Education Essentials: July 2022


Budgeting. buhj -it ]. An estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future. A plan of operations based on such an estimate

Education Essentials: May 2022


Mental Health Awareness Month . psychological well-being and satisfactory adjustment to society and to the ordinary demands of life. the field of medicine concerned with the

MICE professionals

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Fox Offers Educational Training For Professionals

Fox World Travel

The post Fox Offers Educational Training For Professionals appeared first on Fox World Travel. Do you know someone who has travel responsibilities now that was not involved in travel previously? Are you now making travel decisions at your organization?

Education Essentials: March 2022


Looking Ahead to Live. [l l i v]. full of life, energy or activity. . at the moment of its happening or being performed; not on tape or prerecording. . A little over two years

Education Essentials: January 2022


Professional Resolution . rez- uh - loo -sh uh n]. a formal expression of opinion or intention made. the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method

Education Essentials: May 2021


Editor's Note: The following is not legal advice but is for general educational purposes. If you have a specific question, you should contact an attorney. Contracting. [ kon -trakt

Education Essentials: November 2021


Sustainability. [s s uh -stey-n uh - bil -i-tee]. the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld or confirmed. the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting

Education Essentials: July 2021


Food and Beverage. food]. any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk or consumed to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc. a particular kind of nourishment.

5 Ways to Plan an Educational Webinar in 2022


Looking to host a successful educational webinar? Planning a good education webinar requires you to follow a checklist. If … Post 5 Ways to Plan an Educational Webinar in 2022 showed as first in InEvent Blog.

Education Essentials: March 2021


Attendee Experience . [ik- ik- speer -ee- uh ns]. a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something. . knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has

Education Essentials: January 2021


Future of Work. fyoo -cher ]. something that will exist or happen in time to come. . a condition, especially of success or failure, to come. . While there still remains a

2018 Education Conferences: The #1 Education Events Guide


One of the best ways to network and learn about the latest trends in education is to attend an educational conference. Here's a look at some of the top 2018 education events. Conferences - Conferences are large events that bring together education professionals in the field.

Education Essentials: November 2020


Cultural Awareness. kuhl -cher ]. the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular group of people, as a social, ethnic, professional or age group. . the shared beliefs

Education Essentials: October 2020


Risk Management. risk]. exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous choice. to venture upon; take or run the chance of. As we enter the seventh month

Education Essentials: September 2020


Partnerships and Collaboration. pahrt -ner-ship]. the state or condition of being a partner; participation; association; joint interest. . an association of persons joined as

Education Essentials: August 2020


Thank you to our sponsor, Visit Newport Beach! Virtual Experiences . [ vur -choo- uh l]. being such in power, force or effect, though not actually or expressly such

Education Essentials: July 2020


Anthony Johnson | Self-Care. kair]. a state of mind in which one is troubled; worry, anxiety or concern. to be concerned; have thought or regard

Live From The World Education Congress, It’s #EventIcons 170!

Endless Events

All the way from Toronto, we bring you the World Education Congress! If you’ve been paying attention, you know the World Education Congress just took place. Bringing together opportunities for networking and education, the MPI WEC is a perfect nest for industry professionals. Follow our iconic guests live from the World Education Congress: Bob Vaez of EventMobi. Did you have the chance to attend the World Education Congress?

Education Essentials: June 2020


Thank you to our sponsor, Insurance Meeting Network! Agility. [ uh - jil -i-tee]. the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness. the ability to think and draw

Education Essentials: May 2020


Communication . [k k uh -myoo-ni- key -sh uh n]. the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs. . something imparted, interchanged or

Education Essentials: April 2020


Anthony Johnson | Technology. tek- nol - uh -jee]. the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with

The Story Behind the Redesigned World Education Congress – #EventIcons Episode 155

Endless Events

Today we are diving into MPI’s World Education Congress. The World Education Congress (WEC) is a gathering where both MPI members and non-members alike come to gain education, network and more. In 2018 MPI’s World Education Congress had a complete overhaul. The World Education Congress went through the event design canvas process, where all stakeholders needs were considered and the event was completely redesigned to be in line with what their needs were.

Education vs Experience: Do You Need A Degree To Make It In The Events Industry?

Endless Events

It’s the oldest dilemma in history – education vs experience. In an industry where experience oftentimes seems to overtake education, which one has more weight? If you want to become an event professional, should you invest in education first? And with the rise of offers in higher education institutions, the lines seem to get even more blurred. But thankfully enough, this week’s Event Brew is ready to tackle the topic of education vs experience.

