Tips on Catering to All Types of Event Attendees

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As health and safety standards change with every new surge in Covid cases, many planners adopted virtual or hybrid platforms, but not all attendees have embraced the shift. Implement mask and social distancing policies that will put attendees at ease.

Make Hybrid Events Worth Every Dollar for Virtual Attendees

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Are virtual attendees seeing value? According to Kim Myhre, founder of Experience Designed, in “ Attendees to Virtual Events: To Charge or Not to Charge? So how do event and meeting planners make sure attendees see value in attending a hybrid event virtually?

MICE professionals

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How to Transform Corporate Meeting Check-Ins With Attendee Services

Bishop McCann

Now, with the return to in-person corporate events, attendees are expecting personal interactions with hosts and staff alike. Attendees MeetingsIf there’s been one consistent buzzword across nearly every industry (but especially in the events industry), it’s personalization.

Evergreen Event Trends For Positive Attendee Experiences

Bishop McCann

While we’re constantly seeking new and exciting ways to engage guests and attendees, delivering on guests’ expectations is also an important goal. Event Technology Food & Beverage Events Event Trends Engagement Experience AttendeesThere are trendsetters and trend followers.

How to Create Attendee Personas

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Everybody say attendee personas! How well do you really know your attendees? Our host Nick Borelli walks you through the entire process of creating attendee personas. Video Transcription – How To Create Attendee Personas. I’m really excited to be talking to you about an area that I spend a great deal of time on, and that is attendee personas. Attendee personas might be something that not in your lexicon. What Ticks Your Attendee personas?

Virtual Attendee Engagement: 8 Unique & Creative Strategies

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As a production company, we get a lot of questions about virtual attendee engagement. Particularly about how to come up with strategies that make attendees happy and eager for more, both during and after the fact. Frustrated attendees turn into unhappy customers and no one wants that!

Presenters & Attendees: Creating A Smooth Virtual Experience

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Because much like event profs had to adapt to the new normal, so did presenters and attendees. A Smooth Virtual Experience For Attendees. And the flip side of it is there’s probably always going to be attendees that have issues that you can’t help with either.

How to Leverage Destination Accessibility Efforts to Welcome All Attendees

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When most attendees make travel plans, they consider things like hotel amenities, nearby restaurants and fun attractions. Attendees can also explore the Indianapolis Museum of Art that lives in the same building.

Event Notifications: How To Best Notify Attendees?

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How we communicate with our attendees matters, so it’s vital to learn what mode of communication they prefer and not be too spammy. Will and Brandt first talk about notifying event attendees via email. “Start adding every attendee into a gigantic WhatsApp text message group.

Meeting Attendees Find Inspiration in Cambridge

Convene by PCMA

When groups meet in Cambridge, attendees can tap into that stimulating spirit with excursions and activities that showcase the best of this historic city. Attendees can also explore the many restaurants that define Cambridge as a favorite for foodies.

Live Q&A: Connecting Attendees Everywhere

Convene by PCMA

No matter where your event attendees are, they want to connect with each other. In-person, online, does it really matter? How are leading event managers doing this? What works and what doesn’t? Let’s ask John D’Adamo from VenuIQ. DES Program Sponsor.

7 Tips for Driving Attendee Engagement at Virtual Events

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Yet, despite the high potential for virtual events due to cost savings and ease of access, there is a considerable challenge ahead for event organizers to deliver a truly valuable experience by replicating the networking opportunities for attendees that exist during live events.

Study: Online Attendees are Having Less Fun

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Not so good, according to Virtual Attendee Experience Report from event software company Bizzabo. Online attendees did not meet the types of people they were hoping to meet 17 percent more often than in-person attendees. percent of in-person attendees.

Online 108

6 Retreat Activities to Inspire Attendees


Event Planning Eventbrite Inspiration Agendas Attendees IdeasLooking for inspiration for your next spiritual retreat? Here are five fun activity ideas, plus a few promotion tips to help you get the word out.

Events Are Back: But Where Are All the Attendees?

