Episode 43: Dissecting Virtual Events with Michael Michalowski


As we get deeper into the world of virtual events, we're starting to learn best practices and places on the road to watch out for.… … The Event Hustler Show

Incentive Travel – a true force for good

Pádraic Gilligan

Pádraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua and Chief Marketing Officer, SITE “When she was bad, she was horrid” There’s a touch of the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead about incentive travel.

MICE professionals

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Community, consistency, human connection and relevance: how to build trust online

The MICE Blog

We know how to build trust face to face at live events, but now, when everything is moving into the virtual world, we need to learn how to build trust online with our clients, supplier sponsors and other stakeholders.

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Episode 40: Legal Issues Returning to In-Person Events with Steve Adelman from Adelman Law Group


I am excited to learn more about the risk management and legal issues event professionals face as we return to the world of in-person events… The Event Hustler Show

Evolution of the DMC:Renewing Business Relationships with Deeper Trust, Transparency & Understanding

The evolution of the DMC industry requires that it embark upon a renewed relationship with clients that is built upon transparency, trust, and understanding.

Why it’s good to be an incentive travel professional in 2021

Pádraic Gilligan

by Pádraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua & Chief Marketing Officer, SITE Like all Incentive Travel Professionals, I’m looking forward to better times as we move into the second quarter of 2021.

Sales kick-offs – how to create an immersive experience in three stages: before (gamification), during (motivation, networking, inspiration), after (reinforcement) | SUBMERGE

The MICE Blog

Hubilo has launched a deep-dive events series to share the latest trends, tips and tricks, and next-level ideas for various virtual and hybrid events. It’s called SUBMERGE. .

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Stop Performance Marketing One-of-a-Kind Destinations to Death [And What to Do Instead]

The Abbi Agency

If you’ve ever been in a destination marketing board meeting, you know the drill. The tourism marketers stand up, drop a bunch of nice-looking numbers, and then sit back down. If the numbers are up big, everything is good. If they’re up just slightly there might be questions.

The future of events, venues and cities: learnings about how to future-proof against future crises

The MICE Blog

How did Rotterdam overcome the challenging circumstances that required a one year postponement of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) due to the pandemic?

Venue 139

How changing work practices bring new opportunities for incentive travel

Pádraic Gilligan

by Pádraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua & Chief Marketing Officer, SITE Pandemic in Dublin Deserted streets. Skies free from planes. Weather. “Modern Family” Zoom calls. Neighbourhood walks. Entire families on bicycles. Where the Crawdads sing. Bird song. Coffee lines.

Safe Travel


VIKTOR is committed to providing safe and healthy travel experiences for our trip participants. Our Safe Travel protocols guide every step of our travel operations to adapt to the latest COVID conditions.

Travel 207

COVID-19 Travel Consumer Sentiment Study

TravelBoom and sister agency, The Brandon Agency, release new consumer sentiment study on travel amidst the COVID-19 second wave

7 of the Top Event Planning Conferences in 2021

Social Tables

Skip to content Menu Solutions Interactive Floor Plans Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Event Diagramming Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty.

Evolution of the DMC: Renewing Business Relationships with Deeper Trust, Transparency and Understanding


Evolution of the DMC: Renewing Business Relationships with Deeper Trust, Transparency and Understanding. ADMEI Blog.

Miek Egberts 1966 - 2021


Miek Egberts 1966 - 2021. The world of business events and incentive travel is shocked to its foundations by the sudden passing of Miek Arnolda Egberts, Founder at InspireMe, Monaco and member of the international board of directors of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE).

The Impact Of VR On Virtual Events & Digital Experiences

Endless Events

Sometimes, one has to look on the bright side of things. From the ashes of the destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, new opportunities emerged. The world learned how to stay connected when being isolated was a requirement.

Live? Virtual? Hybrid? There’s Only One Wrong Choice for Team Building

Smart Meetings

In June, organizations across America were excited about the return of in-person events, and the enticing potential of hybrid events. How quickly things change. By late July, Covid-19 cases were again spiking across the United States.

How digital transformation is facilitating servitization in the hospitality industry

EHL Insights

Today, guests expect to be provided with a consumer-centric hotel experience from the word go, including when they are choosing a destination. They also want new experiences, faster customer service, the utmost comfort, and the list continues to grow. So, how can hotel operators meet these needs?