IAEE and GBAC expand partnership to add infection disease awareness education for events professionals

Travel Daily News

The GBAC Infection Disease Awareness Course is offered in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Haitian Creole

ICCA partners with Explori to enhance event experience and education

Travel Daily News

Explori’s platform allows global event organisers, agencies and venues to capture high-quality attendee feedback from any market in multiple languages

Chocó to Dance: Learn How to Dance (for Real) and Support Youth Education


I’ve been with Eventtia for more than four years, and during all that time, we’ve launched a series of exciting initiatives. Many thanks to the co-founders for putting up with all of my crazy marketing ideas!

Planner-Education Conference Addresses Disinfected Venues, Safe Meetings


This year’s Pharma Forum is focused on pressing topics that resonate beyond the medical-events niche.

10(ish) Questions with a CrowdRiffer: Kiyoye, Product Education Manager


Kiyoye joined CrowdRiff as our Product Education Manager in February, creating knowledge base content for customers, to help them make the most out of CrowdRiff. Meet Kiyoye!

Physical Education: See Inside Barry’s Bootcamp's College-Theme Party


The fitness brand’s event included a locker room, quad, library, beer pong, and fun surprises

IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2017 focuses on education.

Travel Daily Media

The post IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2017 focuses on education. In depth knowledge building was the core of an amplified education programme across 22 forum sessions at IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2017. The post IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2017 focuses on education. MICE HR & Careers Events Asia Thailand educationappeared first on TD (Travel Daily Media) Travel Daily.

Participant experience design — moving from the old to new event world

The MICE Blog

Education Event designOne of the presentations that highly inspired me to think differently about event design took place in 2019 at the MICE Forum at ITB Berlin (Organised by VDVO ).

Community, consistency, human connection and relevance: how to build trust online

The MICE Blog

The educational MICE stream was hosted by VDVO and covered key topics on the current agenda. Education

Online 225

Confident planning strategies for the return of incentive travel 

The MICE Blog

EducationIncentives are the most exciting part of the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibition) business.

Why Rémy Martin Launched a Tour to Educate and Entertain


How Bishop CVB Captivates and Educates Visitors, Achieving 185% Web Engagement Rates


A good chunk of our challenge is educating people that there are year-round activities here, and the winter is actually the best time to be here, even though our occupancy is around 90% in the summer.”.

How to Increase Employee Engagement in a Hybrid World | SUBMERGE by HUBILO

The MICE Blog

Don’t expect people who are different to provide your entire education. To conclude, this event was educational and provided information on how to be champions in the workplace for DEI initiatives and creating a hybrid workplace. Education

Actionable strategies to boost association membership 

The MICE Blog

The National WIC Association faced the challenge of how to get the members back in person and how to get them the education that they needed. The audience they work with is mothers and babies, and the best way to provide education turned out to be through virtual events. Education

SITE Classic, live and in-person at The Del, raises over $235,000 for SITE Foundation’s research and education projects


For 3 days attendees connected again, re-igniting their professional networks, learned career-enhancing new skills, and discovered the pulse and beating heart of a truly stunning host destination, while raising over $235,000 for SITE Foundation’s projects on research, education, and advocacy.

Back to LIVE and the road ahead

The MICE Blog

EducationGood news for the events industry – live events are back, as most countries no longer have strict COVID-19 restrictions. Event planners who have been out of work for two years can now be back on the road doing what they love and taking their creativity to the next level.

Pandemic Planning 101 from Million Dollar Event Career Course

Smart Meetings

Contracts & Negotiations Strategy career contracts Education event planner education Event Planners event strategy Events events career Meeting Professionals meeting strategy meetings meetings industry career negotiations Planners room blocks strategy Tips

Sales kick-offs – how to create an immersive experience in three stages: before (gamification), during (motivation, networking, inspiration), after (reinforcement) | SUBMERGE

The MICE Blog

EducationHubilo has launched a deep-dive events series to share the latest trends, tips and tricks, and next-level ideas for various virtual and hybrid events. It’s called SUBMERGE. .

The ultimate incentive experience A–Z: interview with Heidi Legein, Managing Director at The MICE Guru

The MICE Blog

During the past months of the lockdown, Heidi has been actively promoting her destination and inspiring and educating fellow event professionals about Norway. If you visit those green start-ups, you get inspired and take all that knowledge and education with you back home.’.

Now is the time to rethink and restart the events industry: Interview with Angeles Moreno, Managing Partner at the Creative Dots

The MICE Blog

This will bring light into the education required, job descriptions, roles, promotion etc. Education business strategy customer service MICE