How Tourism Can Protect Cultural Heritage

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Protecting cultural heritage is one of our utmost priorities as well as a core development objective in all of our projects. Today’s travelers are looking for more than just pretty views and fancy dinners; they want the authenticity that comes from diving into an entirely new culture.

Leadership Strategies to Create a Thriving Company Culture

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Reading Time: 6 minutes A well-functioning corporate culture is a foundational part of effective leadership. Leaders must recognize their role in defining the culture of their organizations, and organizations must make deliberate efforts to develop their leaders.

Four Ways Braindate Can Enhance Company Culture at Internal Events

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Shape and reinforce company culture. To help reach this goal, Braindate permits cross-department networking opportunities and conversations hosted by executive leadership that reflect the company culture and values. There’s more to the Braindate story.

6 Ways to Change Your Work Culture

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6 Ways to Change Your Work Culture. For organizations seeking to become more agile and innovative, culture change is often a must. But culture change can’t be achieved through a mandate. Culture Change Takes Time. A culture change doesn’t happen overnight, though.

Why Organizational Culture Matters (and 6 Success Factors to Make It Work)

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Why Organizational Culture Matters (and 6 Success Factors to Make It Work). A growing body of research suggests that having just a few disengaged employees can sow the seeds of negative culture and negatively impact the performance of a whole organization. Company Culture Ambassadors.

5 Ways to Integrate Corporate Culture Into Your Next Event


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How the New Work-From-Home Culture Will Challenge Event Planners

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The post How the New Work-From-Home Culture Will Challenge Event Planners by Angela Tupper appeared first on [link]. The rapid shift to virtual events has revolutionized the way event planners operate in 2021, but what of the parallel shift to working from home?

Foster a Culture of Wellness


High performers know it takes focus, drive and determination to make it to the winner’s circle. Add in a global pandemic, the pivot to remote work, juggling the demands of homeschooling, sharing

The Last Word: Company culture eats profit for breakfast

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After 40 years as the CEO of my own catering and events firm, I’ve had great company culture…and lousy culture too. It’s never an easy road

The Employer of Choice Trifecta: Culture, Purpose & Employer Brand

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The Employer of Choice Trifecta: Culture, Purpose & Employer Brand. HR as the Great Connector for Culture, Purpose & Employer Brand. The importance of culture, purpose and employer brand to organizational identity is a reasonability well known today. Why should HR own culture?

5 Ways to Build a More Respectful and Harassment-Free Workplace Culture

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Left unchecked, incidents of sexual harassment—and all forms of harassment and discrimination—undermine workplace culture, and can negatively affect recruitment and retention, company reputation and the bottom line. Here are five ways that you can help your organization build a more respectful, harassment-free workplace culture: 1. The post 5 Ways to Build a More Respectful and Harassment-Free Workplace Culture appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Regina wrote a new post, Flamenco: At the Heart of Spanish Culture


The iconic music of Spain, Flamenco, is a folkloric artistic expression of music, song, and dance. Flamenco’s origins are associated with the Andalusian Roma (Gypsies) of southern Spain, around the 15th century, a

5 Steps to Better Cross-Cultural Negotiation


Understanding cross-cultural norms and behaviors improves communication at the contracting table. Cross-Cultural Business Association Conventions and Expos Negotiating & Contracts Corporate Meetings & EventsGlobal experts share advice for effective communications. What's your negotiating style—truth before diplomacy or diplomacy before truth? read more.

Discover Meetings, Culture & Cuisine on One Agenda

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Our award-winning culinary team and events specialists will work with you to fuse the best of New Orleans culture into your program. The post Discover Meetings, Culture & Cuisine on One Agenda appeared first on Smart Meetings. In a city known for our world-renowned celebrations, distinct music, art and delectable cuisine, Hyatt Regency New Orleans is the premier hotel destination hosting some of the Crescent City’s most prestigious meetings and events.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tapping into Aloha Meeting Culture

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When on island, why not try some of the traditional native Hawaiian cultural activities rooted in the feeling of Aloha or welcome? The post The Life-Changing Magic of Tapping into Aloha Meeting Culture appeared first on Smart Meetings. Sparking joy in the lives of event professionals is a lot easier when the background is the lush greenery and ocean views of Maui. But event professionals still have to “orchestrate serendipity” as a new Marriott CRN/PCMA study suggests.

Infusing Cultural Significance into Your Client’s Next Special Event

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With "authenticity" an event essential today, these two globe-trotting pros share how to incorporate culturally significant elements into your next event

How 5 Brands Promote Arts & Culture in Their Destinations


“Arts and Culture” is quite an umbrella term — covering everything from cuisine and music, to architecture and lifestyle. Here are 5 different ways brands promote arts and culture in their destinations. It can be hard to convey something as abstract as “culture”.

The Importance of Cultural Competence at Events


Event and hospitality pros are consistently required to respond to the needs of their guests, which far exceed a 7

3 Strategies for Infusing Cultural Authenticity in Your eLearning Experience


As more companies expand their eLearning programs on a multinational scale, instructional designers are more frequently finding themselves in positions of having to design for learners with backgrounds and cultures very different from their own. Often in situations where instructional designers are left with limited knowledge about the cultures they are working with, the approach taken is to design with multiple learning styles in mind using a variety of materials and activities.

