual events that people from around the world can attend. Even better, you can repurpose the content of your online events and reach new audiences across different channels. But just creating an online event and expecting people to convert is a mistake.

Top Online Learning Platforms to Take Advantage of in 2022


Online learning platforms are evidence of the evolvement of the human learning process over the years. Life in itself is a constant cycle of learning, and growth is achieved through learning. It’s no surprise that many people refer to themselves as ‘students of life.’

How Event Planners Can Get the Most Out of Online Communities

Skift Meetings

Skift Take: Online groups and chat rooms for event planners are proliferating, resulting in much curiosity. Planners wonder if it’s better to post or chat? Are they worth paying to join, and if so, which ones? — Vincent Alonzo Read the Complete Story On Skift Meetings.

How to Tell When Your Online Meetings Are Not Engaging Enough—And What to Do About It

Smart Meetings

So, what can you do to make large online events more engaging? Tools for boosting online event engagement. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make online events more engaging, some based on tried-and-true methods for engaging in-person audiences.

Can You Really Build Supplier Relationships Online?


Here is some of the online meeting advice from those the researchers call “expert trust builders.”. Planners can learn more about a possible supplier partner over one shared lunch than from months of Zoom calls, but they simply might not have that option. Here’s the alternative.

Providing Attendees with Transcripts for Online Events


What considerations do planners need to take in order to provide attendees with accurate and accessible transcripts of online events? A recent conversation on Catalyst discusses the details. Author: Convene Editors . Tech AP

Safety Considerations for Online Events


COVID-19 has made online events more popular than ever — from a health perspective, it’s the safest way to gather while COVID-19 transmission remains a risk. But there are still risks associated with an online event that warrant consideration.

10 Online Community Examples That Have Incredible Events

Endless Events

Events – be they virtual, hybrid, or in-person – are an integral step in building your online community. And what better way to get some ideas going than by looking at some amazing online community examples with great events? Moz is an online community for event marketers.

Online Events 101: Elements, Structure, and Management


How do you plan an online event? Event Planning

How to Create Attractive Sponsorship Packages for Your Online Events


And when you throw these into the mix with all the additional goodies that can be created in the online world, it quickly becomes apparent that there are plenty of options out there. How is it different (or not) in the case of online events.

The Complete Guide to Online Product Launch Event Planning


Now it’s time to let the world know about it which in other words means, it’s time to start planning an online event. In a previous article , we covered how to do this for physical events, and now it’s time to talk about how to take this online.

30 Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Successful Online Event


Resources and Tools Attendees Event Survey Online Events SurveyMonkey Virtual EventsVirtual events have quickly become the norm — and for good reason.

InEvent’s Online Events Management Checklist


How to host an online networking event


Here’s a carefully crafted step-by-step guide to hosting an online networking event. With online networking, it is even more important to plan every step of the way. Plan, prepare & execute! As with any event, the planning process is imperative.

New “right and fair” website online

Travel Daily News

Sustainability code of German-speaking event industry offers guidelines and practical examples

How to Monetize Your Online Events


Online events are great for increasing brand awareness and generating high-quality leads. In the same way that you can capitalize on your face-to-face events and charge an attendance fee, you can easily capitalize on your online events.

How to Set Up a Hassle-free Online Registration Experience for Your Attendees


Today’s attendees simply expect fully functional, 24-7 online registration so they can attend from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. In short, the online registration experience can literally make or break your event. What is Online Registration?

7 Online Tools to Plan Your Next Hybrid Corporate Event in 2022


In 2020, 71% of the global planners intended to continue with the virtual communication and networking strategy even when the … Post 7 Online Tools to Plan Your Next Hybrid Corporate Event in 2022 showed as first in InEvent Blog.

How to Design an Attractive Virtual Stage for Your Online Event


As the centrepiece that combines all the different parts of the online attendee experience into one, the virtual stage has a big say on the success of your online events.

How come IPVanish Not Connecting online?

Alcor Mice

One of the most aggravating problems meant for IPVanish users is that all their VPN won’t connect to the online world. The post How come IPVanish Not Connecting online? This can happen for a variety of factors, including a defective internet connection. Once IPVanish actually connected to the net, it’s hard to reconnect to it. If your connection can be slow, try uninstalling IPVanish, then reinstall it and try again.

