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The 2024 Guide for Financial and Insurance Meetings

Smart Meetings

Experts offer tips and ideas for meeting professionals As the year slowly comes to a close, many financial and insurance meeting planners may be thinking about what they should be keeping on their radar. This entire year and last year there’s so much in flux on the insurance side, it’s really a dynamic time.

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Event Insurance 101 – The Ultimate Guide 

Endless Events

You’re here because you’ve realized you need event insurance and have questions. . This guide will walk you through everything you need to know: Why you need event insurance. The different types of event insurance. The cost of event insurance. And even obtaining a certificate of insurance for the event. .

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Flight Cancellations by the Thousands—Does Your Travel Insurance Cover the Cost?

Smart Meetings

Read More : How to Prepare for the Next Crisis: Event Insurance Tips. Travel insurance may be the answer. The insurance provider will reimburse the traveler for “reasonable meals and accommodations” over the course of the delay. Read More : 4 Trends Rocking Financial and Insurance Incentives. Since Oct.

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Boost Insurance Agent Sales with Smart Incentives

One10 Marketing

Introduction The insurance industry is moving quickly, it’s time to adapt. The days of motivating insurance agents with old-school methods are fading fast. Current Incentive Practices in Insurance Sales Travel Incentives Traditionally, travel incentives have been a popular choice among insurance agencies to motivate their agents.

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The Abbi Agency Adds Silver State Health Insurance Exchange to Healthcare Portfolio

The Abbi Agency

The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange and its consumer-facing product, Nevada Health Link is leading the charge on an aspect of our lives that is increasingly vital: health insurance. The Exchange is dedicated to critically increasing the number of insured Nevadans overall. What is the health exchange?

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Event Insurance for Storm Season: What to Know


With the full-on return of in-person events in 2023 a most welcome development—especially for associations who rely heavily on revenues from their annual meetings—one issue has gotten trickier for meeting hosts: event-cancellation insurance. Said the underwriter: “Covid changed the insurance market, and the changes aren’t done yet.”

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6 Types of Insurance You Need as a Tour Operator

Tourism Tiger

Tour operators need to be insured. But what kind of insurance do they need? These 6 essential types of insurance will keep your business safe. Tourism Tiger has the answers!