Virtual Event Platform vs Virtual Event Production Company

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Understandably, the advent of virtual events came to shake the very core of the industry. With countries shutting down and social distancing measures put in place, virtual experiences are the only choice planners have to stay afloat. Imagine Your Virtual Event Is Like A Chair….

Your 2021 Virtual Event Budget Checklist!

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After more than a year of helping planners navigate the complex world of virtual events, we learned a thing or two about pain points. Over the course of these challenging months, many event profs came to us with a series of different problems and doubts. Event Platform.

MICE professionals

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Episode 51: Engaging Virtual Events with John Chen


Can virtual events actually be engaging? What about the power of virtual to be BETTER than in-person? The Event Hustler ShowWhile John and […].

Mixed Reality For Virtual Events With Touchcast!

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Edo Segal is the founder and CEO of Touchcast , an innovative solution that’s bringing a human connection back to virtual events. And the price for not delivering will be having a significant portion of your audience walk out on your event.

Virtual Event Guide: An All-In-One Free Ebook!

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It’s finally here – the only virtual event guide you’ll ever need! With a pandemic sweeping the globe, and leaders urging citizens to stay home in an effort to contain it, the events industry was turned on its head. Chapter 4: The Art of Virtual Sponsorships.

Crafting Great Content For Virtual Events

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Of course, crafting amazing content for virtual events comes with its own set of challenges. As the Director of Events for the Social Media Examiner , Phil was also faced with a brand new set of challenges once the pandemic hit. Content For Virtual Events: The Audience.

Are Virtual Events Really More Inclusive & Accessible?

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It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to get your favorite brew and join the Event Brew crew as they talk about yet another subject of debate in the exciting new world of virtual events. Tune in to learn how to make virtual events more inclusive and accessible!

Marketing Virtual Events With Kristin Horstman

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#EventIcons podcast is all about talking to the cream of the events industry and getting to know what they do, how they do it, and what the current event trends are. Together with the rest of the world, she had to make a quick pivot to virtual events last year.

The Impact Of VR On Virtual Events & Digital Experiences

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We saw it with the emergence of virtual event platforms that offered everything from AI matchmaking to virtual booths. And now, everyone is beginning to pay attention to emerging technologies and looking into the future; enter Virtual Reality.

2020 Virtual Event Trends

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Who would have known that 2020 would go down as one of the most influential years- if not the most influential year- for virtual events in history? Even as the highest-ranked event trends predictor in the industry, even we couldn’t guess this. Real-time event changes .

Trends 101

Virtual Event Rehearsals: They Matter!

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A few months ago – you know, when the craziness was at its highest – we wrote about virtual event mistakes. Yes, today, we’ll be explaining exactly why virtual event rehearsals should be a non-negotiable. With virtual, it gets a little trickier.

Virtual Event Mistakes: 10 Things To Avoid Doing!

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To kick off a new week, we’re going to lay out the most common virtual event mistakes. Even though virtual events are set to become the new normal, not many planners have experience with this paradigm. Sponsorships will stay alive and well in virtual events.

Virtual Event Platform Features: What To Look For?

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Plenty of things about planning a virtual event cause stress and confusion. And as virtual events kept evolving, planners were bombarded with dozens of features and opportunities from platforms swearing they were the next big thing. Key Virtual Event Platform Features.

Virtual Event Pricing: Charging & Profiting

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In today’s post, we’re discussing virtual event pricing. So, you decided to take the jump from in-person to virtual. And you hired the best virtual event production company out there to help you put together an amazing experience.

Tips from a Virtual Event Expert

Bishop McCann

Joined by Melissa Patruno, Bishop-McCann’s virtual superstar and executive producer, we discuss virtual events. Topics include: Virtual Events PodcastShow Notes.

Your Ultimate Virtual Event Planning Checklist!

Endless Events

Virtual event planning is taking the stage as the next big thing in the industry. Ponder this – in a world where technology develops and improves at an impressive speed, it’s our job as events profs to keep up with the motions. Before The Event.

Monetization & Engagement Strategies For Virtual Events With Liz King Caruso

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Virtual events were all the rage last year, whether we liked it or not. While some adapted fast and organized extraordinary virtual events in 2020 , many are still grappling with the new reality. Liz King Caruso is the CEO of Liz King Events and techsytalk.

Why You Need A Virtual Event Strategy

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It’s time to talk strategy – and virtual event strategy, at that! And our lovely host today, Sarah Christl, is one of the amazing people who hop on calls with people to learn more about their events. Why are you doing this virtual event?

15 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Get Creative!

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Last week, we explained how to deal and package your virtual event sponsorships. And today, we continue, with a second article about virtual event sponsorship ideas. Yes, convincing sponsors to be a part of your virtual event might seem like too daunting of a task.

Virtual Events: InEvent’s Complete Guide


Everything you need to know about virtual events Virtual events are events that take place online. More and more companies and organizations have pivoted to online … Post Virtual Events: InEvent’s Complete Guide showed as first in InEvent Blog.

Virtual Event Timeline: How Long Does It Take To Plan?

Endless Events

Today we want to tackle the issues pertaining to a virtual event timeline. We need to accept it, embrace it, and make peace with the fact that the events industry as we knew it might never be the same. Why Should I Worry About A Virtual Event Timeline?

