May, 2021

Community, consistency, human connection and relevance: how to build trust online

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We know how to build trust face to face at live events, but now, when everything is moving into the virtual world, we need to learn how to build trust online with our clients, supplier sponsors and other stakeholders.

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The Abbi Agency Celebrates Eight Awards from PRSA

The Abbi Agency

While organizations around the world reeled from the effects of the events of 2020, The Abbi Agency delivered thoughtful and effective communication plans for its clients.

Incentive Travel – a true force for good

Pádraic Gilligan

Pádraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua and Chief Marketing Officer, SITE “When she was bad, she was horrid” There’s a touch of the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead about incentive travel.

Recipe for Exhibitor & Sponsor Relations


So you're probably wondering – why are we standing in the kitchen to talk about trade shows? Well, that's because I'm going to share with… Industry Insider exhibitors exhibits expo sponsors trade show

Evolution of the DMC:Renewing Business Relationships with Deeper Trust, Transparency & Understanding

The evolution of the DMC industry requires that it embark upon a renewed relationship with clients that is built upon transparency, trust, and understanding.

7 of the Best Underwater Hotels in the World

Social Tables

If you’re intrigued by unique locations or have an affinity for ocean life, this list of the world’s best underwater hotels is for you. Underwater hotels offer unforgettable experiences and once-in-a-lifetime views.

Evolution of the DMC: Renewing Business Relationships with Deeper Trust, Transparency and Understanding


Evolution of the DMC: Renewing Business Relationships with Deeper Trust, Transparency and Understanding. ADMEI Blog.

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Joining IPREX, The Abbi Agency Surges on the Global Stage Once More

The Abbi Agency

Once more, the team here at The Abbi Agency is taking our talents worldwide. Hot on the heels of announcements about our company’s growth and acquisition of London-based Made By Chance , we’re happy to share we’re now joining the global IPREX Network.

Study: Online Attendees are Having Less Fun

Smart Meetings

So, how are you feeling about virtual event networking about now? Not so good, according to Virtual Attendee Experience Report from event software company Bizzabo.

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Episode 33: Upleveling Virtual Event Production with Ryan Byrne from Buzzcast


The big discussion in 2021 has been about upleveling our virtual event production. To better engage our attendees and monetize virtual, higher quality is a… The Event Hustler Show

The Ultimate Hotel Lobby Layout Guide

Social Tables

Not only does the layout of a hotel lobby create a first impression, but it also determines how the rest of the hotel’s design will look and feel to guests. A hotel lobby should serve as a place where everyone can feel welcome and secure while also providing an immediate sense of your brand.

COVID-19 Travel Consumer Sentiment Study

TravelBoom and sister agency, The Brandon Agency, release new consumer sentiment study on travel amidst the COVID-19 second wave

May MeetGreenChat – Taking Action on Social Equity

Meet Green

Supporting people is just as important as protecting our planet. You can’t focus on the planet unless you focus on people. Thinking about people and planet has brought our team together to start the discussions of social equity amongst ourselves and out in our community.

The Wave Of The Future: Hybrid & Virtual Event Platforms With Kyle Kocinski!

Endless Events

Today’s an exciting day for the Event Tech Podcast! Our resident hosts, Will and Brandt, welcome a guest to talk about virtual and hybrid event platforms. Dear listeners, please welcome the knowledgeable Kyle Kocinski , the Head Of Implementation at Endless Events!

How To Customize Your Event Space with Drapes and Lighting


When you’re planning your event and walk into an empty event hall, it’s easy to see a cavernous and nondescript space. But the truth is, that event hall is a blank canvas that gives you endless possibilities for customization. Your creativity and vision will bring the space to life.

8 Ways to Measure Virtual Event Performance and ROI

Smart Meetings

The past year has undoubtedly been the year of virtual events, thanks to Covid-19. But chances are, online events are likely to stay even after the pandemic because of the many benefits they provide. For example, they allow you to reach a wider audience at a much lower cost.

GigStream at techsytalk Virtual Showcase (March 27, 2021)


This is a clip from the techsytalk Virtual Showcase (on March 27, 2021) featuring GigStream. Our Virtual Showcase is where we feature some of the… Business Event Planning Event Technology Technology

Why MeetingPlay? How does one event platform stand out from the others?


There is no shortage of virtual and hybrid platforms in the current event spaces. Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, “eventing” has shifted into something that is fluid and malleable for each individual event.