Episode 35: Speakeasy Virtual Networking with Joanna Pineda from Bespeake


Helping your attendees meaningfully connect with each other is on every planner's mind, but what does that look like? There are so many options and… The Event Hustler Show

Tapping a New Economic Powerhouse

The Abbi Agency

Luxury-Oriented Millennial Travelers.

Retail 207

Destination spotlight Bern, Switzerland: Site visit from 28–30 August 2020 for Event Planners Talk e-conference

The MICE Blog

When the idea to stage an international, multi-day conference in Bern was born back in 2018, we didn’t know how things would turn out, and that we’d need to change our plans upside down.

How Planners Are Customizing Hybrid Events

Convene by PCMA

A hybrid meeting takes place at Marina Bay Sands’ Hybrid Broadcast Studio in Singapore. The overall number of COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard respondents who said they were planning to hold simultaneous events for digital and in-person audiences dropped over the last six months.

Mitigating the Risks of Returning to In-Person Meetings


The old saying goes, “The Only Constant in Life Is Change.” Heraclitus] That certainly has been true of late in the travel and hospitality industry. On a daily basis, we account for all types of uncertainty in the planning of all of our incentive travel programs, meetings and events.

The Complete Guide to Event Planner Logos: Ideas, Tips, Examples

Social Tables

Want to make your event planning company stand out? Event planner logos are a great way to do exactly that. Whether you’re part of a team or flying solo, just getting started or an industry veteran, great marketing begins with a proper logo.

Hybrid Events – 15 Mistakes to Avoid

Skift Meetings

For many event planners, hybrid events are still a relatively new endeavor, one that brings the unfamiliar challenge of engaging two very different audiences at the same time. Here are 15 tips for avoiding the pitfalls that can easily occur.

Incentive Travel is alive and well … in 2021


Corporate inSITEs Edition 2 is currently “fielding” with our US corporations and we’ll have a sneak peak of preliminary results during SITE Classic. We’ve been following up with some of the corporations on our panel and received this wonderfully inspiring email from one of them highlight how incentive travel is alive and well … “Just completed the survey and thank you for resending and allowing me to include my input.

A Guide To Choosing A Hybrid Event Venue

Endless Events

Choosing a hybrid event venue presents its own set of challenges. While pre-COVID considerations also play into the decision-making process, the event landscape of 2021 brings more complexity to the table. It’s no longer just about the experience taking place on-site.

Venue 116

Study: Online Attendees are Having Less Fun

Smart Meetings

So, how are you feeling about virtual event networking about now? Not so good, according to Virtual Attendee Experience Report from event software company Bizzabo.

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Marketing: From brand multiplicity to brand authenticity

EHL Insights

Before the pandemic, hotel brands were at a crossroads with increasingly brand agnostic consumers and ever-expanding brand portfolios. But there is evidence that the pandemic may have led to consumers’ renewed appreciation for a well-recognized brand name that assures quality and instills trust.

Choosing The Right Virtual Platform For Your Event


During every industry event these days you hear the same question: “How do I choose the right virtual tool for my event?” As a planner… Industry Insider #virtualevents event technology

Why and How to Audit Your Website

The Abbi Agency

Performing a website audit is a critical step when it comes to understanding a critical piece of your marketing funnel, whether you’re seeing tons of traffic and conversions or none at all.

How to Increase Employee Engagement in a Hybrid World | SUBMERGE by HUBILO

The MICE Blog

The Great Resignation is a trend caused by the pandemic where employees are voluntarily leaving their employers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021.

Building Year-Round Engagement With Audiences

Convene by PCMA

In many ways, 2021 felt like a series of false starts. After a promising but brief return to in-person-only events in the spring, the Delta and Omicron variants forced many event organizers to renavigate a hybrid event landscape to engage both digital and physical audiences.

Tips for Traveling Amid the Delta Variant Restrictions


Though travel has been rebounding from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta variant threatens to rewind some of that progress.

How to Plan a Concert in 10 Steps

Social Tables

Skip to content Menu Solutions Interactive Floor Plans Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Event Diagramming Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty.

Venue 149

FAA Wants Police to Take Action Against Unruly Passengers

Business Traveler USA

The Federal Aviation Administration is urging local law enforcement to file charges more often against unruly airline passengers.

Our #RandomActsofSITEness shining brightly like the summer sun


As summer advances so too do our #RandomActsofSITEness! They’re increasing in SITE Canada, SITE NorthEast and SITE Florida / Caribbean and actually outpacing coronavirus in Ireland at the moment amongst members and friends of SITE Ireland!