Skift Meetings

Events are back, but the attendees are slow to return. The post Events Are Back: But Where Are All the Attendees? What’s behind the low numbers? When 2022 kicked off, it felt like the golden year had finally arrived for the event industry.

Providing Attendees with Transcripts for Online Events

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Offering transcripts of online events is “a good thing to do and one can argue it’s fast becoming essential,” said one member of PCMA’s Catalyst community.

What Keeps Attendees Safe in a Pandemic and What Doesn’t

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There is no magic elixir to absolutely protect attendees from fast-spreading novel coronaviruses. Top of the list of things seen frequently that don’t actually keep attendees safer: temperature reading guns. “A percent of attendees didn’t report any subsequent illness.

6 Attendee Retention Tips: Keep Your Audience Coming Back

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Attendee retention rate is one of the most important event KPIs. When event planners measure how many attendees have attended their events before, they are getting insights into attendee loyalty. So, how can event organizers measure and increase attendee retention ?

Smart Meetings Armed Attendees with Revolutionary Strategies to Pursue Happiness

Smart Meetings

As meeting planners, you have the opportunity to not only educate and entertain, but to create a moment of experience that becomes part of attendees’ very selves. The post Smart Meetings Armed Attendees with Revolutionary Strategies to Pursue Happiness appeared first on Smart Meetings.

6 Event Engagement Ideas To Win Your Attendees


Implement them … Post 6 Event Engagement Ideas To Win Your Attendees showed as first in InEvent Blog. Recently, audiences are hard to engage, and repetitive engagement ideas also do not help the cause. Have you lately been struggling with engaging your event audience too?

Show Your Attendees Some Health Love

Smart Meetings

After a long, exhausting meeting, the last thing on most attendees’ minds is eating healthy, but event professionals can do their part by ensuring attendees get the nutrition they need from their meals. In the latest Smart Meetings webinar, Toni Zoblotsky, director, B2B marketing and sales valet, Hilton Worldwide, offers a wide variety of foods that are healthy, fun and instagrammable, as well as a few recommendations to get attendees active.

Event Pricing: Attendees Paying What They Choose

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And figuring out how much you should charge your attendees is a challenge. Imagine a world where your attendees pay what they want for the experience. In Kahlil’s experience, attendees tend to pay 30% more than what he asked for initially.

How to Accommodate Event Attendees With Neurological Needs

Skift Meetings

The post How to Accommodate Event Attendees With Neurological Needs by Lisa Jade Hutchings appeared first on [link]. Inclusivity and diversity have become a focal point for events and professionals in the industry.

Redesigning Your Sponsorship Offerings for Attendees and Sponsors

Convene by PCMA

Whether viewing sponsorship through the attendee’s need for engagement, knowledge and solutions or the sponsor’s desire to showcase value and lead generation – each view is unique and continues to evolve.

Attendee Strategies That Matter: How to Help Your Attendees Find Their Tribe

Endless Events

Who’s ready for some top-notch attendee strategies? At the end of the day, what matters most is how much your attendees enjoyed your event. Which is why, as event professionals, we want to focus on the best strategies to increase attendee engagement and interaction. This one is all about knowing how to help your attendees find their tribe. Join our amazing host Alex Plaxen while he walks you through how you can help out your attendees.

Are Your Attendees Engaged? Three Experts Share How They Do It

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How do you keep attendees engaged when the needle is always shifting? Tactics to encourage attendee engagement are wide-ranging, dependent on attendance numbers and often differ case-by-case. Gaudini is a fan of giving attendees a sense of incentive. “If

7 Hub Spaces to Meet Your Attendees’ Needs

Convene by PCMA

We brainstormed what a hub should deliver from an attendee point of view. Engaging activities include opportunities for the attendee to create, do, or get something. Overflow session viewing is also a popular draw for attendees.