A Deep Dive Into Metasearch


Having a strong multichannel marketing strategy is important to capture travelers all the way throughout the path to purchase, from dreaming to booking. Inspire them to learn more about you when they’re dreaming and scrolling on Facebook, search engine marketing (SEM), video, or display.

What Makes For A Great Virtual Networking Experience?

Endless Events

Networking at in-person events is seamless. It can happen serendipitously: when people bump into each other in the hallway or when they are in the middle of grabbing a cup of coffee.

New Stresses Around Catering and How Furniture Helps


By now, it’s no secret that events in 2021 look different than they ever did before. You have to think of things you never have before, and catering is no exception to the new paradigms.

State of In-Person Events: Who’s Booking What, Where & When?

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings got a sneak peek at the Event Leadership Institute’s (ELI) opening general session of their upcoming Business, Design & Strategy Summit on June 3, The State of the Industry: Where We Are With In-Person Events.

Episode 32: Industry Catch Up with Dahlia El Gazzar from Dahlia+


It is always an honor to chat with Dahlia so in this episode, we're going to catch up and talk about all the great ideas… The Event Hustler Show

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Top 8 Reasons to Include a Mobile App in Your Event Tech Stack


There’s an app for everything nowadays. In fact, there will be 184 billion apps to be downloaded in 2024. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the event tech landscape and has given planners and attendees more options to choose from with how they attend and interact at events.

How Non-Fungible Tokens Will be Present at Events and How to Start Applying Them Now

Special Events

An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a unique digital token that securely stores information on a blockchain.

Brain Drain: From In-Person Events To Tech Industry

Endless Events

In this past year, the events industry has been through quite a shakeup. New trends emerged: we embraced hybrid events , put safety first, and saw an incredible surge in event app platforms.

Virtual Stays – Live Returns – Charitable Rules

Best Corporate Events

We developed over 50 Virtual Programs for the virtual world in 2020 and now Live events are back! We are so excited to be delivering in-person programs again as companies start getting their teammates together again face-to-face. Even when COVID made it impossible to deliver live events, we were hard at work evaluating, improving, and adding to our successful live events lineup. Best Corporate Events was built with our strong catalog of trademarked events, and that hasn’t changed.

Swag of the Future: Hybrid-Ready, Safe and Responsible

Smart Meetings

So, what’s in store for swag , now that in-person events are slowly, steadily returning to the landscape? While physical events were stalled, business was anything but normal for promo companies.

Producing The Uplifting and Successful API Heritage Month Virtual Festal- TOPIC BY @bigkid


#stopapihate If you didn't know, I'm Chinese American and I'm proud of that. My father was a "Paper Son" and immigrated to this country in… Industry Insider Uncategorized


Product Update: Exhibitor Matchmaking


Building connections and increasing ROI are two of the most important aspects of your conference and meetings. At MeetingPlay, we understand that you need a virtual platform that meets your goals and exceeds expectations for user-experience and customer service.

Leverage Event Technologies to Achieve Corporate Goals

Special Events

To harness the power of event technology, it is important to understand how different event technologies can be applied to make your event soar.

Experiential Virtual Events With AJ Williams

Endless Events

It’s been a while since the industry made a tectonic shift to virtual events, and so far, we have covered the topic from nearly every angle imaginable.

Ten Types of Online Events You Can Run to Build a Community


Both online communities and online events share a very big similarity, they bring people together around a common interest. Event Marketing

How to Produce a Stand-Out Experience

Smart Meetings

Few industries were more impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic than the events industry. Event planners, speakers and attendees all saw their calendars cleared out last March, returning slowly with virtual events and only now showing a glimmer of hope for the return of live conferences.

Episode 31: Smart Production Pivots with Jordan Goodfellow from GigStream


Jordan Goodfellow didn't just sit back and let the pandemic change his business. He took his 10+ years of production experience and brought it to… The Event Hustler Show

How much time do you need to produce a virtual and/or hybrid event? (Additional Content)


Editor's Note: This is a guest post contribution from Jeff Starr, a Senior Producer at TRADEMARK. Author bylines and information are found at the end of the post. When we last posted about virtual event planning timelines , we were at the 16-20 week milestone.

Stationery & Branding Design Trends for 2021

Special Events

Event branding is a personalization layer that goes beyond putting a guest’s name on a printed card