EIC-VSef Merger to Simplify Virtual Event Data Collection

Smart Meetings

based Events Industry Council ( EIC ) and VSef, which launched early 2021, have taken steps toward simplifying data collection for virtual events. Read More : Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Tech Updates You Need Now. “As The Washington, D.C.-based

From Planners to Producers: Tech Tips for Virtual Event Success

Smart Meetings

We’ve all made the shift to virtual meetings—because we had to. Now we’re onto the next challenge: making the virtual event a great online experience. Here are five tech tips to make your virtual event engaging. Attendees may not be watching the event in real-time.

28 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas!

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Finding a virtual event sponsorship idea that suits you can seem hard at first. And the concept of a virtual event sponsorship fits right into this category. Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Let’s Go! Event Website.

45 Questions To Ask Before Meeting With A Virtual Event Production Company

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If you’re planning a virtual event, you’ll want to have a meeting with a virtual event production company ASAP. Most planners are now scrambling to figure out how to replicate the in-person experience in a virtual environment. Standard Event Questions.

6 Tips to Creating an Immersive Virtual Event Experience


Immersive virtual event experiences keep your attendees engaged during your online event in new, innovative ways. Attendee Experiences Virtual Event Engagement

Exhibitors In Virtual Events: What Can Drive Their Value?

Endless Events

The hosts of Event Tech Podcast, Brandt Krueger and Will Curran, certainly do. This year, however, they had to content with visiting CES 2021 virtually. In this week’s episode, Will and Brandt move away from pure tech talk and talk about virtual events for exhibitors.

18 Virtual Event Engagement Ideas That Actually Work

Social Tables

As event planners worldwide shifted strategies to meet the ever-changing needs caused by COVID-19, virtual and hybrid events skyrocketed. Even as in-person events return, many businesses and event planners plan to keep the virtual event trend alive.

Creating Engaging Virtual Event Experiences

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Have you been looking everywhere for tips on engaging virtual experiences? Because thanks to virtual events , planners everywhere can keep on doing what they do best. So this week, we’re continuing the trend of bringing you exciting virtual event tips.

Music For Virtual Events With Song Division

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And they have good news for us: music for virtual events can be just as compelling as an arena concert. As professionals in music and entertainment, they know everything about the power of music for virtual events. Music For Virtual Events: A Success Story.

Virtual Events

The Black Box Events

How to organize a successfull virtual event.

Experiential Virtual Events With AJ Williams

Endless Events

It’s been a while since the industry made a tectonic shift to virtual events, and so far, we have covered the topic from nearly every angle imaginable. Join Sarah and our lovely guest in a delightful conversation about elevating virtual and hybrid events to the next level.

Tomorrowland 2020: The Virtual Event of The Year?

Endless Events

Like many other high-profile events, the festival was forced to make the decision of either canceling or going virtual. So on this week’s Event Brew, Will Curran, Nick Borelli, and Dustin Westling got together to bounce some ideas around.

Events Of The Future: How To Plan A Virtual Event

Endless Events

This week we’re diving into the dozy topic of how to plan a virtual event. And we’re not strangers to futuristic events here at Endless! And learn how to plan a successful virtual event that your attendees will never forget!

Your Virtual Event Sucks: Here’s How To Make It Better

Endless Events

It’s time to take some notes and learn how to plan better virtual events! So as we all know, the events industry is witnessing a major shift. And many planners are looking to turn their in-person events into virtual events. Are Virtual Events Possible?

Virtual Event Production Team: What Does It Look Like?

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So, we’ve been talking about virtual events a lot later, but we were yet to tackle the virtual event production team. And yes, virtual events also involve a production team! Who’s behind a virtual event production team?

The Nitty-Gritty Of Virtual Event Production With Socio!

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There is only one thing that seems to be certain in these trying times in the events industry: virtual events are here to stay , no matter the state of the pandemic and our personal preferences. And that’s why it’s time to talk about virtual event production -again.

10 Fun Virtual Event Engagement Ideas

Meeting Tomorrow

One year after COVID, hundreds of new engagement tools have popped up to help virtual event planners keep their audiences’ attention and let them participate in creative ways. We’ve seen it all this year — from goats hopping into Zoom to elaborate, drive-through corporate events.

Pivoting To Virtual Events: The Success Story of Kenes Group

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Another week, another inspiring story about pivoting to virtual events! All across the nation, event planners have been learning the ropes of virtual events. She studied Convention, Event, and Exhibition Management and has been a titan of the industry for years. Today, she joins our always lovely host Sarah Christl to tell us how she went about pivoting to virtual events – and most importantly, what she learned and how the company succeeded.

Asynchronous Content for Hybrid and Virtual Events

Bishop McCann

One of the best outcomes of the rise of virtual events in the face of a pandemic is the fact that it forced us to re-envision the way we create and host corporate events. Virtual Events Hybrid Events

11 Actionable Virtual Event Marketing Ideas

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In the COVID-19 era , it becomes increasingly important to discuss the ins and outs of virtual events. And most importantly, virtual event marketing ideas. This means that your marketing efforts can make or break the success of your event.

Virtual Event Sponsorship: 11 Strategies to Attract Event Sponsors


The world has changed in many ways since 2020, and the live event industry was hit particularly hard. Circumstances beyond anyone’s control have forced conference organizers to pivot and come up with creative ideas to reach people in hybrid or purely virtual event formats.

How to Boost Virtual Event Engagement with Virtual Trivia

Meeting Tomorrow

That’s why, when AirMeet asked me to host their recent session on Reenergizing Your 2022 Virtual Events , I decided to start the session with a round of Event Industry Trivia. It showed how games can be a powerful way to engage your virtual attendees.