Lead with the Attendee Journey

BCD Meetings & Events

Are you leading with the attendee journey? Read how this approach created a personalized and memorable experience for a recent virtual event. Event Solutions

How to Transform Your Attendees into Networking Butterflies

Smart Meetings

Is it an opportunity for attendees to meet like-minded professionals or is it a chance to interact with potential future business partners? Being transparent about the purpose prepares attendees for getting the most out of your event. Explain to attendees who they will be meeting and, if appropriate, make introductions by email beforehand. How to Build Better Attendee Evaluations to Determine Event ROI. Regular attendees will know what to expect and what to bring.

Providing Attendees with Transcripts for Online Events


What considerations do planners need to take in order to provide attendees with accurate and accessible transcripts of online events? A recent conversation on Catalyst discusses the details. Author: Convene Editors . Tech AP

How to Get Attendees Onsite, On Time


With our pro tips, you can be confident attendees will show up onsite and on time to every event you’ve worked hard to build. They say, "if you build it, they will come." You’ve planned it, organized the details, and envisioned your event from start to finish. So, will they come? Absolutely!

Event Marketers Need a New Attendee-Acquisition Strategy

Convene by PCMA

Since the start of the pandemic, Freeman has studied how attendee sentiments have shifted. A Freeman attendee profile conducted in October 2021 polled more than 5,400 respondents across widespread industries. Attendees also prefer shorter events, with two to three days being ideal.

The 3 Attendee Questions: What They Want to Know About Each Other

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Everybody gather ’round because we’re talking attendee questions that matter! Obviously, the answer is your attendees. And these are some of the only attendee questions that actually matter. Attendee Questions: The Very Begining.

Keeping Your Members and Attendees In Mind

Convene by PCMA

Sherrif Karamat, CAE, President & CEO, PCMA. The great online learning experiment caused by the pandemic left college students feeling positive about online and hybrid courses, a recent survey found.

Meetings Attendees Find Balance and Bliss in Greater Phoenix

Convene by PCMA

When gathering in Greater Phoenix, meeting attendees don’t have to put their wellness goals on hold. It’s the ideal destination for small groups interested in a wellness itinerary—as well as larger groups that want to ensure attendees have ample opportunity to stay energized and focused.

How AI Is Changing Event Attendee Experiences For The Better


Virtual Events event tech Hybrid Events AI Attendee ExperiencesAI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming more important than ever, particularly as modern cloud computing technology enables more powerful, flexible, scalable AI tools.

Why Attendee-Driven Communities Are the Future for Hybrid Events


Yet as vaccination rates increase and onsite conferences resume, networking opportunities will continue to be a dominating decision factor for attendees to attend events. Virtual Events Virtual Meetings event tech Hybrid Events Networking attendee-driven communities Communities

How to Set Up a Hassle-free Online Registration Experience for Your Attendees


No matter how perfect you’ve planned your event: the best venue, the best virtual platform, the best keynote speaker to headline the event, and so on, it won’t be a successful event unless you can get enough attendees to register for the event.

Attendee Expectations Post-Coronavirus: What Will They Look Like?

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And what will attendee expectations post-coronavirus look like? What will attendees look for? Event Brew attendee expectations coronavirus event brewThe world has been shaken to the very core by something no one was prepared for.

Milwaukee After Hours: Nightlife for MKE Attendees

Smart Meetings

The Wisconsin Center District is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, placing attendees within walking distance of top attractions, dining, and nightlife. The Mecca Sports Bar & Grill gets attendees as close to watching the game in person as you’ll get without a ticket.

4 Strategies to Win Back International In-Person Attendees

Convene by PCMA

Speak directly to safety concerns and travel hurdles facing international attendees, and provide them with helpful resources they can use to plan a successful trip, mdg suggests.

Sky-High Airfares Plus Delays Mean Fewer Attendees, Say Planners


A new MeetingsNet survey finds nearly 70 percent of planners expect fewer attendees on site due to high airfares, while nearly 60 percent have narrowed their destination options due to potential air delays and cancellations.

Hybrid Event Interactions Between Virtual & In-Person Attendees

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When Virtual Attendees Feel Left Out. As the online attendee, I got to participate in the team building. When people show up in conference rooms, the remote attendees always feel disconnected. A year ago, the events industry had no choice but to master the art of virtual events.