Best Online Wedding Planner Courses: 6 Must-Know Options

Social Tables

In addition to checking out our post on how to become a wedding planner , one of the first things we recommend doing is exploring some of the best online wedding planner courses the web has to offer. ” Get started with one of the best online wedding planner courses today!

Anvil launches online IS0 31030 Travel Risk Management benchmarking tool

Travel Daily News

The online scorecard developed by Anvil’s risk management experts, and believed to be the first of its kind, allows organisations to benchmark the effectiveness of their existing travel risk management programme against seven key areas highlighted as critical by the standard

How to Create Attractive Sponsorship Packages for Your Online Events


Just when you thought you’d cracked sponsorship for your events, the pandemic comes and suddenly, it’s time to rethink how to move this over to a virtual setting. Event Planning

Event ROI: How Mighty Is Your Event Online Community?

Maritz Global Events

Why Event Online Communities Matter – Especially in Today’s Busy World. With that said, I’m striving to form more vibrant communities, both online and offline, where peer-to-peer exchanges flourish and ultimately deliver the outcomes our guests/members/customers crave, but they can’t easily find on their own. Want to create an event online community of fans who will bring others to your event tent? Is building and event online community a priority for your organization?

6 Tips for Keeping Attendees Tuned In During Your Online Events

Smart Meetings

While event organizers are getting good at planning in-person, hybrid and online events, booking the right speakers and keeping attendees engaged are still some of the biggest challenges. Use tools from your online events platform to boost attendance and attention.

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How to Improve Your Online Event with Digital Experience Rooms


Well, so too can online events. Remember how live events used to be packed full of experiential activities? Event Management

Brilliant Online Event Ideas for College Students


We’ve all had to get used to doing more online lately. But most college kids practically had to live online during the pandemic — attending classes virtually and enduring restrictions on in-person gatherings by watching TikTok videos and scrolling Instagram.

How to Get Your Speakers to Say Yes to Your Online Event


Running an online event comes with a set of challenges. Apart from deciding the structure of your online event and the way you’ll organize the online sessions, you also have to “sell” the idea to your potential speakers.

MeetingPackage Ranks #1 on Hotel Tech Report’s ‘Top Online Venue Booking Platform’ 2022 List

Meeting Package

We’re excited to announce that MeetingPackage has ranked #1 overall on Hotel Tech Report’s Global Best Online Venue Booking Platform list in the 2022 HotelTechAwards.

Hotel Engine or Online Travel Agencies: Which is the Best Fit for Your Travel Needs?

Hotel Engine

Online travel agencies (OTAs) are a popular option, with good prices and a huge inventory of hotels to choose from. Online Travel Agencies. Online Travel Agencies. Online travel agencies’ user experience simply isn’t designed for businesses. Online Travel Agencies.

8 Best Lead Generation Strategies for Online Events [Guest Post]


It’s easy to think of the popularity of online events in isolation. As if their rise was due to something specific. Nothing’s farther from the truth. Event Marketing

How to Run B2B Networking Sessions at Your Online Events


Replacing in-person interaction for online interaction was always going to make it more difficult for attendees to meet and interact with each other.

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Tips & Tricks for Presenting Online

Meeting Tomorrow

If you’re used to presenting for an in-person audience, we know jumping into the world of online events can feel daunting. High resolution images, a handful of bullet points and clean transitions coupled with polling, dynamic Q&A, and chat feeds will all encourage engagement online. The post Tips & Tricks for Presenting Online appeared first on Meeting Tomorrow.

Lead generation for online events:  7 tips to rock your event!


Are you planning your online event and want to know how to generate leads? Check out these tips to generate leads at your online event! A central element in hosting successful meetings on digital platforms is understanding how lead generation works for online events.

Virtual Meeting Design: How to Run Your First Online Festival


On Wednesday, October 21st Spitche, MeltinLab, and Eventtia will be joining forces to host Get Together , a summit for marketers seeking new ways to connect, build communities, and create powerful experiences, all online.