United Airlines Opens Airwaves into Southern Africa

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United Airlines and Airlink , a South African airline, are partnering up for a new codeshare agreement that will offer customers more connections between the U.S. and Southern Africa than any other airline alliance.

American Airlines Ends Special Sick Leave for Unvaccinated Workers

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American Airlines has announced it will end company-provided COVID-19 sick leave for unvaccinated employees beginning Oct. ” The airline cited the Food and Drug Administration’s full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the change in policy.

Alaska Airlines Wins First in Wallethub’s Newest Ranking

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Flight fares have spiked over the last few months as the effects of the pandemic continue to affect the availability of staff and workers that impact takeoff, from airline flight attendants to truck drivers delivering the fuel that gets you off the ground. per mile), American Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Resumes More US Routes

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Singapore Airlines has announced that, beginning Nov 2, it will resume daily flights between John F. The airlines’ announcement comes after the Biden administration last week made the decision to reopen US borders to fully vaccinated international travelers.

Singapore Airlines Launches Los Angeles-Taipei Route

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Singapore Airlines has announced the launch of a new service from Los Angeles to Taipei. The new route is part of the airline’s ongoing effort to rebuild its US network following drastic cuts in air travel at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis.

Airlines at Odds Over Employee Vaccination Mandates

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The leadership of three major airlines – American, Southwest and Delta – have made it clear that they will not make getting the COVID-19 vaccine a condition of employment for their current workers. Meanwhile, American Airlines has also announced it would not force its workers to be vaccinated.

US Airlines Warn of Recovery Slowdown

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US airlines are warning of a slowdown in their bookings because of the rise in COVID-19 cases related to the highly contagious delta variant. American Airlines told investors that the slowdown that started last month has continued, prompting the airline lowered its third-quarter outlook.

Avelo Airlines Adds Four Destinations

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Just three months after its launch, low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines has expanded its service from Los Angeles with nonstop flights to four new destinations: Monterey, CA, Fort Collins-Loveland, CO, and Provo and St.

Singapore Airlines Partners with Golden Door for Wellness-focused Flights

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Singapore Airlines , however, has never been a company to call airplane food … well, airplane food. As Singapore opens borders to non-residents the airline is ramping up flights to the Malaysian city-state from all over the globe.

Oneworld Airlines Pledge Use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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The 14 member airlines of the Oneworld Alliance have pledged their support for the ambition statement of World Economic Forum Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition to commit to a 10 percent use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030.

Singapore Airlines Integrates Business Travel Programs

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Singapore Airlines has announced the integration of its corporate travel programs under the HighFlyer brand beginning Sept. Participating companies will be able to book preferential corporate fares and earn HighFlyer points for all eligible travel on both Singapore Airlines and Scoot.

Alaska Airlines Debuts New SFO Lounge

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Alaska Airlines has announced the debut of its new 9,200-square-foot lounge at San Francisco International Airport. Day passes are available for $50 and customers who pay with their Alaska Airlines Visa Signature receive a 50 percent.

Delta Urges Other Airlines to Share ‘No-Fly’ Lists

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With a troubling number of incidents involving unruly passenger behavior aboard US airlines and at airports, carriers have banned hundreds of passengers since the start of the pandemic. Airlines have full discretion to ban passengers who violate their policies or federal regulations.

American Airlines Announces Reopening for Flagship Lounges

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American Airlines has laid out a schedule for reopening its premium Flagship Lounges this fall. The post American Airlines Announces Reopening for Flagship Lounges appeared first on Business Traveler USA. Air Travel Travel News American Airlines Flagship Lounge

Southwest Signals Industry Turmoil as Airlines Try to Set a Steady Course

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As Southwest Airlines grapples with a massive cancellation roster blamed on weather, walkouts and slow-goes due to staff shortages, it is no surprise that customer satisfaction at airports is getting a thumbs down – at least according to a recent J.D.

FAA Seeks Airlines’ Plans for Curbing Unruly Passengers

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In the face of a record number of airline passenger disturbances, the Federal Aviation Administration met this week with airline trade groups, asking them “to commit to take more action” to address rising incidents of unruly or violent passengers.

American Airlines Invests in Low-Cost Carrier Jetsmart

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American Airlines is planning to take a stake in South American carrier Jetsmart. The US airline says it has signed a letter of intent to take a minority position in the ultra-low cost carrier. In addition, a codeshare agreement is also in the works between the two airlines.

Revenue Integrity in Airlines: How to Solve Revenue Leakage Problems

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Even before the pandemic, the industry was going through a crisis, so airlines fought hard to track down and close every loophole. Often created by travel agents and customers (both accidentally and not), these holes account for about 3 percent of the airline’s revenue.

American Airlines and JetBlue Northeast Alliance Rolls On

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American Airlines and JetBlue have announced the next phase of their Northeast Alliance, with a winter schedule that offers a combined total of over 700 daily flights from Boston and New York. Air Travel Travel News AAdvantage American Airlines JetBlue

Will Airline Pilot Shortage Cripple Second-Tier Markets?

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airline industry is facing—and, according to news reports, it will only worsen in the coming years. The crisis has already landed at the regional airline level, according to Peter Gall, a former American Airlines pilot and now a professor at West Virginia University. airline industry over the next decade.”. A 2016 Boeing study found that 42 percent of pilots currently flying for the major airlines in the United States will reach the age of 65 in the next 10 years.

Airline Marketing and Advertising Use Cases from American Airlines, Ryanair, Air France, and Others

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Airline industry made an impact on how we buy things today, and how those things are marketed. Just a couple of examples: electronic tickets were first developed for fare ticketing, while one of the first online booking systems was built by airline distribution company SABRE.