10(ish) Questions with a CrowdRiffer: Maya, HR and Culture Lead


Something we hear over and over again from our team members is this: We work with some really amazing people and we have a great team culture. Playing a huge role in helping shape all that is Maya, our HR and Culture Lead. S-club, birthdays, socials oh my!

8 Steps for Building Back a More Diverse Workforce

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Pre-pandemic (also known as the era in which I wore hard pants every day), I partnered with Packard Group to develop the six components of culture to assist organizations in improving their recruitment and retention efforts. Let’s take each component one at a time: Culture.

How Tourism Toronto Captured Its Culture of Diversity in Video (& Went Viral)


Diversity: a pillar of Torontonian culture. It means festivals and events will celebrate specific international cultures, yet still welcome Torontonians of all backgrounds.

Make the Most of Smartphone Culture with a Branded Charging Station


More and more attendees have become reliant on their smartphones for a variety of activities. Not only do these devices help them stay connected with work, friends, and family while they are out of town, but they also provide them access to the conference or tradeshow app, an often critical resource for information. But few […]. Tech charging station Event Planning mobile device smartphone Technology

See BET's Pop-Up Museum That Celebrated Meme Culture


Some of the most popular social-media memes, viral videos, and trending hashtags have been started by people in the black

Introducing Miami Beach’s New Cultural Landmark, Faena Forum


A celebration of culture and exquisite cuisine at Upper East Side's ZAVO


Every Saturday, New Yorkers and tourists alike make their way to the Upper East Side for a night of drinks

Sojern’s Award Winning Banner Ad Creative Services and Search Engine Marketing Offerings


Ad Tech Customer Success Hotel Marketing Multichannel Sojern Culture Thought Leadership Travel Marketing UncategorizedSojern understands the great importance of multichannel marketing. Each channel provides a unique opportunity to get in front of travelers where they are organically browsing.

How Vulture Festival Is Upending the Magazine Pop-Culture Event Model


Since its launch in 2014, New York magazine's Vulture Festival has engaged its readers, along with pop-culture fanatics, with live

What is a SOP - Standard Operating Procedure?

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Hospitality Industry Service CultureWhen you have an idea to start a business, you create a business plan to describe the goals of your company and how you plan to reach them.

Brain-breaks: Become A Better Daydreamer

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Corporate Culture Employee Engagement Employees LeadershipReading Time: 6 minutes Have you ever had difficulty concentrating and staying focused on a task? The good news is that a brain break might not be as detrimental to your work as you think – it might even help you solve a problem. (1).

New York Comic Con 2016 Preview: How The Pop-Culture Event Manages Its Growing Popularity


What is servitization: from product to people-centricity

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Hospitality Industry Service CultureWhat are the origins of servitization? In 1988, Sandra Vandermerwe and Juan Rada presented what they termed the “servitization of business”, explaining how more and more corporations were adding value to their core corporate offerings through services. –

A celebration of culture and exquisite cuisine at Upper East Side's ZAVO


Every Saturday, New Yorkers and tourists alike make their way to the Upper East Side for a night of drinks and naughty fun at ZAVO Restaurant and Lounge. The popular Midtown restaurant transforms its upstairs venue into a club, featuring performances

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Burnout Response: Using Incentive Programs to Prevent Unhappy Employees

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Here’s the reality: employment burnout is a very real possibility, especially… Corporate CultureIt’s time to talk about burnout. Many companies are hesitant to bring up the concept of job burnout, concerned that the term will be used lightly by their team.

The Future of Events: How to Achieve Employee Engagement in 2021

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McKinsey reports that due to the global crisis, we have vaulted five years forward in terms of digital adoption in a span… Corporate CultureIf there’s a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the fact that innovation will pull us through any disruption.

Building Wisdom and Gaining Professional Power Through Silence

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Different cultures – Respect cultural structures and norms. Corporate Culture Leadership Negotiations Sales Tips Team BuildingReading Time: 3 minutes “Silence is a source of great strength.” ” – Lau Tzu.

July 6, 2018: How This Sports Culture Website Is Upping Its Live Event Game, Why Toyota Is Investing More in Music Festivals, Alabama Restaurant Accused of Discrimination After Turning Away Black Fraternity Event


HOW THIS SPORTS CULTURE WEBSITE IS UPPING ITS LIVE EVENT GAME: Sports news and culture website Bleacher Report is

'Entertainment Weekly' to Debut Two-Day Pop Culture Fest in Los Angeles


Why Non-Monetary Incentives are Replacing Monetary Incentives

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The incentives that we offer members of our team, whether during the recruitment process or as a motivator for high-standards of work, play an important role in shaping the workplace culture. Making our employees feel valued, taking the step to… Corporate Culture

Inspiring Your Employees to Learn New Skills and Promote Growth

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Corporate CultureBetter businesses encourage employees to learn new skills. Inspiring employees to learn new skills and deepen existing ones is a goal that all managers and business owners should have.

Dubai victorious as World Travel Awards reveals Middle East 2021 winners

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Oman was acknowledged with titles for both ‘Middle East’s Leading Cultural Destination’ and ‘Middle East’s Leading Honeymoon Destination

See How Culture and Technology Mixed at an Olympics Viewing Party


Strategy Planning for Bringing Employees Back to Work

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COVID-19 has changed the… Corporate CultureFrom retail stores and restaurants to digital marketing agencies and insurance firms, most businesses are going to face different challenges when it comes to bringing employees back to work once the lockdown restrictions have been eased.