Aegean Airlines on COVID-19 Recovery and How to Adapt to Today’s Traveller 


Due to the restrictions that have been in place on international travel, airlines are feeling the impact from the pandemic more than many other travel brands. Elly Politou, Senior Executive Destination Marketing at Aegean Airlines.

American and Spirit Airlines Hampered by Hundreds of Flight Cancellations, Delays

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Weather and operational challenges led both airlines to scrap hundreds of flights and delay numerous others. Impacting Travel

Airline Consolidators Overview: Their Role, Advantages, and Key Players

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Flight consolidators are brokers that book airline seats in bulk at discount rates and then resell them to travel agencies. Airline consolidator business model: how it works. Travel agencies add their own markups but still keep the prices lower than market rates offered by airlines.

Southwest Airlines' Delays, Cancellations Carry Into Monday

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Thousands of flights across America have been canceled or delayed. Impacting Travel

From the Flight Deck: Airline Peanut Policies Ranked

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This week in air travel: Smart Meetings ranks major airline peanut policies, the FAA investigates Newark Airport and U.S. Airlines, Ranked by Letter Grade. Nut allergies are no joke, and airlines around the country have taken steps to protect passengers with peanut and tree nut allergies in recent years. We’ve outlined the policies of five major airlines (and letter-graded them) for easy, breezy and safe traveling. Southwest Airlines | Grade: A.

Airline Reporting Corporation: ARC Accreditation Options and Steps to Get It

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Whether your business is focused on selling airline tickets, package trips, or cruises, if you want to be acknowledged as a professional in the travel industry, you need to be certified. Today, it’s owned by nine major airlines and partners with almost 400 airlines.

Coronavirus: How U.S. airlines are working hard to instill customer confidence in travel

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Many airlines have suspended flights and waived cancellation and change fees. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, airlines were expected to keep their planes clean to ensure the safety and well-being of their passengers and crew members.

United Airlines Among Carriers Rerouting Aircraft Around Afghanistan

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United's US-India routes are being altered following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Impacting Travel

Airline Ticket Fraud and How Big Companies Avoid It

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The airline industry is no different. Over the past two decades, the airline industry – like many others – has become increasingly digital. Today, we’re going to see how ticket fraud affects airline companies, and find out: What caused the airline industry to go digital.

Airline Reporting Corporation and IATA Billing and Settlement Plan: How they Work

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In this article, we’ll figure out what BSP and ARC mean and — more importantly — why you should care, if you are a travel agent that wants to issue flight tickets on behalf of airlines. Without it, each travel agent would have to connect individually with every single airline.

TSA Announces Plan to Improve Cybersecurity for Rail, Airline Industries

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Recent attacks have left officials concerned about key transportation companies. Impacting Travel

Dynamic Pricing Strategy for Airlines: Exploring Current Problems and Adopting Continuous Pricing

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In the 1980s, American Airlines and its former president Robert Crandall started a revolution in airline pricing. The economic impact of yield management strategies utilized by American Airlines is apparent. Source: Dynamic pricing of airline offers, Fiig, Le Guen and Gauchet.

Airlines Grapple With Reduced Work Staff, Customer Complaints

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Passengers can’t even get through on the phone. Impacting Travel

One Order by IATA: How It is Going to Impact Airlines

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The distribution of airline products has always been a challenge. Since the emergence of Global Distribution Systems ( GDS ) and migration to digital marketplaces, airlines have been constantly locked in their marketing efforts. How airline distribution works in a nutshell.

Video: Behind the Scenes with MSP Airport and Delta Airlines

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Join us for a behind the scenes look at new safety initiatives by Delta Airlines and MSP Airport. The post Video: Behind the Scenes with MSP Airport and Delta Airlines appeared first on Carrousel Travel.

Inflight Food Service Makes a Comeback

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Now two domestic airlines are relaunching F&B offerings – with a technology twist. United’s pre-order technology is an extension of the airline’s contactless payment platform that allows customers to store payment information in a digital wallet.

Event Planner Travel Tips: Use a Destination Management Company, Fight Jet Lag, Travel With Top Airlines

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And to get the least stress from travel, make the most out of high-end lounges to fight jet lag while only traveling with the top airlines. This is the airline industries response to the threat of jet lag plaguing business and first-class travelers. Airlines and Airports, Ranked. Two of the three best airlines in the world hail out of the Middle East. In both airlines and airports, US entries fall behind.

Airline Food: An Around-the-World Comparison


Check out these meals served by 15 global airlines on their 2016 flights. Best bet: The dessert from Qantas! read more. Food & Beverage Global Events

Airlines Issue Travel Waivers for Florida Airports Ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa

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Western Florida is likely to experience high winds and heavy rains this week. Impacting Travel

Next Generation Storefront for Airlines and Travel Sales Channels: Building a Consistent Shopping Display

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When IATA introduced New Distribution Capability (NDC) in 2015, airlines rejoiced. So four years later, ATPCO offered a solution – Next Generation Storefront or NGS – a new standard for airline data presentation. NGS benefits for airlines, sales channels, and passengers.

Dr. Fauci Doesn’t See Vaccine Mandates for Domestic Flights ‘In the Near Future’

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Domestic airline passengers must still wear masks. Impacting Travel

Avelo Launches Service Between New Haven and Palm Beach

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Low cost carrier Avelo Airlines is introducing jetliner service to its fifth Florida destination with the launch of flights between Connecticut’s Tweed-New Haven Airport (HVN) and Palm Beach International Airport (PBI).